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Obama to leave CO/WA alone re legalized pot
Here's another case where elections matter. In an interview with Barbara Walters this morning he said, "'It does not make sense from a prioritization point of view' to focus on drug use in states ...
thezzyzx 12/14/2012 12 6 - -
Washington United for Marriage declares victory After crunching numbers throughout the night, Washington United for Marriage (WUM), the broad coalition ...
thezzyzx 11/07/2012 3 - - -
Great OH early voting news from Nate
I've been worried about GotV since that's the one thing that could make the polls be off. Living on the West Coast makes it hard to volunteer. So seeing this tweet from Nate definitely was good: ...
thezzyzx 11/04/2012 25 22 1 -
IA early voting, are Republicans just outright lying?
On a Phish message board that's been partially taken over by conservative trolls for some reason, the following point has been made over and over today, "Democrats trail their 2008 numbers in ...
thezzyzx 11/03/2012 14 5 - -
Obama moves to 50-44 lead on Rand. 2 points of movement
The Rand model is weird so I don't know what to make of it, but there was movement in the first day of post debate information there. Yesterday, the race was 49.07 - 45.16 Obama, today it's moved ...
thezzyzx 10/18/2012 32 20 1 -
Romney lost the election yesterday - has Obama realised it yet?
Romney's comments about health care yesterday might have been more damaging than his 47% ones. If played right, this could be a huge hit for him. It's not just what he said was factually wrong - ...
thezzyzx 10/12/2012 8 23 - -
Massive pro-Obama movement in Gallup
Favorability went from 48/46 to 51/44. Head to head went from 49/47 to 50/45 which is huge in a 7 day poll, especially ...
thezzyzx 10/08/2012 8 4 - 222
Rasmussen debate surge retreating - back to a tie nationally, Obama UP in IA/CO for first times!
Don't panic just yet people - and by people I most definitely am including me. Romney's 2 point lead in Rasmussen has now vanished. It's a 48/48 tie. Moreover this sample still includes Friday ...
thezzyzx 10/08/2012 51 16 - 489
The polls are freaking me out, so I gave a donation
That's my advice to everyone who isn't happy with the movement in the polls right now. I live in a safe state and can't travel to help GotV more directly, but at least I can throw Obama a few ...
thezzyzx 10/06/2012 15 7 - 105
Massive swing in Gallup's Approval numbers today... in Obama's Favor
The Obama vs Romney numbers didn't change at all but the first day post debate saw a 6 point swing in Obama's favor. Yesterday he was at 50% approval, 44% disapproval, today the swing is 54/42. ...
thezzyzx 10/04/2012 20 7 - 216
I went to bed terrified, woke up much better.
At least last night, Romney did win the debate. Let's be honest there. Obama looked flat and Romney wasn't his weird robotic self. It was not fun to watch at all. However, there's one thing ...
thezzyzx 10/04/2012 19 11 - 196
Cancel that poll tightening panic - movement the right way in Gallup
Obama +1 approval -1 disapproval in Gallup today along with a similar +1 Obama -1 Romney swing. 48/45 approval 50/44 Obama v Romney. Now what are they going to ...
thezzyzx 10/02/2012 39 14 - 461
How bad are things for Romney? Obama leads on Unskewed Polls!
Seriously. I was looking for information to see how Rasmussen changed their party ID's for October and when I couldn't find that, I figured that at least I'd see how unskewed managed to unskew ...
thezzyzx 10/01/2012 16 28 - 319
Gallup tracker - 0 50/R 44 - Updated with responses from Free Republic
Wow, huge huge movement in the daily tracker, foreshadowed by the approval rating growing. What are Republicans going to be able to cling to if Gallup has a 6 point lead. 50 percent in the head to ...
thezzyzx 09/26/2012 10 19 - 441
Huge movement for Obama in Gallup today
Yesterday he was at 47/46 approval and was tied with Romney at 47. The approval rating moved drastically yesterday. It's now 51/43! There was a smaller movement in the horserace, but Obama gained ...
