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Teaching Evolution - How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Jesus
As usual a long post, but you have a chance to learn some cool science! I'm a middle school Science teacher. I teach 6-8th grade Science, namely Earth Science, Biology, and Physical Science in ...
sujigu 05/14/2014 254 312 18 -
Common Core and Education Hysteria
As usual, this is a long diary, so get some warm cocoa. Much like the health care debate, the insanity over Common Core has become frustrating. When will people learn that if you don't do a slick ...
sujigu 04/06/2014 212 64 3 -
Ukraine and the Future - Late Night Thoughts
First off I'd like to say that I'm not a mind reader, I'm not an Ukrainian/Russian scholar with 20 years of experience, and I'm not some ex-CIA/KGB agent. I'm just writing this diary to work ...
sujigu 03/03/2014 6 1 - -
Is and Ought - Amateur Philosophy Hour and Gay Rights
I've hated philosophy since high school. My favorite subjects in high school were History and Mathematics. Those were the two subjects I felt you could truly "know" something about the real world.
sujigu 02/26/2014 23 15 1 -
Media Consciousness - Pope Francis and Seeing Things You Want to See
I get being religious. No! Really! I get it! I'm not religious at all. I wouldn't go so far to say that there is absolutely, proof positive, NO higher being of any kind. Highly unscientific. I'
sujigu 12/13/2013 8 1 - -
"That's about right for unskilled labor." Unskilled? Really?
Let me give you a scenario. See if you can follow along. It's 8:45 p.m. on a Friday night. You're working at your local McDonald's and the after dinner rush is about to pull in. It comes in ...
sujigu 08/25/2013 575 446 5 -
McDonald's makes the case for raising the minumum wage without realizing it
First off I've worked at the Golden Arches off and on since I was 15. I've been in situations where the check was my only income, and other situations where I just worked McDonald's to pay off some ...
sujigu 07/18/2013 50 116 1 -
In Pain Today - Writing Helps
One of the things I do when I face emotions that are so painful I can't deal with them is to write. Writing clears my head and takes chaotic, emotional thoughts and condenses them into something of ...
sujigu 07/02/2013 4 6 - -
The last time someone built a really big wall to keep unwanted people out...
The Great Wall of China, not so much visible from the moon, was the crown jewel of ancient Chinese government programs. The Great Wall was built, in theory, to protect China from incursions from ...
sujigu 06/22/2013 35 13 - -
On single parent families, Conservatives cannot hide their idiocy
There's a lot of brouhaha about Eric Erickson and Megyn Kelly going at it about the statistic that the number of households headed by a single female is going up day by day. Eric Erickson's "...
sujigu 05/31/2013 13 15 - -
First Experience Administering Standardized Test - Some thoughts
I'm an educator with only a few years experience, and most of it abroad, so today was my first day giving out and administering a standardized test. I thought I would collect my impressions and try ...
sujigu 05/14/2013 51 37 - -
Leaving out the ideologically inconvenient - Austerity Fail?
Austerity grips Europe and has been the heavy anchor the keeps the Democrats from being something other than a center right party. The idea that entitlements must be cut to "save them for future ...
sujigu 04/19/2013 19 53 2 -
Progressivism Wins - Fight the DLC Third Way
First off, let me say this. I don't like chained CPI (and yes I know what it is) any more than most Democrats do, but we need to remember it's not like Boehner can agree with Obama anyway. It ...
sujigu 04/08/2013 6 5 - -
"If gay marriage is permissible then everything is permissible..." The Bible as morality, really?
A friend of a friend is a rabid far right Catholic. I saw a screed of his on Facebook, complaining that Democrats in California were going to protect the rights of pedophiles to not have "their ...
sujigu 04/03/2013 18 7 - -
Open Letter to Veteran Zackary Dryer
Dear Mr. Dryer, Your article on your experiences during the Iraq War moved me to write. I am glad to see you taking the first steps in your new profession. Being a writer is a wonderful thing. I'...
sujigu 04/01/2013 5 6 2 -
Everything wrong with this country happened this morning on my Facebook page.
