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Nellie Bly Message Still Prevalent Today
It's 2015 and still we hear Republicans describe a woman's role in society as "Barefoot and Pregnant". What is it that makes these right-wing people so afraid of a human females' advancement? Never ...
thinkingblue 05/05/2015 6 9 - -
SCOTUS, Learned Body or Kindergarteners?
Excerpt: In a telling moment at Tuesday’s Supreme Court arguments over same-sex marriage, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. suggested that he may have found a way to cast a vote in favor of the ...
thinkingblue 04/29/2015 9 3 - -
Yes, GOP News Is That Stupid!
Read All About It. GOP News of the Week! ...
thinkingblue 04/26/2015 24 96 - -
Who Pimps For Sheldon Adelson?
No one, he doesn't need a pimp, he has enough money that will buy anything but The Moon. (Maybe someday he'll even own that...) Thanks to SCOTUS, he can buy elections so that politicians win who ...
thinkingblue 04/25/2015 15 8 - -
Guard loses life After Shootout At Us Census Bureau
Another human being loses his life in a senseless shooting by a deranged person with a gun. Again, another notch in the bedpost of the NRA. How many more? ...
thinkingblue 04/10/2015 10 11 - -
Light-Skin Cops Become Judge, Jury and Executioners, At Whim
Please,say it isn't so... Another light-skin cop shoots an unarmed person with darker skin for no apparent reason except for the light-skin's anger. What the hell is going on? It appears, we are ...
thinkingblue 04/09/2015 6 3 - -
The Mike Pence Dog Won't Hunt
But that doesn't stop the Old Boy from broadcasting lies to save his Hate Law. The man undeniably HAS NO SHAME. ...
thinkingblue 03/31/2015 3 12 - -
Indiana's New Religious Law legalizing Discrimination
The Republicans are still trying to conceal their bigotry, this time (again) calling it Religious Freedom. What a joke they are… thinking people are so stupid that they could slip this act of ...
thinkingblue 03/29/2015 10 5 - -
The Concept of a Monolithic God
Did you ever wonder when a monolithic god was first conceived? This YouTube documentary delves into the ‘whys’ and ‘whens’ of the stories from the bible and the beginnings of a monolithic god.
thinkingblue 03/26/2015 15 7 - -
Phil Robertson, The Quintessential Nut, Barks Again
Is it possible that there are people who take this CHARLATAN, swindler, con-artist, cheat, con, fake, fraud, imposter, mountebank, phony, pretender, quack, sham, rip-off artist, (and they are just ...
thinkingblue 03/26/2015 18 11 - -
Religious Dogma Causes A Sadness Beyond Words
An unspeakable tragedy caused by religious dogma. All those young lives lost due to restraints a belief system can put on one’s common sense. I'm sure if anyone familiar with fire safety had gone ...
thinkingblue 03/23/2015 205 9 - -
GOP Budget, Out For Blood!
Who They Gonna Hurt? Like Any Carnivorous Animal, The Vulnerable. The GOP's unemotional and indifference towards the vulnerable in our society is blatant, they even, without restraint, shout it ...
thinkingblue 03/18/2015 2 2 - -
Nonbinding GOP Budget Plan CUTS, CUTS, CUTS Until WE Bleed To Death
An inquiring mind would like to know... Why does the GOP dislike hungry needy children, the elderly and the working poor? Why do they believe, only those at the top who managed to make it rich (...
thinkingblue 03/16/2015 8 4 - -
Bibi Netanyahu, Tea Party, Neocon or Both for Israel?
Bibi Netanyahu, Tea Party, Neocon or Both for Israel? A question most know the answer to. When I read an article like this, " On March 17, it will be a mitzvah to vote against Netanyahu the Toxic " ...
thinkingblue 03/11/2015 1 1 - -
47 GOP Members Send Treasonous Letter To Iran
The GOP Fifth Column is at it again... Why haven't they been arrested for TREASON? thinkingblue CLICK TO SEE ENTIRE ...
thinkingblue 03/10/2015 1 2 - -
50 Year Anniversary of Bloody Sunday Will Fix Voting Rights Act?
Could it happen? Could the GOP awake to a reality that has never seemed appealing to them and forsake their bigotries...? I hope so but I'm not holding my breath. ...
thinkingblue 03/09/2015 1 - - -
GOP Health Care Plan - Bad Meds
Excerpt: Last week's oral arguments suggested that Justice Antonin Scalia, at least, found this argument appealing. In what is destined to become the most famous exchange of the session, he asked ...
thinkingblue 03/07/2015 2 2 - -
Easy Pickens Under The Law.