thezzyzx 09/23/2012 36 51 2 895
NBC/WSJ/Marist Polls - CO: 50/45, WI : 50/45, IA: 50/42 likely voters, Obama with those 50s
Another day, another set of great polls for Obama. I'd say it's almost getting boring, but that's a lie. Check out the favorability ratings for a good laugh :) Romney is under water. http://...
thezzyzx 09/20/2012 20 22 - 352
NBC/WSJ O - 50 R - 45 (likely) 50-44 (registered)
Short but sweet if you want some good news for the evening. The writeup is worth reading (other than the bit that begs us to pretend it's still a tie), as even on the economy Obama ties Romney. ...
thezzyzx 09/18/2012 48 31 1 735
Mitt Romney revealed his true plan as President: wish for miracles
Don't let the 47% or the Palestinians comments fool you. That's not the real news here. Romney revealed his governing strategy and it actually is to hope that everything just solves itself. Re ...
thezzyzx 09/18/2012 1 2 - 21
New NBC polls- VA O+5, FL O+5, OH O+7
First for some perspective, here's my only diary that ever made the rec list. It was from almost exactly 4 years ago today and it was for a series of polls that we would hate now: Florida: Obama 48,
thezzyzx 09/13/2012 108 94 1 1128
WA Equality, Pot Legalization up huge!
Sure it's good news that Inslee is up 5 points, but I've been wondering how the two big ballot measures were doing. Sure, it's still 7 weeks out, but if Survey USA's poll is accurate, November will ...
thezzyzx 09/12/2012 16 12 - 132
More good Gallup news
The new Gallup tracker is up but the site is liable to be swamped for a while, so here's the scoop: Approval +1, Disapproval -1 for a spread of +9, Romney -1 in the election for a spread of 7. ...
thezzyzx 09/12/2012 5 1 - 79
CNN sees bump too
The post convention CNN poll is up and Obama went from a tie with Romney at 48 to a 52-46 lead. Favorability is up too, with Obama at a pretty stunning 57%. For those worried about the jobs report,
thezzyzx 09/10/2012 16 19 1 195
Destroying Mitt Romney in one sentence
Romney really stepped in it this morning. When he said he would keep the "good parts" of Obamacare , he opened himself up to a new front that destroys what vague basis he has for his campaign. No,
thezzyzx 09/09/2012 16 15 1 328
And there's the Gallup bump
It started to look like there might be one yesterday but today is pretty huge. Obama's approval rating is now 52/43 and the one point lead we've had forever has moved to a 3 point one. Let's see ...
thezzyzx 09/07/2012 24 19 - 272
Gallup Daily Tracking boom for Obama
The ABC/Washington Post poll from a few weeks back with Obama at 49 percent approval was good news, but it ...
thezzyzx 12/26/2011 14 16 - 188
Legalizing pot in WA polling incredibly well!
There are two bills in the WA legislature right now. One would simply decriminalize marijuana, one would go even further and have it sold at state run liquor stores. Washington is a pretty split ...
thezzyzx 01/15/2010 23 18 - 42
WA R-71 extends lead! UPDATE 3- AP, Seattle Times call it (links)!!!!
The 4:30 King County drop just came in and it was a good one. Here's how things stood before it happened: Pro: 602,963 51.52 % Con 567,328 48.48 % That itself was making gay rights people ...
thezzyzx 11/05/2009 59 33 - 76
Don't politicize Yom Kippur!
I try to ignore Beck, really I do. Moreover, while a Jew, I'm not the most devout one ever. Still though, this ...
thezzyzx 09/21/2009 65 21 - 36
Red State revealed their true economic agenda today
Red State always thought of itself as the conservative answer to Daily Kos. The structure of diaries, recommended diaries, and front page articles is similar, the comment structure is similar, but ...
thezzyzx 02/12/2009 61 26 - 20
WA considers decriminalizing pot
This is what happens when you have a solid blue state. Controlling both branches of the legislature and the governor, bills like this can go through. From ...
thezzyzx 02/11/2009 146 55 6 28
Fun with Republicans and cherry picking polls
What can I say. I've been very annoyed with National Review's Campaign Spot. I don't have a problem with people supporting McCain as much as I couldn't handle the horrible arguments he was using. ...
