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Kossacks: Tell Major League Baseball And Colleges- Sign Chelsea Baker!
Imagine for a moment you're an incredibly talented and skilled 17 year old pitcher. You dominated little league, throwing two perfect games. You went over five years without losing a single game. ...
teenvote 02/28/2015 28 7 - -
2010-2015 Scorecard on Predictions: The Good, The Bad and the Crazy
On January 1, 2010, I wrote a diary entitled January 1, 2020: A Comprehensive Look at the 2010's I modified it a few months later, but otherwise no changes were made. So now it's time for a ...
teenvote 01/01/2015 4 3 - -
Act Blue Discriminates, and it's Wrong!
This morning, as I donated to several Democratic candidates (Udall, Nunn, and Braley to name a few), I was disappointed to see the following requirement when I prepared to contribute: "I am at ...
teenvote 10/21/2014 15 8 1 -
Democrats Outperformed the Polls in EVERY "Toss Up" Senate Race in 2010 and 2012!
The 2010 and 2012 elections seemed completely different. 2010 was a Republican "wave," while 2012 was Democratic payback. But these two elections had one big thing in common: In 17 races ...
teenvote 10/16/2014 21 14 - -
Gallup: Uninsured PLUNGES to 12.9%- LOWEST EVER IN POLL
Big news that was kind of hidden today. Gallup reported that the monthly survey revealed that the uninsured percentage had fallen from 18% last fall to 12.9% in the first half of April! If that ...
teenvote 04/16/2014 19 56 1 -
History on Voting Rights being Made- RIGHT NOW!
As I type this, Takoma Park, Maryland is about to expand American democracy for the FIRST time in modern American history. The council is about to vote to grant 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote!
teenvote 05/13/2013 6 6 - -
Growing up Obama- From Two Year Old Supporter to World's Youngest Phonebanker (Videos)
It's the last day of President's Obama's reelection campaign, and I am getting a little sentimental. I have watched my daughter grow up during the Obama administration. In 2008, she was an ...
teenvote 11/06/2012 1 5 - -
Second Independent Poll Confirms- Nebraska Senate Race "A Dead Heat"!
Last week, a poll from Pharos (a polling outfit I never heard of) found that Bob Kerrey trailed Deb Fisher by just 2 points. Tonight, a second independent poll, this time by the Omaha World Herald, ...
teenvote 10/27/2012 34 34 - -
Interesting- Mitt Romney Opposed the Vietnam War- in 1970
Like his father, Mitt Romney opposed the Vietnam War. Interesting what a hawk he has since become. In a May 28, 1970 article in the Morgantown Dominion News, he appears in an article called "...
teenvote 10/20/2012 18 5 - -
Vote in my Poll of Polls!
Today's tracking polls had something for everyone, literally. You want your candidate to be leading by a wide margin, they got that: Obama +6 (Rand) Romney +7 (Gallup). You want your candidate ...
teenvote 10/18/2012 2 1 - -
Never Been Prouder of my Cousin Barack!
I am proud to call Barack Obama my cousin! 8th cousin once removed, but that's still a cousin. What an AWESOME debate! I agree with Rachel Maddow who said this was the debate by Obama in his ...
teenvote 10/16/2012 4 7 - -
Poll Wrap-Up 10/14/2012- Actually Pretty Good!
While it wasn't all good, today's final results showed that: (1) things are moving in the right direction in the tracking polls; and (2) state polls show Obama is still where he needs to be. Today, ...
teenvote 10/14/2012 55 26 2 -
Good Polling News: Obama's lead in Rand Poll Now up to 4 Points!
More good polling news out of the Rand poll, which is a unique tracking poll which polls the same group of 1500 individuals so that it is easy to avoid the problem of getting a completely different ...
teenvote 10/14/2012 38 28 - -
Nate is WRONG! Today is certainly NOT Romney's Best Day Ever
It seems like Nate Silver has gone full negative on the Obama campaign. For the first time EVER (that i have seen) he views the President's chances of reelection at LESS (61.1%) than the traders on ...
teenvote 10/12/2012 109 7 - -
By Tuesday Afternoon- Obama will be leading most national polls!
If I am wrong, I will admit it. But I believe that by Tuesday afternoon (BEFORE the debate) Obama will be leading most national polls (even Gallup with its 7 day look). Why? Biden's great ...
teenvote 10/12/2012 28 4 - -
Today: Votes for Youth DC Rally, 4PM!