So, you think you live in a free country... Better, think again if you are of low to no income... It appears anyone who lives on the edge, hanging on by his or her fingernails... is up for grabs by ...
thinkingblue 03/05/2015 2 10 - -
Boehner's Bomb!
Speaker Boehner's Fifth Column Tactics are damaging America's Image here and across the globe. When will we-the-thinking-people say... ENOUGH'S, ENOUGH? thinkingblue CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE ...
thinkingblue 03/02/2015 1 3 - -
911 Centers Outdated Technology Can't Always Locate Callers - Ending in Death
We have a real infrastructure vulnerability that many of us are not aware of… It’s a common belief that a 911 emergency call is infallible but now we find out, it is anything but, when your life ...
thinkingblue 02/28/2015 10 8 - -
Buyer Beware - Medical News We Should All "Be Aware" Of
CDC investigates deadly bacteria's link to doctors' offices By Elizabeth Cohen, Senior Medical Correspondent Updated 8:43 AM ET, Thu February 26, 2015 (CNN)The Centers for Disease Control is ...
thinkingblue 02/26/2015 8 12 - -
Bill O'Reilly Claims His War Stories Were Not Embellished- Ya Wanna Bet?
Of course, he would make such claims, he has lied and distorted his stories so abundantly over the years, he, himself believes them. ‘Tis a pity, that NBC saw fit to punish Brian Williams for ...
thinkingblue 02/23/2015 4 3 - -
Walmart Family Is the Unsurpassed Winner of the Gluttony Award
Walmart family worth 144.6 Billion Dollars is unsurpassed, the Greediest Human Beings to exist amongst us... How do these people live with themselves, is the 64 million dollar (chump change) question.
thinkingblue 02/21/2015 9 11 - -
John Boehner Spills the Beans on Fox About Netanyahu Invitation
UNBELIEVABLE! thinkingblue Boehner Blames Obama For His Plot With Netanyahu To Stab The President In The ...
thinkingblue 02/16/2015 7 14 - -
Oh Boy, Not 10 Commandment Roy (Moore) Again!
Read More Here: Why do ...
thinkingblue 02/10/2015 3 2 - -
President Obama Dared To Compare ISIS To Christian Crusaders
EXCERPT From "After President Obama’s remarks comparing ISIS militants to medieval Christian crusaders ignited a firestorm of criticism on Thursday, ABC News wanted to know: how ...
thinkingblue 02/07/2015 10 3 - -
Are Atheist Parents Doing A Better Job?
Excerpt: "So how does the raising of upstanding, moral children work without prayers at mealtimes and morality lessons at Sunday school? Quite well, it seems. Far from being dysfunctional, ...
thinkingblue 02/05/2015 108 74 1 -
The Spreading of Bigotry and Hate Via Facebook
I saw this little composition (below image) on Facebook today and at first, I thought it an honoring of someone who valiantly saved lives during his tour in Viet Nam. Upon a second look, however, it ...
thinkingblue 02/02/2015 6 9 - -
Bill Maher On American -Neocon- Sniper
Bill Maher's Critique and Matt Taibbi's article hits the nail right smack dab on the knucklehead.
thinkingblue 01/24/2015 31 14 - -
The "American -Neocon- Sniper" Movie
I didn’t want to see the movie The American Sniper (which should have been called The American Neocon Sniper) but again, my curiosity was piqued, after seeing the throngs of Southern moviegoers (I ...
thinkingblue 01/23/2015 17 9 - -
Simple Questions To Ask Yourself In 2015
By ...
thinkingblue 01/21/2015 2 2 - -
Serpico (remember him?) Comes Out of Obscurity To Fight For Justice
thinkingblue 01/20/2015 4 16 1 -
Madness 101 - ISIS Terrorists Executing Pigeon Breeders and Pigeons
When I saw this headline, ISIS Executes Pigeon and Bird Breeders in Diyala, Iraq , I thought to myself, SAY WHAT, NO… I’m not going to go there, it’s getting too asinine for anyone to try to ...