thezzyzx 11/03/2008 3 2 - -
A NEW Rasmussen PA poll - Re-expanding lead! 52-46
What Rasmussen? A Friday poll of PA wasn't good enough for you. Let's repoll over the weekend! When I saw that I got nervous for a second. Obama's lead going from 7 to 4 in a week was kind of ...
thezzyzx 11/02/2008 176 39 3 17
Weighing by region...or why you shouldn't freak out by that one poll
Well I woke up way too early so I was curious about that wacky IDB poll and how they weighted their regions. The only way their numbers seemed possible is if the south was weighted well over 40% of ...
thezzyzx 10/24/2008 3 - - -
It's about narrative, not expectations
I know there's been a lot of hand wringing over the past few days about the Palin trap. The Republicans, goes the theory, decided to dig themselves a huge hole in the polls just so they could have ...
thezzyzx 10/02/2008 28 5 - 2
National Review: Palin should bow out
Wow, when you've lost the National Review crowd, you've lost everyone. They've been the last hold outs. ...
thezzyzx 09/26/2008 122 57 3 40
Interesting trends in the new CNN poll (O at 51!)
Yeah, yeah, there's the shiny 51% mark for Obama in both registered and ...
thezzyzx 09/22/2008 99 49 - 20
New CNN/Time state polls!  Lead in OH, tied in FL, close in NC!
Other than WI, these are pretty darn good results for Obama : Florida: Obama 48, McCain 48 Indiana: McCain 51, Obama 45 North Carolina: McCain 48, ...
thezzyzx 09/17/2008 495 299 5 61
McCain left himself open for a new attack
Seeing how my last idea (asking where McCain and Bush differ on the issues) has become part of Obama's stump speech, I ...
thezzyzx 09/10/2008 8 7 - -
Palin's Church - homosexuals can be "cured" by prayer
Palin’s Church Promoting Conversion of Gays to Heterosexuals Gov.
thezzyzx 09/06/2008 62 13 - -
Some optimism post RNC
So the RNC is over now. The Democratic convention gave Obama/Biden a 7-8 point bump that lasted, well it's still there. The fear is that the RNC will undercut it. I just don't see it. So far, ...
thezzyzx 09/05/2008 15 5 - -
The counterpunch the RNC left us
If you're like me, you found yesterday's RNC to be one of the most depressing political theaters ever. An entire party joined together to say that we don't stand for anything other than attacks on ...
thezzyzx 09/04/2008 25 12 - -
LA Times - Palin loved earmarks and McCain knew
Ah Sarah Palin the reformer. The woman who banned books as a mayor and respects young mothers so much that she slashed funding to help them as a governor. Yes she campaigned on the bridge to ...
thezzyzx 09/03/2008 9 17 - -
Palin slashed funds to help teen mothers
The joke about pro-lifers is that they only care about life when it's in the womb. Apparently Palin was one of those. She would take away your right to an abortion, but what would she do if you ...
thezzyzx 09/02/2008 57 106 - 23
We need a defining Palin ad ASAP
The real danger with Palin is that she's running as a stealth candidate. If you saw her Dayton speech you could see that she didn't want to talk about any issues. The conservatives already know ...
thezzyzx 08/30/2008 82 9 - -
Some thoughts on the conventions
Three days down, one to go, and so far it's looking pretty good. The Democrats had a few minefields to avoid in the convention - they had to defuse the infighting, get people excited for November, ...
thezzyzx 08/28/2008 4 2 - -
For those worried about yesterday
While I'm on the record as thinking that the speeches on the first day of the convention were perfect, an exercise in preemptively dismissing the attacks of the Republican Convention, a way of ...
thezzyzx 08/26/2008 23 3 - 4
More proof that they're out of touch
Check out this quote from the New York Post that's supposed to scare people from voting for Obama due to tax ...
thezzyzx 06/10/2008 20 5 - -
Democrats have a unique opportunity today
This diary was inspired by MSNBC breaking into their regular news cycle to cover a speech by Boxer/Schumer. It turned out not to be about the race but rather about an environmental issue that they ...