As Republicans everywhere attempt to disenfranchise voters through discriminatory ID laws, which disproportionately affect the young and minorities, young people are standing up for their civil and ...
teenvote 10/12/2012 1 2 - -
My Take on the Polls- Awesome Approval/Favorable Numbers= Obama Victory!
Something really strange is going on. Normally, when a candidate has a bad stretch--makes a gaffe, has a scandal, receives poor news-- either their favorable numbers, or (if they are in office), ...
teenvote 10/10/2012 26 41 - 362
7.8% BABY!
Unemployment rate drops to 7.8%! I don't think I have ever been so happy to hear 7.8%! While hiring increased only 114,000, the public will focus on the percentage! I will get a link up as soon ...
teenvote 10/05/2012 39 61 2 463
Where are the Obama TV Ads against the Ryan Budget?!
As you know, Paul Ryan's budget is toxic: it already took down a Republican in a New York congressional district that had been GOP-held for generations. Now there is a real chance it can take down ...
teenvote 08/15/2012 23 4 - 111
Eri Yoshida and Cracking the Ultimate "Glass Floor"
There have been many diaries on Daily Kos discussing the struggles of women to obtain equal pay and equal representation in a host of occupations formerly dominated by men. Other diaries have ...
teenvote 06/10/2012 4 4 - 81
Official- "I Voted" Wisconsin Thread- With Turnout Poll
We all know this is the most important election until the November presidential race. This diary is a jump off point for Wisconsin voters to let us know when and where they voted, and what the ...
teenvote 06/05/2012 333 232 4 2713
Wisconsin- Remember- Same Day Registrants NOT Being Polled!
One final point leading up to the Wisconsin election tomorrow. All of the polls, whether PPP or Marquette or even the polls for Barrett- start out with registered voters. Then they determine ...
teenvote 06/04/2012 10 20 - 158
Occupy the Ballot Box: The Votes for Youth Campaign Begins!
Across America, a campaign is launching. It is a struggle for that most precious right of American democracy: the right to vote. While the vote does not guarantee anything, without it even the ...
teenvote 05/18/2012 10 5 1 41
Why the Supreme Court Will Strike Down Healthcare- And What it will mean
A lot of people seem to think that the Supreme Court will uphold the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). Only 35% of recent Supreme Court law clerks think that the justices will strike down the ...
teenvote 03/27/2012 51 9 - 307
2012 GOP Nominee is---- None of the Above
The Republican presidential field is a huge problem for the Republican Party. Mitt Romney, the "front runner", is a serial flip-flopper who most conservative activist voters (the overwhelming ...
teenvote 10/29/2011 14 2 - 61
People Power Topples Another 30 Year Dictator!
They're dancing in the streets of West Ridge! Change has come to Chicago's 50th Ward! Berny Stone, the 36 year City Council Boss FINALLY LOSES. It took a while. We thought we had a strong ...
teenvote 04/05/2011 4 14 - 185
Chicago:  Snow Removal Help Needed!
UPDATE: I got the car out! Thanks for the suggestions below! Fellow Kossacks: I am in the great (and still submerged) city of Chicago. And I still haven't gotten my car out from under the snow.
teenvote 02/05/2011 42 8 - 219
Blizzard of 2011- Post your pictures, videos, stories, thoughts here
Kossacks- While I know this is completely unpolitical, I thought some of you might like a spot to post videos, photos, and stories from the Blizzard of 2011. It's affecting huge stretches of the ...
teenvote 02/02/2011 14 4 - 65
Simple Solution---Use Reconciliation to Extend Middle Class Tax Cuts only for 10 years
Here is the solution no one has discussed. Why not use reconciliation (which the Rethugs used under Bush to pass these tax cuts in the first place) to extend the tax cuts for the middle class for a ...
teenvote 12/05/2010 11 3 - 52
The Official-  I Voted 2010 Thread
This a hugely important election. Are we going to support President Obama and the most productive Congress in decades? Or are we going to sit this one out and watch the GOP take over and try to ...
teenvote 11/02/2010 122 41 1 124
Kos- DELETE Your Gallup Front Pager! (With Poll)
Or at least revise it substantially. Are you trying to motivate people to GOTV by highlighting the WORST poll of all? Somehow I don't think that helps. Are you trying to get people excited to ...
teenvote 11/01/2010 317 279 3 154
Video-My 4 Year old's Election Predictions
You may remember my daughter. In October 2008, she was an excited two year old, confident that her distant cousin Barack could become our 44th president and change America for the better. ((...
teenvote 10/31/2010 12 5 - 61
Election Day (11/2) DC Rally at Supreme Court: Freedom of Speech and Youth Voting Rights
After you've cast your vote on election day, why not come down to the United States Supreme Court and support some Americans who long to vote, but can't for one uncontrollable reason-- they're not ...
teenvote 10/30/2010 2 2 - 92
Kossacks-  Motivate ME to Vote!