thinkingblue 01/17/2015 14 5 - -
With One Full Sweep of the Tongue, Pope Francis Punches Us Back to the Dark Ages
Charlie Hebdo attack: Friendly 'punch' of Pope Francis needs a counter and here's why Pope Francis, widely acknowledged as one of the most progressive popes in recent times, appears to have joined ...
thinkingblue 01/16/2015 19 11 - -
Pocketful of Madness, Using Kids As Human Bombs and Executioners
The pocketful of Terrorists is now trying to reach new heights in their quest to horrify and petrify. They just can’t seem to go far enough in their maniacal attempts for attention by killing, ...
thinkingblue 01/14/2015 7 2 - -
Free Community College For All, Not If the Republicans Have Any Say
Would anyone like to wager a bet on how long it will take Republicans to nip this wonderful we-the-people idea in the bud? There is no way Republicans would pass such a bill, college and higher ...
thinkingblue 01/09/2015 20 3 - -
Charlie Hebdo - I Am Charlie!
thinkingblue :'( From This Site:
thinkingblue 01/08/2015 7 2 - -
GOP SNAP Dragons
Those old, angry, white Republican guys are at it again. They just can’t control their worst instincts. They see a black face, they go nuts. They see a way to step on the faces of the poor and ...
thinkingblue 01/05/2015 7 6 - -
Fox News Is OFF the Air and the Foul Odor of Deception has Ceased
The demagogues have taken a break over at Fox News due to not wanting to pay to spread their hate and I hope for the sake of truth this remains a reality. Truth? A word Fox News has rendered useless.
thinkingblue 01/03/2015 296 318 2 -
R's Haven't A Clue About 'Peace On Earth Goodwill Toward Humankind'
Not even the holidays will deter the spreading of hate by Republicans (and Fox News) who capitalize on the sorrow and tragedy of others. They have no notion of the words “Peace on Earth Goodwill ...
thinkingblue 12/23/2014 5 2 - -
Another Propaganda 'Tit for Tat' From Fox News Well, here we go again... FOX NEWS stirring up white hatred ...
thinkingblue 12/21/2014 11 9 - -
Are 'Iran, China and Russia, OH MY' All Part of the Sony Hack Job?
It looks like George W Bush's "Axis of Evil" is winning after all. With Sony, sticking its head in the sand and caving to the hackers’ demands, thus strengthening the hacking department of all ...
thinkingblue 12/19/2014 6 - - -
Tamir Rice, Michael Brown & Eric Garner Protests, Canadians Ask, Nothing New, Why Now?
Who better to ask about the injustices in our Nation than someone who lives outside of it? This article “ Ask An American: Explaining Ferguson, Eric Garner And Tamir Rice To Canadians ” has come ...
thinkingblue 12/10/2014 4 5 - -
Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner Is Your Son Next?
Video Published on Dec 6, 2014 I hope all these peaceful demonstrations will help make it safer for young black males to walk the streets of so-called ...
thinkingblue 12/06/2014 4 5 - -
Another Notch In The NRA Belt
(Sons bear the sins of the fathers) In this case, the children bear the pain of an imbecilic, gun crazy, NRA society... How many more must die before we stop allowing the lobbies of the NRA to push ...
thinkingblue 11/28/2014 41 23 - -
How Mitch McConnell Shamefully Cows to the Ignorant Ones in His Party
NPR's FRESH AIR Excerpt: On how McConnell embodies the changes in the Republican Party over the past 30 years McConnell, to me, embodies two things in politics today: One is the transformation ...
thinkingblue 11/21/2014 1 1 - -
For Healthcare I Want The Republican Plan - GET SICK AND DIE!
Top Health News for November 20, 2014: FDA Adds Diabetes and Memory Loss Warnings to Popular Statin Drugs First, the Corporate Personhood puts Trans Fat in all our foods. Then the Pharmaceutical ...
thinkingblue 11/20/2014 8 4 - -
A Capitalistic Gizmo That Diminishes Freedom, Saves A Life
Each day, with a strong cup of wakeup elixir, I scan the headlines for an important news item to share with facebook friends and family, one that might spark an ‘over the fence’ dialog. (...
thinkingblue 11/19/2014 1 4 - -
It Looks Like Paul Ryan Has Won After All!
