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It's official: Koch brothers "signal support for Scott Walker"
While Mr. Walker continues the process of dismantling the state of Wisconsin , and while my fellow Wisconsinites are starting to come to their senses and driving down his approval ratings , Walker ...
strobusguy 04/20/2015 29 30 2 -
Walker says it out loud: I am at war with Wisconsin citizens
Scott Walker has spoken. At the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. In Puddytat's current diary , we learn about Walker waiting for God to whisper in his ear and tell him ...
strobusguy 02/26/2015 65 113 3 -
The puppet-masters behind Walker
Get ready. In the next few days, alas, all eyes will be on Wisconsin once again, as the state legislature — no doubt with the Walker campaign's permission and encouragement — takes up right-to-...
strobusguy 02/23/2015 7 23 - -
"Walker makes state a laughing stock": What a letter!
This amazing letter to the editor was just posted at Rice Lake Online .
strobusguy 02/20/2015 272 396 8 -
Republican governors running for president, and their budgets
A short diary, but I couldn't help but notice a pattern among awful Republican governors who are hoping to be president, and how their state budgets are faring.
strobusguy 02/06/2015 4 9 - -
Scott Walker vs. The Truth. Truth Wins. This round.
It has been a wild 24 hours in Wisconsin, following Scott Walker's budget address to the state legislature last night. Pleased to see Hunter's diary up there. I can't do full justice to the horrid ...
strobusguy 02/04/2015 105 153 2 -
Stunning graphics from NYT article: take note Wisconsin!
I wrote this before seeing Joan McCarter's diary . Please see the graphics embedded there! _____ A quick diary here, highlighting a lead article over at the New York Times , The Affordable Care Act:
strobusguy 10/29/2014 2 20 1 -
An appeal to Wisconsin's young voters
This appeal is aimed at YOU, young Wisconsin voter. I remember seeing you walking down the streets and sidewalks in Madison on cold February days three and half years ago, streams of you making ...
strobusguy 10/27/2014 3 13 - -
Marking Martha's Passing: Centennial Commemorations
As I was writing this up, Lenny Flank posted this diary on the passenger pigeon. It's on the Rec List right now. I thought I'd go ahead and post mine because it includes additional links to current ...
strobusguy 09/01/2014 5 8 - -
RIP: The woman you never heard of... who changed our world!
Milly Zantow has passed away is Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin at 91. You likely never heard of her. And yet she affected your life every day for decades. You know the little triangle symbols on ...
strobusguy 08/04/2014 60 347 13 -
Fighting for Wisconsin's Soul
This morning's New York Times features an article, "The Fight for Wisconsin's Soul," by Dan Kaufman. While Wisconsin celebrates the Badgers making the Final Four, another long-time part of the state'
strobusguy 03/30/2014 6 28 - -
What's happened to the Wisconsin you grew up in?
StellaRay posted a good diary yesterday: A tale of two governors: so similar and so different , looking at Christie vs. Walker. And just a day later, the story of Walker his criminal, hateful, petty,
strobusguy 02/21/2014 43 24 2 -
Trashing a State, Trashing a Tradition: Scott Walker at Work
I have been waiting for one of my fellow Badgers to pick up on this story , but haven't seen it diaried yet. So I'll give it a go. It's from Milwaukee Magazine, published 1/3/2014. Here's the ...
strobusguy 01/06/2014 48 173 5 -
“I can go to the doctor now?”
That's the opening line in a front-page Washington Post article, "In rural Kentucky, debate over health law takes a back seat as people sign up." Wow. A positive story and some in-depth reporting ...
strobusguy 11/23/2013 58 229 - -
Turkey: "Today many unpleasant things happened"
I have been exchanging messages today with a friend in Ankara who has been participating in the protests there over the last two weeks, including the first demonstrations in Gezi park.
strobusguy 06/22/2013 11 28 1 -
RIP, Bernie Sahlins, and thank you....
Bernie Sahlins died yesterday, at 90, in Chicago, the city he made a hotspot for comedy talent through the revolutionary work of Second City. At Second City, he and his co-founders changed the very ...
strobusguy 06/17/2013 4 7 - -
Oh, blessed day. Tammy Baldwin elected senator from Wisconsin!!!!!!!!
strobusguy 11/06/2012 14 14 - -
Avery Durable View Binder: The reviews are in!
The meme that goes on and on! Not a profound diary this one, but I couldn't resist sharing the Amazon reviews of the Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder. Sheer ...
strobusguy 10/19/2012 6 13 - -
Today's "Word of the Day": Romney edition!