I am a teacher. My main subjects are English and Math, but I have been complimented on my Science teaching. Teaching English and Math means that I weave from the creative to the logical, and back ...
sujigu 03/24/2013 276 485 2 -
Nation Building - Americans are not suited for it
There is a great diary here that talks about America's role as "nation builder" over the past decade. Liberals, leftists, and many on this site have considered nation building to have been a doomed ...
sujigu 03/11/2013 3 2 - -
The Government is Telling Me How to Drive!
I am approaching my late twenties and I'm in an area now where driving is all but essential. As an atomistic individual, unattached to other human beings, existing in a void of personal ...
sujigu 03/10/2013 30 22 - -
Income Inequality: We need to fight at the ground floor
As always, a long one. I watched Rachel's show last night and was disgusted by how far our country has sunk. We have wealth inequality that would make most 3rd world nations blush, and it's ...
sujigu 03/06/2013 12 6 - -
Please stop blaming the unemployed - Corporate has no idea
As always, this is a long one :) I have a friend who idolizes corporations. He gets starry eyed when he hears how many eggs McDonald's serves in a day, his heart flutters when he thinks about how ...
sujigu 02/27/2013 8 14 - -
Finding my Family - The Wall of 1870
So, I'm a sucker for free subscriptions. offered a two week free subscription for genealogical research, and I totally fell for it. I try to avoid these whenever possible. I always ...
sujigu 02/21/2013 51 69 6 -
The only person with their eye on the ball - Elizabeth Warren
The whole debate on taxes and spending is missing the point, but this country has lost one of the most basics tenets of capitalism that I think everyone of any part of the spectrum could agree on. ...
sujigu 02/16/2013 13 6 - -
I'm an evil pacifist who'll destroy Christmas
Yeap, I'm an evil pacifist. I am that crazy cousin that your family never talks about that goes on road trips and preaches nonviolence. I will destroy us all with my naivete and my unwillingness ...
sujigu 02/13/2013 31 23 1 -
"Has it ever occured to you the private sector doesn't know what it's doing?"
Right now I'm working a second job at fast food wage slaver-o-rama, and there is one extreme right winger there who I have named "Dudley Do Right." He's libertarian, he just doesn't know it yet. ...
sujigu 02/07/2013 24 46 1 -
Teaching a Genius or "I wish my teacher had done that for me..."
First off if you've been reading my diaries, then you already know that I'm a middle school teacher at a very small school. I teach four core subjects: Science, Math, Social Studies, and English. ...
sujigu 01/28/2013 58 17 - -
Some thoughts on education
I had a good debate with a friend of mine on standardized testing and teachers unions, and my own recent experience starting out as a fledgling teacher has gotten me thinking about a lot of ...
sujigu 01/10/2013 38 35 1 -
Hey, at least it's better than civil war
I know we've had dozens of diaries that fall into the "Obama rox!" and "Obama sux!" categories with a few people in between telling everyone to be realists. You can get your blood pressure up about ...
sujigu 01/01/2013 11 1 - -
Open letter to Laura Hollis: This is why you lost
Dear Professor Hollis, I fear that the studies on authoritarians and right wingers, expertly done by Bob Altemeyer , has proven all too true: right wingers have a tendency towards having ...
sujigu 12/29/2012 100 210 11 -
The Fall of American Rome - Welcome to Obama's America
First, you should read this surreal article from "New York" about conservative activists and "intelligentsia" (if such a word could be applied) on a cruise ship, lamenting the loss of America to the ...
sujigu 12/26/2012 11 20 1 -
A pacifist on nationalism
This essay is super long, prepare yourself :) I've always been a pacifist since I was a teenager and I first got into history. I know pacifism gets a lot of play on this site, at least for a lot ...
sujigu 12/23/2012 67 33 1 -
The King is Overthrown - Letting Go of My Father
I always find ways to weave politics into my personal life, and today it happened again. I started reading some of President Obama's books, and I got to the part about his father. The President is ...
sujigu 12/20/2012 27 25 - -
A very personal diary but in light of DOMA it should be said
I know that this is an anonymous diary and coming out on it is probably strange to do, but after thinking about the possibility of DOMA reaching its way to the Supreme Court and given the ongoing ...
sujigu 12/15/2012 40 79 - -
What They Really Want - Right to Rule not Right to Work
I enjoy this site even though I think I'm to the left of most of the people on the site. I've been reading Heinlein and musing on "Right to Work" that is about to rip my state in half and I think I'...
sujigu 12/11/2012 54 97 4 -
Michigan Right to Work probably to stay
I know that many people are angry about Governor Snyder making it clear he wants right to work laws despite the fact he lied and said he didn't. I understand and I stand with labor, but here's the ...
sujigu 12/09/2012 19 3 - -
"You're liberal, but you're more conservative than most conservatives..."
