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Elections Have Consequences
We've heard the statement “Elections Have Consequences” from both political parties. The Democrats embraced this mantra in 2008 and 2012, while Republicans shouted it from mountain tops in 2010. ...
simple serf 02/22/2014 5 5 - -
USA Inc.
Once again I’m hearing CEO’s say that “if they ran their business like the Government, they'd be out of business.” I agree with that statement. The Government is not a business, never has ...
simple serf 11/23/2013 22 28 - -
Social Security: whose piggy bank is it?
I have seen a lot of misleading statements regarding Social Security’s (SS) financial health and future. To help educate myself, I decided to take a journey through the nuts and bolts of the ...
simple serf 02/02/2013 75 84 10 -
Nate Silver's data sourcing leaves me speechless
I saw a link the other day to Nate Silvers [538 Blog], the Title was “What Is Driving ...
simple serf 01/19/2013 121 227 15 -
First Quarter 2013 CBO numbers show we're still improving, slowly
Did everyone know we are already three months into 2013? Oh sorry, I mean Fiscal Year 2013. For the federal government the FY-13 began on October 1, 2012, and ends on September 30, 2013. Given that ...
simple serf 01/09/2013 5 4 - -
The Sequester is our leverage - and it's automatic
I wanted to do a follow up on military spending with a question… Why is everyone so afraid of cutting defense? We (the US) spend more on Defense than the rest of the world combined. These ...
simple serf 01/05/2013 22 13 2 -
Miss Information - not a nice lady
I was poking around twitter tonight and got a rather rude forwarded tweet from The Heritage Foundation regarding some wasteful US food aid programs. The tweet – as seen below—claims major waste ...
simple serf 12/27/2012 5 17 - -
Put defense spending back on the table… and let’s start trimming!
We need to redirect the conversation that will start in Washington tomorrow. It’s not really a conversation, it’s a negotiation. During that negotiation I want to suggest -- no demand -- that ...
simple serf 12/26/2012 15 12 1 -
Please, don’t use the "Job Creator" argument again, my head will explode
I don’t want to hear the job creator bull-shizzle anymore. The Republican House is still exhibiting their old habits of protecting the wealthy or so called “Job Creators” Let’s look a bit ...
simple serf 12/22/2012 8 8 - -
US Budget Overview Part II - Let's Get Some Numbers On!
Hello everyone, welcome back! As we continue our journey into the secretive world of federal budgeting. That same federal budget that is available to all in painstaking detail on the internet for ...
simple serf 12/08/2012 38 31 1 -
US Budget Overview - Let's Get Some Numbers On!
Let’s take a journey together, a journey of numbers. I love numbers, so much so that I pretty much live in Excel. I thoroughly enjoy calculating and charting data of all types. As part of my (soon ...
simple serf 12/01/2012 31 33 5 -
Mitts Comments Can’t Reach His Base
Mitt Romney’s 47% comment further revealed what the deep seated (rarely spoken in public) feelings of the Republican Party really are. I have news for him; in the 47% he speaks of resides a huge ...
simple serf 09/18/2012 8 16 - 109
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