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Acknowledgement and the Rolling Stones story
One of the things that has struck me about the RS article is this need by the American public to know every single detail of a story. We are no longer a society that can just sit and listen to ...
sideboth 12/11/2014 7 - - -
Malia and Sasha represent a side of Black America the media is loathe to show
Full disclosure. I adore the Obama girls/women. I have enjoyed watching them grow up. I am a huge fan of their mother and respect her for the two beautiful daughters that she and the President ...
sideboth 11/30/2014 355 608 5 -
There is no excuse for not voting.
It's been two weeks since the election and this midterm election reflect the lowest voter turnout in 72 years. National turnout was 36.7%. Absolutely pathetic! I have read all the reasons on "why"
sideboth 11/15/2014 46 18 2 -
#GamerGate. The battle on the internet you haven't heard of.
Right now a huge battle is playing itself out on the internet. It goes by the name of Gamergate. What is Gamergate? In August of 2014, an spurned ex boyfriend posted a very long, dramatic expose ...
sideboth 10/15/2014 513 186 6 -
The YouTube Sexual Assault scandal and what we can learn
Today I came across a story on Jezebel about a growing list of YouTuber's that have been implicated in child porn, sexual assualts, statuory rapes, consent issues and grooming of young fans. See ...
sideboth 09/30/2014 12 21 1 -
A suggestion for the community: A Daily Kos financial aid fund
It's been an interesting weekend. Major drama and flameouts and accusations and things coming to light that are important. What struck me the most were comments made by two people in the community.
sideboth 09/01/2014 29 5 - -
Snowden and nude pictures
Today a hacker released a bunch of nude and explicit pictures of some well known young women on the internet. No, I'm not giving you a link. I did want to talk about how this serious breach of ...
sideboth 08/31/2014 64 10 1 -
The luxury of voting my "conscience"
I am a brown woman of childbearing age with a young child. This is what my possible future will look like if everyone only voted for candidates that meet a "purity" test.
sideboth 08/05/2014 692 282 3 -
The other side of Rape Kits
There is currently a recommend diary about this topic. This diary isn't a rebuttal to that diary or news article. ...
sideboth 08/03/2014 21 35 - -
What "buyer's remorse" looks like from a prespective of a Rape Crisis Counselor
The phone call comes in at 2:30ish in the morning. The caller says that a woman is waiting for me at the local hospital. I am given a name and no other details. It's the weekend of Halloween so I ...
sideboth 06/29/2014 103 282 8 -
Daily Kos and a co-op
This website reminds sometimes of when I lived in a co-op in college. UC Berkeley has one of the largest student owned and student operated co op systems in the country. ...
sideboth 03/12/2014 33 44 1 -
The difficulty of being pro-choice
I am 100% pro-choice. I believe that a woman has the right to choose whether she wants to continue a pregnancy or would like to terminate it. I don't believe that abortion is tragic and I don't ...
sideboth 12/26/2013 92 47 - -
A colored girl and her love/hate relationship with her nose
There seems to be confusion on this website about why AA react so strongly about caricatures that highlight and distort a "typical black" nose. I thought I would share some personal feelings I have ...
sideboth 11/29/2013 479 357 2 -
The enemy of perfect
About once a quarter, a rash of diaries appear that start questioning the purpose of DailyKos and whether we should impose some "purity" test on members to determine if they are "liberal" or "...
sideboth 11/03/2013 49 4 - -
Actually read the documents released by the FBI about OWS
Two rec list diaries are posted that discuss the newly released files on the FBI surveillance of OWS. I would highly recommend that people actually read the files: Which can be found here: http://...
sideboth 12/30/2012 319 206 6 -
False equivalency, my a*&*^
How quickly you all seem to forget THIS incident that happened at a DEMOCRAT EVENT. I can't believe the comments in the diary on the recommend list. How ...
sideboth 08/30/2012 40 3 - 313
A recap of the Paul Ryan Budget Plan
Now that we are sure that Paul Ryan is going to be the VP for Romney, I thought it was important to revisit the Paul Ryan "Path to Prosperity" Budget Plan. To be honest, the only thing I knew about ...
sideboth 08/11/2012 14 15 1 87
My day at the Olympics!