I have a buddy of mine who is a political mortal enemy of mine. We despise each others politics and out of our own arrogance try to one up the other, but we're amazingly still friends for some odd ...
sujigu 12/03/2012 10 8 - -
Thank You For Your Service
I just wanted to write this on Veteran's day to commemorate the veterans in my own family and in keeping with the holiday. In a way, I just kind of wanted to get this off my chest because it's ...
sujigu 11/11/2012 15 17 1 -
Please Stop the Kumbaya - I don't want to break bread with conservatives I want to destroy them
I knew I would see this from pundits and writers. is apparently no exception . Yes, we are a divided America. We've always been a divided America. This mythical America where liberals ...
sujigu 11/10/2012 65 61 1 -
I'll admit it, I voted for revenge
It's true, I did just what President Obama told me to do. I voted for revenge. Fellow liberals and lefties are free to scorn me for lowering myself to the level of the enemy. When I went in the ...
sujigu 11/07/2012 59 105 2 -
Bachmann, West, Dr. Syed Taj and Zerban, someone please tell me the result!
Short diary, but hey, that's allowed for just one night right? I need to know what happened with Bachmann, Allen West, Dr. Syed Taj, and Rob Zerban? Who won??
sujigu 11/06/2012 5 - - -
The Debt Ceiling all over again
So Obama lost the debate. It was depressing, and this is not how you fire up the base. We saw the President be crushed and his lead, which is founded on his opponent being a feckless smirking ...
sujigu 10/03/2012 2 - - 46
The army of Know-Nothings - A conversation turned political today
I got to sit down with one of my co-workers today and the conversation turned to the upcoming debates on October 4th and seeing who would win. My co-worker is a smart guy, majors in Math, but god ...
sujigu 09/27/2012 18 29 - 247
Operation New Southern Strategy
I think we have an opening to do some damage to the GOP in the south this cycle that could reverberate into the future. Of course, I don't really expect anyone to do this, and it is wishful ...
sujigu 09/20/2012 7 - - 95
The Unconcious Reason They Hate Obama: He is the ideological death of Reagan
Ronald Wilson Reagan physically died on June 5, 2004, but his legacy has lived on in the psyche of Americans long after his presidency ended, and even after his death. I just got finished reading ...
sujigu 09/20/2012 31 21 1 188
This is a gift! We can finally have the battle we need!
During the Republican primary I was rooting for Rick Santorum to sweep it and finally take on the mantle of the GOP. For too long, the GOP has gone under the cover of night to make it seem like it'...
sujigu 09/18/2012 6 7 - 91
I wasn't all that excited about Obama, but then... occurred to me today that he is indeed slightly better than Romney. I'd support the Green Party if we had a system that broke up the two party duopoly, but since we don't, I'm stuck with what ...
sujigu 09/09/2012 43 3 - 388
Please Stop the Elizabeth Warren Hatred
This is a rant because I'm peeved. Feel free to ignore it. I just got into a fight with a relative, and I'm started to get tired of Conserva-Dems and a lot of the Elizabeth Warren dirge that goes ...
sujigu 09/07/2012 80 60 - 544
McDonald's is Communist
Yes this is a contentious title, but I love contentious titles :P So I've been working at McDonald's for about a year now, and I've concluded that I've finally gotten a glimpse of what it must have ...
sujigu 09/06/2012 15 7 - 124
War with Iran - Why is no one screaming this from the hilltops?
Thinking of a Romney presidency makes my stomach churn with anxiety and fear. I think President Obama will win, but until that last ballot is cast, I'm not taking anything for granted. I thought ...
sujigu 09/04/2012 23 6 - 141
What's the matter with old white guys?
Well, it's clear that White people are Romney's base, and he has no chance to move past that. He has to stoke people's fears and anger (not necessarily racial!) against Obama in order to get enough ...
sujigu 08/29/2012 31 5 - 157
Anyone here a "Left Libertarian?" Can you please explain that to me?