Sometimes I think the folks over at have a real sense of humor, or irony, or.... sarcasm, banter, burlesque, contempt, contrariness, criticism, derision, humor, incongruity, jibe, ...
strobusguy 09/19/2012 1 2 - 30
Call their BS: Tell them "I'm better off!"
This stuff just infuriates me. Here's the article from the New York Times: G.O.P. Seizes on a Question: Are You Better Off Than You Were 4 Years Ago? . Read it and rend your garments: ...
strobusguy 09/03/2012 6 1 - 48
WOW. Jonathan Bernstein whales on Ryan big-time.
A quick little diary just to get this passed along. In "The Plum Line" blog at the Washington Post , Jonathan Bernstein has just made a most righteous and entirely justified rant . Just go read it.
strobusguy 08/29/2012 113 438 8 2934
Paul Ryan?! Prepare to open your $350 Pinot Noir
I can't resist. I posted a couple comments earlier in diaries by Joan McCarter and TexMex , reminding us all of the classic Paul Ryan moment from last summer, when he was seen in a Washington DC ...
strobusguy 08/10/2012 7 12 1 134
Must Read NYT: "How Did Wisconsin Become the Most Politically Divisive Place in America?" w/ update
The New York Times has just posted this excellent and comprehensive article by Dan Kaufman. It will appear in their Sunday magazine. Of all the summaries that I have read of the Wisconsin situation,
strobusguy 05/24/2012 58 196 6 1232
For peat's sake: the latest Walker outrage
In Wisconsin, the hits just keep coming... Hits on teachers and students, hits on public employees and unions, hits on the elderly and the disadvantaged, hits on voters and farmers and local ...
strobusguy 02/29/2012 64 216 4 1226
A visit with Abe Lincoln and Mother Jones
A couple weeks ago I had occasion to cross Illinois on my way between St. Louis and Wisconsin. Along the way, I stopped to see two old friends. Like, really old friends. But they have been much ...
strobusguy 02/18/2012 26 47 1 210
Happy 125th birthday, Aldo Leopold.
I am tempted to add to the title: " get back to work!" Today is Aldo Leopold's 125th birthday. Leopold is highly regarded as one ...
strobusguy 01/11/2012 49 54 6 318
Wisconsin: "See what makes us unique"
Hello, fellow Recallers and Friends of Recallers far and near. Tonight I found myself up at the capitol square in Madison at the end of the day. It was a cool (but warm for December!) evening, ...
strobusguy 12/12/2011 20 30 1 178
Has Obama just won re-election?
Wow. I'm watching the crowds gathering and cheering in Lafayette Square. What a moment! From the deep despair of 9/11... to the confusion and sorrow and anger of the days that followed... to the ...
strobusguy 05/01/2011 50 20 - 288
I S**t You Not Dept (WI Division): "Support for unions drives wedge in tea party" UPDATEx2
So I've been enjoying reading about the Tea Party/Palin EPIC FAIL in Madison today ...
strobusguy 04/16/2011 108 249 5 2540
Tom Toles vs. Paul Ryan: Toles wins again!
Tom Toles has long been my favorite editorial cartoonist. I'm signed up at to automatically receive, every day, his days's work. The really ...
strobusguy 04/07/2011 9 18 1 194
New developments in Wisconsin solidarity: Zombies on Parade! UPDATE: Faux News reports!
Gee, I thought someone else would have diaried this by now. But having searched and found nothing, your humble Badger correspondent submits this for your consideration. While taking a little ...
strobusguy 04/03/2011 94 332 6 2467
Farmer Tony Schultz to be on Ed Schultz tonight?! Go Tony!!
Dang, this social networking stuff actually works! Yesterday I posted this diary , ...
strobusguy 03/14/2011 16 26 - 163
Wisconsin farmer on fire! Awesome video. UPDATEx2
I'm hungover (physically, not literally) after a long day at the capitol in Madison. Another day, another awesome display of determined, proud, persistent, playful, peaceful Badgerness. I wish ...
strobusguy 03/13/2011 180 496 21 3333
The Way Forward in Wisconsin?
This is mainly intended for my fellow Wisconsinites, but of course thoughts from everyone, everywhere, are welcome. We are all Badgers now. I've been in Madison at the Capitol half a dozen times ...
strobusguy 02/27/2011 17 17 - 112
Signs of the Times in Madison
Another long, exhausting, exhilerating, incredible day on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin today. To all my fellow Badgers: LET'S KEEP GOING FORWARD! I have a feeling the bad weather predicted ...
strobusguy 02/19/2011 7 6 1 81
Free bratwursts!! (and other notes from Madison)
I spent a good part of yesterday in Madison at the rallies, and have been talking with friends who were there today. I wanted to prepare a more thoughtful, more careful, more analytic report, but ...
strobusguy 02/18/2011 6 20 1 112
Palin's "Have you no sense of decency, madam" moment?