I have voted in almost every election since I turned 18 (more than 20 years ago). From president, to governor to mayor to alderman, I proudly cast my vote. But I just don't know if I will be at ...
teenvote 10/23/2010 102 10 1 50
Denied the Right to Vote- Never Stop Fighting! (videos)
It's an apathetic year. Many Americans (including some progressives) don't feel like going to the polls. But there are millions of Americans who want to perform their civic duty, who want to make ...
teenvote 10/17/2010 27 4 - 51
Thinking About Making a Youtube Ad--Advice
My family is thinking about putting together a youtube ad, using ordinary people (not actors). Something down-home and clear that makes the following points: 1. Republicans claim to be for the ...
teenvote 10/10/2010 8 7 - 55
DNC: Please Steal this Commercial Idea!
With time running down rapidly on campaign 2010, Democrats could use a strong, sure-fire ad campaign. We need something more than just "Republicans are extreme and will ruin the country." It's true,
teenvote 10/01/2010 15 12 1 45
HOPE:  Many Undecideds Democratic-Leaning Voters
Daily Kos has been a REAL downer lately, especially tonight. It's bad enough to listen to Halperin, et al. shout the latest depressing poll numbers AFTER they are released, we have Chris Bowers ...
teenvote 09/20/2010 17 22 - 67
I voted Delaware/New Hampshire/New York, Etc.
It's a big primary day (though most Dem candidates are not being challenged. In any evemt, did you vote? If so for who (and why). Did you become a Republican for a day just to support Christine O'...
teenvote 09/14/2010 39 15 - 51
LET US VOTE! A Movement Begins (Videos and Poll)
Millions of Americans won't be voting this year. It's not because they're dissatisfied with their choices. They want to vote but can't! Most work and pay taxes but have no say in the government ...
teenvote 05/15/2010 44 8 - 29
Official I Voted Thread (UK Edition) (with polls)!
Well it's that time again. Time for another exciting election. This time it's in the UK, so most of us will be on the sidelines. But I know we probably have dozens, if not hundreds, of Daily ...
teenvote 05/05/2010 30 27 - 35
KOS: Apologize to America's Third Graders!
I saw this headline earlier on the Daily Kos front page and was shocked (and more than a bit angry): " Third graders running RNC insult own donors" , written by none ...
teenvote 03/03/2010 56 3 - 18
I VOTED-  Illinois Primary
I voted this morning in Chicago at 6:20 am sharp. To say the polling place was empty was a massive understatement. When I arrived there was no line (and in fact no one in any of the 6 or 7 ...
teenvote 02/02/2010 41 17 - 45
Ed Schultz: A Populist in a Populist (Anti-Government) Year
Ed Schultz probably won't run for the Senate. He enjoyed being asked (who wouldn't) but I doubt he will give up his popular radio/tv show for the possibility of battling and probably losing to ...
teenvote 01/06/2010 9 1 - 9
January 1, 2020:  A Comprehensive Look at the 2010's
What an incredible decade it has been! Two crazy presidential elections, the first concrete evidence of life on another world, and a world championship pennant finally flies at a certain Chicago ...
teenvote 01/01/2010 15 6 - 66
This is the Civil Rights Act of 1960 People! With poll
It's February 1960. Six years after Brown v. Board of Education, more than four years after the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott. Congress is debating what could best be described as a woefully ...
teenvote 12/16/2009 36 15 1 61
One Day to Help a Small Non-Profit Win $25,000
The National Youth Rights Association , is a youth-led non-profit empowering young people to work in defense of their own civil rights. NYRA has been ...
teenvote 12/10/2009 1 1 - 48
Three Days to Help Non-Profits Win $25,000
For the last decade, I have been involved with a small non-profit, the National Youth Rights Association , is a youth-led ...
teenvote 12/07/2009 5 1 - 55
This Holiday Season Help a Small Non-Profit Earn $25,000
There are many large non-profits boasting millions of dollars in revenue serving thousands and thousands of constituents. There are also thousands of smaller non-profits fighting just to survive. I ...