So there's this new thing I've been hearing about "Left-Libertarian" and I was wondering if anyone on Daily Kos was one and could explain it to me? I have a friend who is super on the left. He's ...
sujigu 08/19/2012 44 3 - 231
Please, Please, PLEASE Act normal
This will be a quick diary. I was horrified at seeing the heckling of Paul Ryan at two different campaign events. One lady tried to get on the stage, which made her look absolutely insane. The ...
sujigu 08/18/2012 68 15 - 391
Conservatives are not fired up about Ryan
So I've talked to some of my conservative contacts about the pick of Paul Ryan. I asked them how it felt to have an Objectivist as a VP. They vehemently tell me that the vast majority of ...
sujigu 08/13/2012 8 4 - 150
A chill went down my spine - Romney lays down the gauntlet
The VP pick of Paul Ryan makes a lot of sense for Romney. This is a base turnout election. There are few undecideds. Paul Ryan is a hero to conservatives, not a liability, and with few undecideds,
sujigu 08/10/2012 15 1 1 164
Tea Party Latinos the new future? Ted Cruz and Navarette's false equivalency machine
The brain trust at CNN have truly come up with real winners with a slew of recent articles. We have Reihan Salam arguing that Romney is losing because he hasn't taken on enough conservative ideas ...
sujigu 08/09/2012 7 1 - 51
"LaRouche, LaRouche, LaRouche is on fire!" The Larouchies are out: Here's what happened
So the Lyndon LaRouche brigade came out in force at our local McDonald's in Wixom. They put up a picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache and lined the side of the road with Bill Roberts signs, with ...
sujigu 08/03/2012 23 36 - 364
"You're intolerant of my intolerance!"
This diary will be quick. This is a new meme on the right that burns me up and it's en vogue with my religious right wing friends. They use the Dan Savage incident where he called some ...
sujigu 07/26/2012 55 12 - 212
Why I vote for Democrats
There are two reasons. One is quite simple and probably the greater reason, but there's a larger, more detailed motive behind it. If you want, you can read the first and last paragraph for the ...
sujigu 07/20/2012 2 5 - 62
"They vote against their own self interest!" Are you sure? A Personal Story
First, for some background information to this diary, I suggest reading through a previous diary of mine here if you haven't already. I'll sum up the important info here. I have never met my ...
sujigu 07/08/2012 120 143 - 1818
We have them down for the count!
This diary will be short, but I live in the middle of Wignuttia and they are demoralized by the recent ACA ruling, but here is the good part, many of them don't know much about the ACA and the parts ...
sujigu 07/01/2012 12 11 - 150
The Left needs to get it together : It can be done
This post is rather long, but I felt the need to write it. So I've made my rounds on left wing blogs and websites over the past few days, and I cannot help but feel that the left needs to start ...
sujigu 06/26/2012 9 5 - 76
Moderate Republicans eaten by the Far Right - Or rather, looking in the mirror?
I think we've all read the articles where a moderate Republican or a principled conservative complains about the far right. From Michelle Malkin to Rush Limbaugh, the far right spews forth ...
sujigu 05/25/2012 20 43 2 404
"You could just work at McDonald's..."
I have a master's degree. I have tried the job market in a variety of different fields to find some position, any position that would take me. I've tried to break into sales, human resources, ...
sujigu 05/16/2012 433 189 4 1599
Refuting Libertarian talking points
It's a little frustrating going through certain message boards and hearing ridiculous talking points being furthered and furthered without anyone going up against them, so I decided to do what I do ...
sujigu 04/11/2012 43 8 1 200
Right Wing Transformations - Late Night Musings
I'm sure we all have our right wing relatives and friends who we used to pal around with, even though we both knew that deep down we did not share much of the same views on life. Political debates ...
sujigu 04/10/2012 8 2 - 61
Liberal vs. Conservative ethics
First off, Kristoff's article in the New York Times from the 21st of this month is a great read, and you can catch it here . It goes over the different dimensions by which we can view someone's ...
sujigu 03/22/2012 8 5 - 113
On behalf of the sons of single mothers everywhere, f@#$ you Santorum
Yes, he said this in 1994 during the crusade against the welfare queen, and I was too young to say this at the time, but just to let the senator know, I am officially telling him to fuck off on ...