This diary expands on a comment I made in the rec list diary . As Congresswoman ...
strobusguy 01/08/2011 16 21 1 92
Stephen Schneider has died
Stanford University climate scientist Stephen Schneider died today at the age of 65.
strobusguy 07/19/2010 19 50 1 198
To Hell With You, James Carville
I have never liked the Great Windbag, and now I'm just beside myself. We find this lovely piece of ...
strobusguy 05/26/2010 81 30 1 116
Norman Borlaug, 1914-2009
I'm surpised no one has diaried this yet. Norman Borlaug, the "father of the green revolution," has ...
strobusguy 09/13/2009 25 23 - 272
A GREAT Obama appointment! -- Jane Lubchenco  UPDATE
I know all the focus of discussion today is about Rick Warren. It's obviously an important discussion to have. It's also plain that Obama will take other actions and make other appointments that ...
strobusguy 12/18/2008 215 392 12 70
I reached my McCain robocall threshold tonight!
I live in small-town/rural Wisconsin, which I suppose is one factor behind the McCain/Palin campaign's targeting me and my neighbors with their incessant and utterly disgusting robocalls. They must ...
strobusguy 11/01/2008 19 14 - -
My Obama campaign idea: 50-day countdown
Like so many others watching the campaign unfold, I've been going a little nuts hearing All Palin All the Time; getting frustrated by the stupid media distractions; worrrying about the polls pulling ...
strobusguy 09/11/2008 3 1 - 8
COWARD!  AP:  "Bush Will Not Appear Monday at G.O.P. Convention"
There you have it. Incredible. Bush and the Republicans have taken refuge in the hurricane by fleeing... St. Paul. Here's the ...
strobusguy 08/31/2008 56 18 1 24
Reading My Mind Over the Internets:  HCwDBs responds to Palin Selection!
An irresistible diary, for which I offer a pre-emptive apology! I've been reading through all the diaries rolling through here on the choice of Gov. Palin, trying to gain my own sense of this ...
strobusguy 08/29/2008 6 1 - 11
"Elderly Chinese Women Sentenced to Labor Re-education"  An Olympic moment.
I haven't had much time to watch the Olympics. I catch a little of the broadcasts late at night. I miss the simpler Olympics that I remember watching as a kid, but I still try to extract the ...
strobusguy 08/20/2008 31 31 2 221
NYT headline: "Shipping Costs Start to Crimp Globalization"
This is one of those headlines that I have wondered if I would ever live to see. And there it is. The entire economic edifice and ideology that has shaped the world through my lifetime now caught ...
strobusguy 08/02/2008 23 13 - 81
Hey, Bo Diddley!  Good-bye, Bo....
Not much really to say beyond this: We've just lost another one of the greats. Here's the link. It's not a bad legacy: ...
strobusguy 06/02/2008 30 19 - 20
New Castle (PA) News endorses Obama
The small city of New Castle is in west-central Pennsylvania, about 50 miles north of Pittsburgh, 25 miles east of Youngstown. I've stopped there while traveling east on I-80, and I know a bit ...
strobusguy 04/17/2008 37 49 2 31
The headline we've all been waiting for!!
It's like the first faint glow of pale light after an endless night... the first thin beam of sunlight cutting through the clouds after a thunderstorm... the first calling of migrating geese in the ...
strobusguy 03/29/2008 39 14 - 10
The 4,000th: keeping vigil, keeping vigilant
For at least three years now, I have had the Iraq Coalition Casualties website bookmarked on my computer. Every morning I ...
strobusguy 03/23/2008 6 4 - -
Barack Obama and the Holy Grail:  An Adaptation
Inspired by this comment in RobertInWisconsin'...
strobusguy 03/12/2008 14 10 2 18
Texas and Florida: Fighting the Impression of Legitimacy
This is driving me nuts. So I go on-line to find the final results and delegate count from the Texas caucuses. I go the New York Times'
strobusguy 03/06/2008 8 - - 35
I grieve, too... but for a different reason
As I wait here -- much too late at night for me -- with hope that the tide might yet turn in Texas, here's the thing that eats at me... the thing that I just cannot stand to wake up in the morning ...
strobusguy 03/04/2008 5 13 - -
Wisconsin:  the morning after
I was up late last night, hanging out at polling palace after it closed to get the fresh results, watching and celebrating as the statewide results came in, and then waiting for the adrenalin to ...
strobusguy 02/20/2008 26 16 - 14
Fired up!  Ready to go vote!  It's primary day in Wisconsin! (with pics)
“Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter”.... Cabin fever has reached epidemic proportions in Wisconsin. We've had snow on the ground since early November, and have ...
strobusguy 02/19/2008 21 14 - 13
Theodore Roosevelt endorses Obama! (No kidding!)