teenvote 11/30/2009 3 8 - 39
What WILL Happen on Healthcare
Let me start by saying, I am a strong supporter of a robust public option (and would prefer single payer). Unfortunately, all sides have failed to some degree. 1. The White House (i.e., President ...
teenvote 11/23/2009 37 2 - 211
Health Insurance Question: Advice Needed
Hello. This is more than a question than a regular diary, so bear with me. I worked at a small law firm which was recently forced to lay off most of its attorneys. I got laid off and went on the ...
teenvote 11/02/2009 12 1 - 59
NO COUSIN OBAMA! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am huge fan of Barack Obama. I personally gave hundreds of dollars to his campaign, helped out with phone calls, in the Pennsylvania Primary, and helped get out the vote in Indiana(!) I have ...
teenvote 10/23/2009 35 6 - 132
Potential Primary Challenger for Blanche Lincoln (with poll)
Kossacks: Like most of you I am FURIOUS at Senator Blanche Lincoln's refusal to vote for any public option proposal despite the fact that 55% of voters in Arkansas support a public option.
teenvote 10/07/2009 13 14 - 159
Video Update: Three Year Old's Obama Worries
I have long been a strong Barack Obama supporter. So was my daughter. At 29 months she was proudly proclaiming Obama's victory. ((youtube TBGmjZKzIcc)) Then last Sunday, she surprised me with ...
teenvote 09/10/2009 12 5 - 40
Video- My Three Year Old's Obama Problems
Kossacks: I write to you as a concerned Obama supporter. While I still believe President Obama is moving the country forward, one member of my family is having serious doubts: My three year old ...
teenvote 09/07/2009 30 20 - 43
It's On: Teen Group versus West Palm Beach
It has been filed ! Today, a teen-led youth civil rights group filed suit against the City of West Palm Beach over its ...
teenvote 06/23/2009 8 14 - 62
Advice Needed: Youth Civil Rights Group to Challenge Teen Curfew
This Wednesday, teens in West Palm Beach, Florida will take a major step for youth civil liberties. The National Youth Rights Association (NYRA) Southeast ...
teenvote 06/22/2009 50 8 - 20
Illinois Elected Official to be Indicted? Who is it?
The Chicago Tribune is reporting what could be MAJOR news! The U.S. Attorney'...
teenvote 05/28/2009 29 3 - 85
The Next Civil Rights Movement and How You Can Help
Right now in America, a new civil rights struggle rises. Largely ignored by the main stream media, it has the same goals as most other civil rights movements: civil and political rights, self-...
teenvote 04/07/2009 25 6 1 16
March 2009:  The Great American Health Care Sit-Ins!
This month, it begins! As the subject moves to healthcare, the time is right to do PRECISELY what was done during the Civil Rights Movement: massive, peaceful, progressive sit-ins. Let's ...
teenvote 03/05/2009 8 5 1 8
East Chicago, Indiana Canvassing- FULL OF HOPE!
Saturday, I canvassed with my wife, mother in law and daughter (well my daughter didn't really canvass, just climbing the stairs and picking up sticks (but she is two!). Below is brief look at what ...
teenvote 11/03/2008 9 8 - 1
Political Baby SPEAKS (Videos)
It's late night, so let's move away from the serious political pieces for a bit. My 29 month old daughter has something to say. Yeah, she knows her ABCS and can count pretty well. But her real ...
teenvote 10/28/2008 13 7 1 43
North Carolina- The Democratic Registration Trend Intensifies
North Carolina is early voting AND Still registering new voters. Although the registration deadline was October 10 for regular registration, voters who vote during early voting can register when ...
teenvote 10/18/2008 16 17 - 160
Obama Fest '08: Major Obama Music Fest in Virtual World Second Life
Check this out Kossacks!!!! This weekend, the pro-Obama community is putting on a major music festival in the virtual world Second Life! Second Life is a virtual world over over one million ...
teenvote 09/26/2008 6 8 1 155
Cubs Go for Clincher TODAY!; And Obama Polling Gain Continues!
Doubly good news! Barack Obama has taken a 6 point lead in Gallup Polling! He now leads McCain 50%-44%. That 50% threshhold is huge! Obama now leads by 1 point in Rasmussen and 8 points in ...
teenvote 09/20/2008 35 3 - -
Historic: (Video) Teens Film First Ad to Lower Voting Age
15 and 16 year old high school students filmed what will be the first tv ad EVER in support of lowering the voting age to 16. The students are members of the National Youth Rights Association's ("...
teenvote 09/13/2008 80 14 1 136
How can we best use the lipstick on a pig crap to HELP Obama? Simple-- allow real people personally dealing with the SERIOUS problems facing our country to speak about those problems and compare (...
teenvote 09/11/2008 14 5 - 9
Game Changer Time: Colin Powell, Where are You?