Ryan Budget Debate Takes New Turn After Republican Takeover Thanks to all those liberal ...
thinkingblue 11/15/2014 13 8 - -
Space Exploration Anew - Rosetta/Philae ESA Project of Nov. 2014
thinkingblue 11/12/2014 24 17 1 -
Who Knew? Feeding Hungry, Homeless People Is Against The Law
In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida that is... This short video tells of an insane ordinance the city council of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, saw fit to pass; making it an arrestable offence if you dare to give ...
thinkingblue 11/10/2014 9 6 - -
A Sunday Go To Meeting Video Of Enlightenment
How pathetic America has become... This past election proves that there are too many people who claim citizenship here, who have not evolved ...
thinkingblue 11/09/2014 1 - - -
Koch Brother Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You
Election Over So today's The Day, The Koch Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You. ...
thinkingblue 11/05/2014 3 - - -
Election Day Question
Is Our Democracy For Sale To The Highest Bidder? You BETCHA! Please watch this video if you need to learn more. ...
thinkingblue 11/04/2014 1 - - -
Woman Uses Oregon's Death with Dignity Act
When are we as a society going to vote for people who will not put religion out there (in our face) as an actual ‘law of physics’ belief system? Religion should play no part in how people live ...
thinkingblue 11/03/2014 11 11 - -
No Politicking In Space
The explosion of the Antares rocket, that was on its way to the ISS to deliver needed supplies to the astronauts working there, 205 miles up, was a devastating reality blow to space exploration and ...
thinkingblue 11/03/2014 2 1 - -
Ebola Humanitarian Healthcare Workers Treated Worse Than The Virus Itself
When, NJ Gov. Chris Christie and NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo sat side by side during a televised news conference, agreeing (with politicking egg all over their faces) how they ...
thinkingblue 10/27/2014 4 6 - -
Rick Scott's Death Penalty... Just Another Annoying Law That Interferes With His Politicking
Scott delayed an execution for, POLITICAL PURPOSES, prolonging the suffering of another human being who knew he was about to be put to death... It can't get much worse than that in a democracy. I ...
thinkingblue 10/22/2014 1 2 - -
Human Beings, A Virus With Shoes
Read More Here: Lab Worker On Cruise Tests Negative For Ebola After coming across this unbelievably astonishing news item today,
thinkingblue 10/19/2014 3 2 - -
Open Carry Ice Cream Cones NOT ALLOWED, Open Carry Guns WELCOMED in Kruger's Supermarkets
More Here: In these ...
thinkingblue 10/17/2014 15 10 - -
Before You Watch Fox News, Arm Yourself With Ebola Facts
More Here: Diagnosis and Cure, All You Need To Know About Ebola Virus Outbreak Fox News is jumping for joy over the Ebola outbreak. No joke, it'
thinkingblue 10/16/2014 10 10 - -
Religious Hypocrisy To The Highest Sanctimonious Degree!
This article ' Bishops say gays have gifts to offer church ', hit me hard, with hypocrisy TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE… Now I realize that most human beings become hypocrites from time to time (some, all ...
thinkingblue 10/13/2014 12 4 - -
The Shame of Belonging to a Political Party of Dirty Tricks
If I belonged to a party that used dirty tricks like, passing laws to make it harder for the huddled masses to vote, (or suppress their votes altogether, therefore attempting to dismantle Democracy) ...
thinkingblue 10/10/2014 6 7 - -
Facts You Wished You Knew About Ebola But Was Afraid To Ask
We should all educate ourselves as to what this Ebola outbreak is all about... Ignorance is not bliss! ...
thinkingblue 10/03/2014 5 5 - -
Reverend Asshole Of Lake City, Florida
The hateful tirade of excrement (below newspaper article) coming from the sociopathic mind of Reverend Huge (Asshole) Sherrill of Lake City, Florida, is what is wrong, majorly wrong, with religion. ...
thinkingblue 09/26/2014 16 6 - -
Live Beyond Age 75, Maybe, Maybe Not...