I am an expat living abroad in London. I have lived here for the last five years. Today I attended Beach Volleyball and below are my observations.
sideboth 07/28/2012 10 16 - 104
Why conflict around the term "African-American"?
I am writing this diary as "my opinion". It is in no way a blanket statement that is meant to represent the black community. I am writing about my feelings surrounding this issue. Now that that ...
sideboth 07/08/2012 57 6 - 116
Just stop it over the Walker story
If this how you think you can win the election, then you have already lost. You are invading a woman's privacy that HAS NOT come forward. You have no idea why she isn't coming forward. Maybe the ...
sideboth 06/03/2012 120 102 - 1191
Teaching my son not to be a rapist.
Yes, you read the title correctly. There are too many diaries on Daily Kos discussing how women can better protect themselves from rapist. Don't go out after dark. Pay attention to your ...
sideboth 05/26/2012 80 65 - 365
The hidden agenda of the war on women.
The war on women really isn't about stay at home moms (SAHM) versus working moms (WOHM). It's about traditional versus non traditional roles of women. It's about the Republican agenda to keep ...
sideboth 04/15/2012 85 162 1 838
Learn how to properly criticize the President and Congress.
Let's establish a few facts right off the bat. It is your 100% right to jump up and down and scream and yell about whatever wrong doing you see that this President has committed. Freedom of speech ...
sideboth 01/26/2012 16 5 - 92
So what happens after I vote "uncommitted"?
A previous diary is asking that those in Iowa to vote uncommitted in the caucus to show President Obama that we Democrats are unhappy. I ask the question "Then what?"
sideboth 12/29/2011 18 23 - 119
The truth about the UK Riots.
I live in London. More specifically, I live in North London.
sideboth 08/10/2011 30 5 - 134
The Biracial Experience and Obama
The rec list has been dominated by the rebuttal of Cornel West statements about President Obama. This particular statement got me thinking... I think my dear brother Barack Obama has a ...
sideboth 05/18/2011 62 39 - 177
Suggestions for the next Congressional Progressive Caucus diary
I really enjoyed the Congressional Progressive Caucus diary yesterday and I have a few suggestions on how to make it better. First, a huge thank you to all the Congressmen/woman who participated. ...
sideboth 04/15/2011 8 4 - 32
Expanded Paternity Leave in the UK
The UK has just passed a new policy that will expand the current paternity leave in the UK. Disclaimer: I am a expat living in London.
sideboth 04/03/2011 17 19 - 126
The Media coverage of Lara Logan
This is a rant. Why do we need to know that Lara Logan was sexually assaulted? I was just watching MSNBC and they needed to tell me that she survived a "sustained" sexual assault and beating. ...
sideboth 02/17/2011 12 - - 66
No, you aren't a racist but you might be prejudiced
Stop asking in threads if someone is calling you a racist. Stop accusing people of being racist. It's driving me crazy. It's threadjacking and very distracting from whatever the diarist ...
sideboth 01/28/2011 28 4 - 68
I would like to suggest a new way to write diaries around DailyKos. I see lots of diaries ranting about this and that but I rarely see diaries that truly are action diaries. We need to get out of ...
sideboth 12/13/2010 9 2 - 38
How to get groped by the TSA?
I actually kid! This diary is more a of public service announcement for how to go through security by a frequent traveller. I travel a lot. I am part of the 100K or more club. Sometimes I feel ...
sideboth 11/21/2010 91 7 - 62
An expats view of the UK's NHS healthcare system
I have been in the UK for 3 1/2 years. In the time that I have been here I have only recently started to utilize the NHS system. My husband and I are expecting our first baby. Here is my US view ...
sideboth 07/18/2010 67 17 - 62
Can we all stop yelling about Obama and focus on the real problem?