Obama needs to stop McCain's "Bounce" the best way possible, but making some exciting news of his own. Something that will move the McCain-Palin junk right off of the front page. A major ...
teenvote 09/07/2008 29 4 - 3
Final Official VP Superspeculation Thread
Okay people. We may have less than 24 hours before Obama announces his pick. So let's get something started! I want to hear one or two people who you would MOST WANT to be named, one or ...
teenvote 08/19/2008 156 2 - 14
Where is Al Gore? NO DNC Speech? Or Maybe. . .
It astonishes me. Al Gore, the last Democrat to win the popular vote (who had the White House STOLEN from him) isn't given ANY DNC speech time. Al Gore, who had the courage (like Barack Obama) to ...
teenvote 08/16/2008 76 6 - 28
A GREAT Chuck Hagel Ad idea
Now we know Chuck Hagel "hasn't decided" yet who he is supporting for president. My take is if he hasn't decided yet, he will probably be voting for Obama. Could an endorsement be in the works, ...
teenvote 08/02/2008 41 5 - 4
Somone Explain-- Hillary's 2,731 Vote Lead?
I haven't been able to figure this out. According to Real Clear Politics, AFTER Puerto Rico, Obama has a lead of 24,586, COUNTING Florida, but NOT Michigan (Nor counting the Caucuses without ...
teenvote 06/02/2008 83 2 - 16
Obama Lesson Forgotten: PR, KY, WV
Let me start by saying I am a HUGE Obama supporter. I started supporting him as soon as he entered the race in early 2007. My previous diaries will attest to this. I made calls for him in Iowa, ...
teenvote 06/01/2008 134 7 1 19
Obama Does NOT Need OH, FL or PA to WIN!
Much of the assessment of the Obama campaign has been focused on where he stands in polls against McCain in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Recent polls show him leading in Pennsylvania and Ohio ...
teenvote 05/25/2008 49 5 1 19
Guam- I voted Thread!
Okay, all Guamians, report in. The polls opened at 6PM eastern and they will close at 6am Eastern. When did you vote? Is your polling place crowded? What was the turnout? Any linked exit polls?
teenvote 05/02/2008 468 239 9 21
Canvassing in Philly- Great Enthusiasm!
My wife, and I canvassed a Philadelphia neighborhood earlier this morning. It was a neighborhood in West Philadelphia, predominately African American. Here are my impressions. GREAT enthusiasm.
teenvote 04/22/2008 16 10 1 1
Philly Coffee Shop--Questions and Comments
Okay everyone. I got my lap top working in this coffee shop. Can't type long (battery low and have to meet my wife and daughter). We are down here for the next week and want to help! Here are ...
teenvote 04/20/2008 4 2 - 1
MADD Founder Denigrates Troops
This really angers me. Candy Lightner, founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) attacked the soldiers who are stuck fighting this appalling war. Criticizing efforts to lower the drinking age,
teenvote 04/13/2008 24 3 - 1
Media Blackout Over: WHAT HAPPENED?
Okay, okay, I couldn't go a week. As some of you know, last Friday night I announced a one week media blackout. I was so fed up with ...
teenvote 03/18/2008 17 1 - -
My One Week News Blackout
I am so tired-and upset-and depressed over this whole campaign. I don't want to hear ANYTHING about this for the next 7 days. Starting tomorrow, I will not be watching tv news, reading internet ...
teenvote 03/14/2008 15 2 - -
Obama March/Rally in Second Life Overcomes Disgusting Attacks
On Saturday March 1st, dozens of Obama supporters held a major march and rally. We survived serious attacks and emerged triumphant. But it was not easy. As we assembled to walk the 5 minutes ...
teenvote 03/03/2008 13 9 - -
No Obama Appearances After RI? Surprise Endorsement?
This is purely conjecture on my part. But I noticed that Obama has NOTHING on his schedule after the Rhode Island appearance at 12pm eastern. Maybe it's simply left out, and of course he needs ...
teenvote 03/01/2008 58 2 - 15
16 Point Obama Lead in CBS Poll!
The latest national poll is out from CBS. I know, I know, national polls don't mean anything at this time. But still, a 16 ...
teenvote 02/25/2008 40 34 1 17
Why Hillary WILL WIN Wisconsin, UNLESS....