( INTERESTING ARTICLE By Ezekiel Emanuel ) This guy (Ezekiel Emanuel) knows what he's talking about in my opinion (sort of) but given that he's 57 years of age right now, I'll bet anything he will ...
thinkingblue 09/24/2014 14 1 - -
Please Let Me Live In Rick Scott's Florida
CLICK HERE FOR MORE This article is the closest I've come to the feelings I get when I watch Rick Scott's Political Ads. Actually, I feel like throwing up, but ...
thinkingblue 09/23/2014 4 14 - -
Justin Bieber and Rick Scott, 2 Peas in a Pod
What Does Gov. Rick Scott and Justin Bieber Have in Common? They both think they’re God’s Gift to America. thinkingblue WATCH VIDEO:
thinkingblue 09/23/2014 4 2 - -
Move Over East Germany (Stasi), Americans Are Now the Most Spied Upon
MORE HERE: Pour a bucket of Ice Water over that paranoia, we ...
thinkingblue 09/12/2014 8 3 - -
Words of Wisdom From 80 Somethings.
I subscribed to a terrific BlogSpot ( Margaret and Helen Wordpress Blog ) some time ago and never received a post in my email, until today. Actually I had forgotten how unabashedly candid these gals ...
thinkingblue 09/10/2014 6 11 - -
The Invisible Ones
No one knew about Maria Fernandes' struggle to survive in the harsh reality of a conservative ideological stronghold on the subconscious of America’s hoi-polloi. Since Ronald Reagan’s’ Boot ...
thinkingblue 09/06/2014 4 16 1 -
Thar’s Some Big Bucks In Them Dollars
Yes, thar’s Big Bucks in them dollars but not for those of us who BUY all The Corporate-Personhood's crap that’s made in the slave labor camps of China and elsewhere! This article should have ...
thinkingblue 09/02/2014 1 - - -
Thar’s Some Big Bucks In Them Dollars
Yes, thar’s Big Bucks in them dollars but not for those of us who BUY all The Corporate-Personhood's crap that’s made in the slave labor camps of China and elsewhere! This article should have ...
thinkingblue 09/02/2014 1 - - -
Hey Republican Voters, Listen Up!
Ignorance Is NOT Bliss! thinkingblue Please click image to see it in it's entirety. EXCERPT: The common theme in keeping their citizens ignorant and uninformed is pandering to voters’
thinkingblue 08/31/2014 15 4 - -
Rick Perry's Bad Memory
Rick Perry'€™s memory is so bad... How bad is it? It'€™s so bad he couldn't remember the two-count felony indictment filed by a grand jury against him. I wonder why that is, maybe it'€™s ...
thinkingblue 08/30/2014 9 4 - -
Republicans and the "Weaker Sex"
This article, even if it is from WONKETTE, is the best depiction of how Republicans view the nature of womanhood… “Not too bright and a bit too rebellious. Who should listen to their man instead ...
thinkingblue 08/29/2014 4 8 - -
9 Year Old Learns How To Shoot Uzi Learns How To Kill.
Today's NRA mentality is that guns/lethal weapons are toys to be played with... without any respect whatsoever as to what they were manufactured for... KILLING! What a sad story… thinkingblue ...
thinkingblue 08/27/2014 27 8 - -
Can the NRA Get Any More Despicable?
Of course, they can and will... Disgusting! thinkingblue MORE HERE:
thinkingblue 08/26/2014 12 14 - -
ISIS - Terrorists Or Just Plain Idiots
ISIS, what a bunch of idiots this modern day Barbarous Genghis Khan group of thugs is. Do they really believe that using modern technology (a video camera) to record an unspeakable act of cruelty ...
thinkingblue 08/20/2014 40 4 - -
Daughter's Tribute to Robin Williams
Excerpt: Zelda Williams, Robin's daughter wrote a profound public response to her father's death on social media which blew me away. I am saddened and outraged that she has now had to delete her ...
thinkingblue 08/15/2014 3 29 - -
Genghis Khan And Isis
Centuries apart they are one and the same. History repeating itself. What the victims of Isis are put through is horror beyond imagination. Isis must be stopped, not for Iraq, not for America but ...
thinkingblue 08/14/2014 6 - - -
Ferguson Missouri, Underground Jim Crow Laws
Now there's another "Not One More"? Not One More innocent young black person will be executed at the hands of police (or any bigot using a Stand Your Ground law). The double standard of laws for ...
thinkingblue 08/13/2014 6 2 - -
How Fake Can Fox News Get?
Of the 10 trending topics on Twitter right now, seven of them concern Robin Williams. It’s an interesting look at the work people all over the Interwebs associate with the comedic genius, ...
thinkingblue 08/12/2014 11 4 - -
Sarah Palin Doing Stand-up, I Think?