thezzyzx 06/03/2008 5 - - -
The 4 extra delegates are a smoke screen
The flip side to, "Why didn't Obama's team just give Clinton the 4 extra delegates?" is, "Why is Clinton's camp so hard over something that won't make the slightest difference in the race?" Four ...
thezzyzx 06/01/2008 30 14 - 19
Overloading my irony circuits
I've been accepting a lot from the Clinton camp. They self identify as fighters so you have to accept a lot of bizarre behavior. This though, is a new low. They'...
thezzyzx 05/22/2008 17 13 1 2
Obama can hit 2025 with no more superdelegate endorsements
OK, before going on, I should clarify that I'm separating add-on delegates from currently existing supers who haven't already pledged to anyone. At any rate, I just ran the numbers, and barring ...
thezzyzx 05/20/2008 41 20 - 14
Obama rally live thread - updated with video!
His town hall is streaming on . He's about to go into details about it now. Comments are below the fold, but you can ...
thezzyzx 05/16/2008 70 29 - 99
Why California's ruling is not going to kill us in November
Like most of you, my reaction to the ending of the same sex marriage ban was mixed. Most of me was excited than an obvious case of discrimination was struck down. A small part of me was still ...
thezzyzx 05/15/2008 49 11 - -
Huge split in the party might damage November's chances!
People have been talking about this for a while now, the party has some serious divisions which lead to normal supporters wondering if they can even vote for the standard bearer for President, let ...
thezzyzx 05/13/2008 16 13 - -
Why 2209 is a red herring
I know that 2209 is the new talking point, but if - as expected - Obama hits 2024 before the rules committee meets, 2209 isn't going to matter. Why? Once again it's math. In the first place, the ...
thezzyzx 05/12/2008 27 9 - -
We fell for it again + an idea on how to defuse MI (or at least have fun)
What was the common wisdom of the past 7 weeks? Obama would close, but not catch up. The media would spin it as a Clinton win for a few days. We'd then notice that she didn't really catch up and ...
thezzyzx 04/23/2008 11 2 - 3
Rendell sets his expectations
This is probably too short for a diary but if you're like me and trying to read any tea leaf out there, you might ...
thezzyzx 04/22/2008 64 3 - 15
Clinton's conference call shows it's close in PA
With that Drudge leak of her internal polls, I thought I'd read a live blog of her conference call on Talk Left . It doesn't look ...
thezzyzx 04/21/2008 73 10 - 29
Remaining superdelegates needed - 71. (Math Content) *Updated - alas my math was off*
I was running some numbers on MyDD today and I really saw how close we are to the end game. Even if you give Clinton some rather favorable assumptions, Obama only needs 40 of the unpledged non-add ...
thezzyzx 04/16/2008 21 16 - 15
It's the pre-election strategy... again
Yes, I myself have been guilty of freaking out over the last two days. I couldn't believe that we were going there, that something as silly as a slightly awkward word choice was going to somehow ...
thezzyzx 04/13/2008 2 3 - 2
Clinton's SD plan, even more uphill than the NYT claimed
In today's New York Times , there is a claim that Clinton is going to have a ...
thezzyzx 04/07/2008 22 18 2 9
Washington Legislative District Caucus open thread
I'm heading out in a few to go to the 46th District caucus. I'm not expecting any shenanigans but I'm bringing my camera (which records video) and my old copy of Robert's Rules of Order just in case.
thezzyzx 04/05/2008 21 10 - -
Strategic Vision also showing closing PA gap (a second new poll today)
Political Wire got an advance look . They have Clinton's lead at 8 points; ...
thezzyzx 04/03/2008 39 6 - 1
A donation for Oren
When I was in my freshman year of college, I was friends with Oren Bauman. He was the resident optimist in our group of friends. In a table full of people who are jaded in only the way that ...
thezzyzx 03/31/2008 3 4 - -
US News and World Distort predicts Clinton wins popular vote
OK, for the moment, let's ignore the fact that the popular vote metric is one that Clinton floated a few weeks ago because she was losing everywhere else. Let's ignore the fact that it under ...