sujigu 03/06/2012 9 21 - 127
Michigan Politics - An Enigma wrapped in lettuce served on a bed of crazy
I'm from Michigan. This is a politically schizophrenic blue state. There are two groups, as Michael Moore put it. There are the unions and the progressive contingent that makes up the bulk of the ...
sujigu 02/27/2012 10 7 - 69
Why Dailykos has saved me - A drunken rant
So this may not be your normal diary fare, mainly because I spent the evening with my dearest friend, Captain Morgan, but I just wanted to say that Daily Kos is the reason I still have my sanity. I ...
sujigu 02/19/2012 21 13 - 272
Locke's Liberalism and the Catholic Church: My suspicions are confirmed
I happened upon this wonderful article while surfing the interwebs, discussing liberalism (not the American kind, but rather, Locke's liberalism and the enlightenment). You can read it at length, ...
sujigu 02/16/2012 11 3 - 110
Santorum and the Blue Collar Voter - Why I wish there were more under 30 pundits
I'm 28 years old, and I have such a hard time listening to punditry on any news channel, because rarely if ever do I see someone that is around my age. Ed Schultz is 58, Sean Hannity is 50, and ...
sujigu 02/14/2012 16 7 - 102
The Catholic Vote : A Cautionary Tale
So I have a friend who is studying religion and he is livid about the administration's decision about the birth control mandate. He lives in a separate news sphere from myself, and used to be a ...
sujigu 02/13/2012 77 8 - 205
I am officially sick of all conservatives
WARNING: This will be a rant. Yes, that was a blanket statement. Deal with it. Spare me any comments on it being unfair or overly emotional, I know that to be partially true, but mentally I've ...
sujigu 02/07/2012 42 14 - 238
Desperate Republican Ploy - Reenacting Reagan vs. Carter
There is no shortage of those on the right who would try to liken the upcoming Manichean conflict between Romney and Obama as Reagan vs. Carter. This is something my libertarian friend will bring ...
sujigu 01/22/2012 37 6 - 189
The Left and Religious Liberty
So I have some very Catholic friends. We disagree on a lot. I'm basically an agnostic, but I abhor organized religion. I don't spend a ton of time thinking about the existence of God, because it ...
sujigu 01/20/2012 30 1 - 121
Two Different Worlds: A Personal Story
I kind of feel like I want to write this all out, and since this blog is anonymous and no one who would be able to figure who I am out would ever read this, I think this is the perfect venue. This ...
sujigu 01/15/2012 22 52 - 554
A conversation with a centrist
Okay, I have to stop this, it's becoming an addiction. A conversation I had with a centrist friend.
sujigu 01/13/2012 7 1 - 97
Jon Huntsman and a Divided Nation: How Republicans Have Insulted America
Jon Huntsman served under President Obama as ambassador to China. He already was governor of Utah and had a series of credentials that made him a shoe-in for the position. He was elected governor ...
sujigu 01/10/2012 12 14 - 163
A Conversation on Newt Gingrich and Food Stamps
I couldn't help myself. Here's a video I made :)
sujigu 01/07/2012 12 2 - 92
Matthew Yglesias Rocks - Here's Why
So I've been following Yglesias for a bit, and I don't know how Kossacks or fellow leftists feel about him, but I am a big fan, and grow into a bigger and bigger fan as I read more of him on Slate....
sujigu 12/29/2011 2 3 - 59
Credit Union Suggestions/Tips Please
I know that during the euphoria that was "Move your money and give the too big to fail banks the one fingered salute" was a time where one could read a ton about how great credit unions were. I'm ...
sujigu 12/26/2011 10 3 - 106
My 2012 Prediction and why I love Dailykos
First off, I must say that Dailykos has saved my life and I love being here. It is great to be part of such a great, vibrant, loving community of like minded people. I wish I could contribute by ...
sujigu 12/20/2011 10 4 - 75
Why Ron Paul Cannot Win
This is a serious letter to the many Paul bots that scour this blog, looking for a glimmer of hope that anti-war or anti-drug law leftists can be converted into the fold. I admire your devotion to ...
sujigu 12/19/2011 25 3 - 205
Obama's War on Christmas
Last one. I love this format! I just can't stop making these videos. This is therapy for me to get the frustration of living around wingnuts out.