I don't know what she is aiming for with her incoherent dialog but it is something to watch... Something very pathetic, that is. ...
thinkingblue 08/11/2014 21 2 - -
NRA's Latest Marketing Group - Guns For Blind People
How cruel is this…? They know if a person has the physical human handicap of total blindness they would never be able to secure a weapons permit, just as a (total) blind person would probably not ...
thinkingblue 08/08/2014 13 5 - -
War On Whites? It Can't Get Any More Outrageous Than This!
Oh who am I kidding of course it can. This is so outrageous, I shouldn't even mention it... but unless the tea party stops watching only Fox News... this outrage will continue and these hypocrites ...
thinkingblue 08/07/2014 6 6 - -
The Empathetic Animal We Could All Become
I wish the whole population of the world could watch this video. ...
thinkingblue 08/05/2014 2 7 - -
War huh yeah, What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing, say it again y'all War, huh good God What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, listen to me Oh, war, I despise 'Cause it means destruction of innocent lives War means tears ...
thinkingblue 08/03/2014 3 3 - -
Picture Says More Than A Thousand Words
More From David Harris-...
thinkingblue 08/01/2014 1 18 - -
The Fallout From The Unnecessary Iraq War Still Going...
The below article is a very interesting read about an incident Jesse Ventura experienced when he vocalized his displeasure with the Iraq War and was punched in the face. During the Bush/Cheney ...
thinkingblue 07/31/2014 3 2 - -
Hidden Slaves, In The Land of Plenty
In the "New America", (courtesy of the GOP) many ordinary people don't only "Grin N Bear" their slavery, they also vote to increase this Fact, not only harming themselves but also destroying the ...
thinkingblue 07/29/2014 3 15 1 -
The Man Who Refuses To Hate
If only all humans could rise to a level of dignity that's within this one man... We would cease to have wars. Please read the brief article about a doctor who refuses to hate, it will render you to ...
thinkingblue 07/19/2014 3 10 1 -
The Men Behind The Scene, of Israel-Hamas Bloody War
playing chess with people's lives. Don't you wonder why Israel and Hamas are playing the same game that kills many and accomplishes little? What's it all about? Behind the scenes is just your ...
thinkingblue 07/14/2014 16 5 - -
For The Immigrant Children, It's A Fight To Stay Alive
Many of the undocumented children, who cross the borders into the US, die before stepping one foot in America. I can’t help but wonder if the hateful (Tea Party) protesters who stopped the buses ...
thinkingblue 07/10/2014 22 9 - -
Supreme Feud - Religion vs. Reality
Supreme Court taking us for a ride back in time. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide No escape from reality... (Bohemian Rhapsody) Written by Freddie Mercury. Sung ...
thinkingblue 07/07/2014 3 4 - -
How Dare the Tea Party Use Our American Flag to Spread Hate!
Murrieta Ca. Fourth of July, hateful Tea Party members await the arrival of buses full of immigrant children, to scorn and reject their existence on this planet but to their (bigoted) dismay, the ...
thinkingblue 07/06/2014 9 15 - -
Tea Party Members Stop Buses Full of Immigrant Children
I'll bet EVERY damn ONE of these hateful protesters identifies with the Tea Party... They have no compassion not even for children, they feel no mercy, they have no shame, and I will wager that they ...
thinkingblue 07/02/2014 15 7 1 -
SCOTUS Pushes America One Step Closer Towards A Theocracy
SO WHAT ELSE IS FREAKING NEW? The 5 political right-wing justices strike again, dismantling our Democracy one section at a time, driving our Republic towards a theocracy. Forgive them; they know ...
thinkingblue 06/30/2014 6 3 - -
Colorado Pot Update (Surprise, Surprise)
It's time to bring sense into the world of pain and suffering... Big Pharma and its lobbies have had a grip on our collective consciousness for way to long. To those who perpetuate the defunct WAR ...
thinkingblue 06/28/2014 99 192 3 -
Are We Guinea Pigs For Big Pharma Drug Testing?
It appears, according to TV commercials, that there is a Miracle Drug for everything, and I mean ANYTHING that ails you. Forget about the Snake Oil salesmen of the past, doctor's today don't have ...
thinkingblue 06/26/2014 12 1 - -
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