Unfortunately for us Obama supporters, evidence points to a Clinton upset. Why? 1. Most polls show a very close margin (4-5 point Obama lead) with almost NO POLLING the last few dyas (late ...
teenvote 02/19/2008 23 34 - 19
The Hillary Effect- A You Tube Moment
Honestly, Hillary Clinton is not a bad person. Like Barack Obama, she wants to make America a better place. She just has an effect on some people. What sort of effect? Well, it's kind of hard ...
teenvote 02/16/2008 41 7 - -
BREAKING- Obama within 5 Points in Arizona
Rasmussen's latest poll has the margin at 46%-41%. He notes that Obama leads by 3 points among men but trails by trails by 11 points among women. He also notes an interesting difference in support ...
teenvote 02/02/2008 33 13 - 9
Contact 20 People NOW for Obama! W/ Poll
With the biggest primary day ever just 4 days away, Barack Obama is gaining support daily. The key now is to reach the undecided, the waivering, the leaners, and those who usually never vote. ...
teenvote 02/01/2008 2 4 - -
Hillary SILENT As Walmart Crushes Unions
Here's something I hope Senator Obama will highlight in tonight's debate. There is an excelletn ABC news article up at Essentially, during ...
teenvote 01/31/2008 16 20 - 33
5 Life Lessons from Mr. Unrecommended
Hi, you don't know me. My diaries stay up for all of 10 seconds. Four years writing diaries and not one recommended. But for what it's worth, here goes. After last night's stunning defeat, it ...
teenvote 01/09/2008 18 12 1 3
President McCain and How We Can Stop Him
Could our worst fears come true? When that small percentage of Iowans turn out next week, will they select the most beatable Democratic candidate? The Democrats look poised to win it all next year,
teenvote 12/29/2007 61 9 - 22
Even in Mississippi! Hope for Barack Obama
November 6, 2007 marked a historic moment in Mississippi politics. Despite a Republican landslide in the governor's race, a Democrat took an open Republican-held legislative seat with a commanding ...
teenvote 12/20/2007 13 16 - 5
Poll: Obama Trails Hillary by ONLY 5! (UPDATED!)
A New Hotline poll out today reports the following results: Hillary Clinton 35% Barack Obama 30% John Edwards 14% For more on this poll, go to
teenvote 12/18/2007 31 23 3 -
The Great American Healthcare Sit-ins of 2008
The lack of decent, quality, universal healthcare is our nation's central domestic problem. But what to do? Lobbying doesn't work, and even movies like Sicko, while helpful, fail to in themselves ...
teenvote 11/25/2007 10 7 - -
7 CRAZY 2008 Predictions (with Poll)
Below are seven crazy, off-the-wall predictions for 2008. Are they as nuts as I think? Or are they a surprisingly accurate assessment of the next year. Vote, comment and recommend (I'm still ...
teenvote 11/10/2007 36 15 1 37
Why Al Gore Won't Run- Four Simple Reasons
Kossacks: I am a huge Al Gore fan, and hope he makes the leap. A Gore/Obama ticket would be our party's strongest ticket in decades. But sadly, I don't think it's going to happen. Here's why. ...
teenvote 10/10/2007 110 20 - 5
Please Recommend- Blatant Racism on CTA Train
I had to write this down while I was still piping mad. I was on a CTA (Chicago's public transit system) Red Line train heading for downtown this morning. There is usually a security sweep at one ...
teenvote 09/11/2007 51 3 - 108
Question About Yearly Kos
I know a diary might not be the best way to ask this question, but I didn't find a clear answer on the FAQ page of the Yearlykos website. I signed up and paid for my ticket months ago. I haven't ...
teenvote 07/27/2007 8 2 - -
Virtual Obama (in Second Life) w/ Poll
The Obama for President movement isn't just spreading throughout America, it has entered into the online virtual world of Second Life. Second Life is a free-to-join virtual community of almost four ...
teenvote 02/17/2007 4 1 - 2
Another Reason to Root for Da Bears: Peyton Manning is a Huge Bush Backer, w/ Poll
While those of us in Chicago can root for the Bears out of mere city loyalty and team pride, there is another reason for those outside of the area: Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning is a big W backer.
teenvote 02/02/2007 47 6 - 184
Teenvote's Official Predictions (with and Without Fraud)
teenvote 11/06/2006 7 2 - -
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