sujigu 12/14/2011 7 3 - 75
OWS vs. the Tea Party conversation
Another video, I am having too much fun with this!
sujigu 12/13/2011 5 1 - 62
Libertarian vs. a Liberal
MY first video in this format. I have a lot of libertarian friends, and sometimes I want to tear my hair out. This is a means of getting it out of my system.
sujigu 12/13/2011 8 5 - 96
Romney flails against Newt
The entire debate was a train wreck. Let's start with that first. Ron Paul was the only one that actually said anything half-way logical, and he doesn't rely on "Obamasuxx" memes to get his point ...
sujigu 12/10/2011 29 20 - 218
From a Centrist to Progressives....We need to talk
Reading through some Amazon critiques of "What's the matter with Kansas?" by Thomas Frank, and having been apart of this blog for awhile now, I would like to have a chat between myself, a self ...
sujigu 12/06/2011 41 4 - 172
Populist Obama Reborn - Osawatomie
I'm listening to the speech with baited breath. We've seen the rebirth of populist Obama with his American Jobs Act speech, a verbal 2 x 4 which I'm sure many enjoyed. Listening to his speech at ...
sujigu 12/06/2011 11 16 - 95
The puzzle of conservative "populism"
Conservative populism is an enigma wrapped in a mystery served on a bed of lettuce. Democrats are the ones that supposedly have the populist bona fides while the Republicans are supposedly the ...
sujigu 12/05/2011 1 2 - 64
Obama the strategist
This has been brewing in my mind so I thought I'd just write it out and see how it looks on "paper." To be honest I think on this blog we all too often hear so much negativity about the President ...
sujigu 12/03/2011 186 141 6 920
Tangled Webs We Weave
Stream of consciousness entry, so prepare yourself :P I have been perusing a lot of right wing blogs and filling my brain with their talking points and this 53% nonsense which I see a lot of people ...
sujigu 11/28/2011 33 21 - 269
Modernizing Liberalism
I read these great articles on Al-Jazeera about the future of conservatism and liberalism as philosophies and what the future holds for both sides. Sure, life is more diverse and complicated than ...
sujigu 11/25/2011 17 3 - 66
Destroying More Conservative Memes: Round 2!
So my diary entry on "The Way Conservatives Sound to Liberals" set off a firestorm on the internet, which brought me no small amount of joy. I love sticking it to the man whenever possible, so I ...
sujigu 11/23/2011 7 8 - 89
TBN - The Evangelical Propaganda Machine
This morning I was bored and had a few spare moments to do some channel surfing. Normally I watch some justice porn (a.k.a. small claims court with Judge Mathis) or some random game show while I ...
sujigu 11/21/2011 17 5 1 100
The way conservatives sound to liberals
I had a good conversation with a right leaning friend of mine who is leaning libertarian. He thinks government action always causes negative consequences, but he is FAR from a Rush-head right wing ...
sujigu 11/19/2011 161 109 10 1631
Converting from Right to Left: Your story?
This diary will be quick and dirty, don't worry. I was wondering if there are people on this site who have "converted" from being conservative/Republican to the being liberal/Democratic? I wonder ...
sujigu 11/19/2011 34 7 - 173
OWS is being hijacked by Paul Supporters
Reading the forums on Occupy Wall Street sometimes gives me pause. It's filled to the brim with rabidly anti-government Libertarians who think that Americans are mindless consumers who buy baskets ...
sujigu 11/14/2011 20 8 - 197
Herman Cain: The modern day buck dance
Watching Herman Cain skyrocket to the top of the polls, and witnessing his ups and downs as a candidate through all of the debates, until the recent storm of sexual harassment allegations, has given ...
sujigu 11/08/2011 11 7 - 101
Conservative Persecution Complex - Part Deux
I had no ideas teabaggers actually went to this site and read things here! I thought the very sight of DailyKos would cause their eye sockets to bleed. Well my teabagger friends, it looks like you ...
sujigu 11/06/2011 18 10 - 113
You shouldn't protest Wall Street you should protest the GOVERNMENT
So in Libertarian/Republican world, EVERYTHING is the government's fault. At all times, no exception. Libertarians usually give more cogent arguments, but it all boils down to one thing. The ...
sujigu 11/04/2011 5 2 - 101
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