It's true! Theodore Roosevelt has signed on to the list of environmental leaders supporting Barack Obama at Environmentalists for ...
strobusguy 02/17/2008 19 16 1 12
From Wisconsin: A New Line for Obama!
I may be wrongly assuming that no one else has come up with this yet. But I am just so momentarily full of myself that I believe my recommended line for Obama will RULE THE DAY when it comes to ...
strobusguy 02/15/2008 50 2 1 13
Burma Rising:  Honor to the Fallen Monks
Today was a terrible day of inevitable backlash in Burma, with the military dictatorship attacking the peaceful protesters at sites around the country. Thank you to zysea for keeping this visible ...
strobusguy 09/26/2007 18 19 - 2
UPDATE  Burma Rising: The Wave Continues to Build
Yesterday I posted this diary about the rapidly evolving situation in Burma/Myanmar. (And thank you again to the good rescue rangers ...
strobusguy 09/24/2007 24 23 - 156
UPDATE-2 Burma Rising: Turning the Begging Bowl Upside Down
If you are reading the news, you know that amazing events are unfolding in Myanmar/Burma*. I've been watching DailyKos for any diaries on this, but having seen none, I'll step up and offer some ...
strobusguy 09/23/2007 33 34 1 181
Oil and Iraq: Greenspan's Further Comment
The Washington Post is running an article today by Bob Woodward providing further elaboration of Alan Greenspan's comment in his new book that "the Iraq War is largely about oil." ...
strobusguy 09/17/2007 10 4 1 -
Another Iran incident. What the hell is going on?
First we get Bush doing his bogeyman act today before the American Legion. Shades of ...
strobusguy 08/28/2007 44 16 - 10
The "Presidential Advance Manual":  Get out your brown shirts!  
In today's Washington Post , Dan Froomkin has an item in his White House Watch column about ...
strobusguy 06/29/2007 4 5 - 13
Rachel Carson's 100th birthday: the attacks begin
This coming Sunday marks the 100th anniversary of Rachel Carson's birth in Springdale, Pennsylvania. A series ...
strobusguy 05/21/2007 34 27 3 43
New WSJ/Harris poll: Bush at 28%!!
I'm surprised no one else has posted this yet. I'm not a WSJ subscriber, but here's the ...
strobusguy 04/26/2007 37 27 1 15
Krazy Korn and Ethanol Mania
The main page of the New York Times is featuring an article entitled " Farmers to Plant Most Amount of Corn Since ’44 ."
strobusguy 03/30/2007 27 10 1 5
At the Crossroads:  Ethanol vs. the Conservation Reserve Program
This is adapted and expanded from a comment on one of yesterday's diaries, Farm and Biofuels Report . For those of you who are urban-
strobusguy 02/21/2007 20 32 6 155
1 picture = 1000+ words (w/poll)
I sometimes wonder what goes on in the heads of newspaper editors as they compose their editions. They no doubt know what they are doing. But why are they doing it?
strobusguy 02/19/2007 14 5 1 3
Grist's Top 10 Green Stories of 2006
Sorry if someone posted a diary on this before, but... over at, the "main dish" is a review of the top 10 green ...
strobusguy 12/28/2006 6 6 1 -
Madison's Air America station to stay on air!
Wow, what a nice early Christmas present, and what a nice story to wake up to (on NPR!) Madison's Air America outlet MIC 92.1 was slated to be turned over to a local Fox Sports format on Jan. 1. ...
strobusguy 12/22/2006 16 5 - 1
A sobering map for the winter solstice
In about an an hour (7:22 PM EST), the Earth will pass the solstice moment on its yearly trek around the sun. Winter will begin. But the winter is changing. With all due respects to all of you ...
strobusguy 12/21/2006 29 33 2 -
Adventures in ethanology: Biofuels on (and from) the prairie?
With the several global warming diaries up there on the recommended list, and with the oil supply aspects of whatever is going on behind the scenes with this whole Bush/Iraq/Saudi/new-way-forward ...
strobusguy 12/15/2006 17 8 1 8
Jesus Frist
strobusguy 09/25/2006 9 1 1 7
Wanted: Words to Save A Democracy By
strobusguy 09/04/2006 10 11 2 -
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