thezzyzx 03/30/2008 46 8 - 8
Clinton's choice - the tide is turning after Leahy
Leahy's call for Clinton to bow out is just an opening shot. The grumbling has been getting louder and louder over ...
thezzyzx 03/28/2008 65 20 1 5
Don't burn bridges with Clinton supporters
You have to remember something, as much as we all love Obama, they love Clinton. They worked for her, donated money, and lived and died with the election results, just like we have. There's just ...
thezzyzx 03/27/2008 110 34 1 9
Clinton's new bizarre excuse
From the article where went after Wright , there's also this: On saying last week that she landed ...
thezzyzx 03/25/2008 41 17 1 4
Correct Kristol's lies in the NY Times! [Updated x 3]
In today's column Bill Kristol forgot to do his research. But Ronald Kessler, a ...
thezzyzx 03/17/2008 56 43 1 32
My Michigan revote fear and suggestion
With the Limbaugh games being played, Michigan not having party registrations, and absolutely nothing going on in the Republican side of things, I'm worried about the Michigan vote. How will they ...
thezzyzx 03/14/2008 6 - - -
Why the Florida mail revote won't happen [Updated]
First let me put my biases on the table. I've favored a revote for Florida and Michigan since the beginning of the process. It should have happened earlier, but Clinton was pushing for a solution ...
thezzyzx 03/13/2008 44 13 - -
We've moved to stage 3!
The Clintons have been spinning the "Dream Team" concept quite a bit over the last few weeks. Vote for Clinton and you'll get Obama too. Quite a few people have noticed that this contradicts ...
thezzyzx 03/11/2008 6 5 - -
Good news for Seattle sports fans!
Hillary Clinton has now been deemed commissioner of Major League Baseball and the National Football League. As a result, there have been a few changes in recent sports history that this Seattle fan ...
thezzyzx 03/06/2008 7 1 - -
Free (constructive) advice for both candidates
I woke up this morning full of gloom and doom, but in a sign of early Spring, the sky was getting light on my early drive into work and the Cascades were glowing out in the distance. Sure things ...
thezzyzx 03/05/2008 3 1 - -
Superdelegate Math with the Brokaw news
Suppose Tom Brokaw is right and Obama does indeed have 50 more Superdelegates ...
thezzyzx 03/04/2008 40 7 - 7
Hey, we wanted to be down right?
That's been the rallying cry for the last few weeks. Obama is down! Work hard. Well now he is down at least in two states. No one said that this was going to be easy. Still though, while it ...
thezzyzx 03/03/2008 10 3 - -
I just figured out the "hasn't been vetted" meme!
You know, I'm starting to understand the whole "Obama has not been vetted" meme. I can't figure out why it's so powerful when he's been running in a presidential primary for a year now. People ...
thezzyzx 02/28/2008 36 11 - -
Thank you Senator Clinton
Think back to a month ago. Most Democrats said the same thing, "I support [insert candidate name here] but I'd be willing to vote for anyone we run." A lot has happened since then. States were ...
thezzyzx 02/22/2008 45 24 - 10
Michigan and Florida proving Clinton isn't ready
For the last few weeks, Clinton has sent her supporters out to demand over and over again that these two primaries have their delegates seated exactly as if those were real elections. Never mind ...
thezzyzx 02/18/2008 24 3 - -
Book titles - the conservative tactic that I hate
thezzyzx 05/18/2006 19 7 1 7
Political Correctness, conservative style
thezzyzx 12/01/2005 3 2 - -
Bush defines victory in Iraq
thezzyzx 11/30/2005 11 3 - -
Congress and Morale
thezzyzx 11/19/2005 1 - - -
House Speaker says don't rebuild
thezzyzx 09/01/2005 10 3 - -
The real argument for private accounts?
thezzyzx 04/08/2005 13 5 - -
The hidden theocracy in the SotU
thezzyzx 02/03/2005 3 3 - -
Not as hopless for winning the south as it might look
thezzyzx 11/13/2004 21 4 - -
Historical perspective
thezzyzx 11/03/2004 3 - - -
The first sign of worrying from the right?
thezzyzx 11/01/2004 30 12 - 6
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