Dear lord, can we all stop with the navel graveling and circle jerking on how much we either love and or hate Obama? It's driving me crazy. We are all yelling at each other about the wrong person.
sideboth 05/15/2010 217 63 - 28
So you are selling your car?
There a quite a few diaries on the rec list discussing the horrible oil spill. It is a disaster and our environment will suffer for it. There are also diaries on Obama's statement. "President ...
sideboth 04/30/2010 68 13 - 45
There is no such thing as free health care.
This diary is to explore how much people are willing to pay for health care.
sideboth 12/16/2009 11 2 - 37
The unintended victims of the UK bonus tax
Please read through my entire diary. I know it's really popular to bash banker on Daily Kos but not all who work in the finance industry are making millions of dollars. Please follow me below.
sideboth 12/09/2009 59 1 - 47
How to eliminate 95% of abortions
I thought that I would throw my own ideas into the ring after reading quite a few silly diaries on the subject. After being completely frustrated by the continual erosion of my rights, I have ...
sideboth 11/10/2009 79 22 - 96
The TRUTH about Teach for America
Right now there is a diary on the recommend list that has gotten under my collar. Well EVERY government run program has it's good points and bad points, the Teach for America program is a ...
sideboth 08/13/2009 18 18 - 20
It wasn't about the shirt.  It was about Malia's hair.  The politics of black hair.
After looking at the pictures of the first daughters in Russia, I realized the outrage on Freepers was not about her shirt, it was about her hair. A few comments within the freeper diary touched on ...
sideboth 07/11/2009 858 538 6 167
Why single payer and public option won't work
A few days ago, another DK member(I can't remember who, sorry) wrote a great diary about single payer vs public option. At the very bottom was a link to an article that I found really interesting. ...
sideboth 06/10/2009 192 11 1 36
Personal Responsibility is not a Republican meme
Alright!!! Some people on this site are getting on my nerves. Here is my rant how personal responsibilty has completely escaped America.
sideboth 03/02/2009 54 3 - 12
My housing crisis solution
So Obama proposed a new solution today and half of the people are angry and the other half think it doesn't go far enough. Here is my solution: Feel free to poke holes in it.
sideboth 02/18/2009 70 7 - 4
This is a diary as protest to a recommended diary that is calling for action to protest executive's homes.
sideboth 02/10/2009 125 6 - 29
Rape Kits for (Dummies who charge for Rape Kits)
With all the hoopla about rape kits circulating about Sarah Palin, I thought I would write a diary about what happens when a woman or man is sexually assaulted and what consists of a rape kit. My ...
sideboth 09/12/2008 33 14 - 83
Pretty girls do finish first
By now, I'm sure you have all read about the Chinese deciding to go with a prettier 8 year old girl to lip sync the national anthem rather than go with the perfectly adorable girl who won a national ...
sideboth 08/12/2008 62 14 1 29
I want to wear a burqa
Okay not really but I have seen quite a few diaries on the incident with the Obama campaign and the women wearing headscarves. I found it very interesting to read the comments and wanted to give my ...
sideboth 06/21/2008 42 6 - 3
IF YOU LIVE ABROAD, you can still vote..
I just got back from the London Democrats Abroad polling place and it was great. If you live abroad, you can still vote (even if you didn't register). You just need to show up. More after the ...
sideboth 02/05/2008 4 3 - -
Happy Birthday 86 year old Grandma-In Law! She is Voting for Obama!!
I just got off the phone with my 86 year old grandmother-in-law. It's her birthday today and she just told me who she is voting for.
sideboth 01/31/2008 19 17 - -
Take this Quiz...It's Gut Check Time
Why are you voting for your candidate? Is it strictly on beliefs and policies? Or is it on charisma, charm and electability? I came across this quiz that I thought was great and can be a useful ...
sideboth 01/26/2008 36 7 - -
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