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Dear Elizabeth Warren, please run for President
I just read today that Hillary Clinton is getting ready to make an announcement. Everyone anticipates that she will be expressing her desire to be the Democratic nominee for president very soon. My ...
truthseeking missile 12/30/2014 33 9 - -
Why Obamacare won't shield you from massive medical bills
I had a rude awakening recently when I visited the emergency room with an excruciating stomach ache. I could hardly walk and required morphine to stop my pain. Little did I know the pain from that ...
truthseeking missile 07/14/2014 65 15 - -
Monica Lewinsky should not be silenced or shamed
A bevy of so called pundits have jumped on the media carousel shouting at former White House intern Monica Lewinsky to just shut up and go away already. Monica's recent interview with Vanity Fair ...
truthseeking missile 05/09/2014 32 10 1 -
Why is Justin Bieber escaping harsh penalities for his crimes?
Justin Bieber's criminal behavior is proving to be a test for prosecutors in Los Angeles who are under pressure to hand out another serving of celebrity justice. He has been implicated in a string ...
truthseeking missile 03/19/2014 23 3 - -
'Medical ethicists' quiet about brain dead pregnant mothers on life support in Texas
A chorus of 'learned' medical ethicists have been making the media rounds to blast the anguished family of brain dead teen Jahi McMath after a horrific tragedy following what they assumed was a ...
truthseeking missile 01/07/2014 43 18 - -
Does anyone care about the plight of green card holders?
In recent days immigration advocates have been vociferously championing the cause of allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the country and fighting for the reunification of their families. I think ...
truthseeking missile 12/17/2013 25 4 - -
Georgia Insurance Commissioner hopes Obamacare website 'implodes'
Georgia's Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens, in a statement to local television station Channel 2 Action news tonight, said he hopes the Obamacare website 'implodes.' The state had previously ...
truthseeking missile 10/28/2013 8 10 1 -
Public Unaware of Dangers of da Vinci Robotic Surgery
Hailed as the latest breakthrough in virtually scarless, minimally invasive surgery, da Vinci robotic surgery devices were adapted from systems used in war torn areas and manufactured by Wall Street ...
truthseeking missile 02/06/2013 16 10 - -
Schools abusing kids by banning recess
I have been engaged in an epic battle with my child's school for the past two years because they have adopted the nonsensical and illogical policy of banning recess. I could understand, to some ...
truthseeking missile 12/31/2012 24 22 - -
Revenge of the CEOs coming to a workplace near you
The CEOs of America are banding together to ensure that the voters feel their wrath for rejecting their preferred presidential candidate Mitt Romney with the billions accrued from tax cuts and ...
truthseeking missile 11/15/2012 16 12 - -
Walmart, Amex to shake up banking industry with 'no overdraft fee' service
Walmart and American Express will be rocking the foundation of the banking sector with the new Bluebird banking service, scheduled to begin next week. They are promising not to charge overdraft fees,
truthseeking missile 10/09/2012 12 4 - 128
Uproar over Canada's proposed 'one strike and you're out' deportation law
Canada is fast tracking a law that will allow for the deportation of permanent residents who serve sentences for crimes of six months or longer. The Bill C-43 'The Faster Removal of Foreign ...
truthseeking missile 10/01/2012 19 11 - 165
Draconian Gwinnett County School System exposed after denying teacher with dying wife time off
When I heard the news that Hannah Rinehart had died and the Gwinnett County school district denied her bereaved husband permission to spend her final days with her, I was dismayed but not surprised. ...
truthseeking missile 09/06/2012 94 94 - 1085
On Paul Ryan's plantation ideology trumps truth
Never before has a political campaign for the world’s most prestigious position been so riddled with lies, distortions, and misinformation with a bold faced disregard for facts. The American ...
truthseeking missile 08/31/2012 1 - - 17
Warning: Home rental scammers running rampant on Craigslist
Now that home prices have rolled to rock bottom in many areas of the country, banks, investors and greedy fortune seekers are looking to exploit the large pool of renters and displaced homeowners ...
truthseeking missile 04/04/2012 35 18 1 243
Banks, credit card companies setting up good customers to default
A number of credit card holders have been finding that their banks have dramatically altered their carefully managed financial affairs, often without warning. One card holder relayed the following ...
truthseeking missile 02/11/2012 227 259 3 1879
Iphone: symbol of modern day slavery
If you own an iPhone, I'm pretty sure you and your phone have become inseparable. The applications have no doubt mesmerized you with the speed at which you can connect to media, music and information.
truthseeking missile 01/22/2012 9 8 - 119
Wasserman Schultz confronts rude David Gregory on Hardball
Remember the old days when so called political pundits and analysts from right and left were challenged by tough, uncompromising journalists? This has become a rare phenomenon on news cable shows. ...
truthseeking missile 01/03/2012 245 386 4 4464
Bank Fee Watch: Wells Fargo to charge for peer-to-peer money transfers
As banks continue to ravenously hunt for sources of new revenue to feed the profit and bonus hungry monsters on Wall Streets, they have hit upon a gold mine. Wells Fargo recently updated changes to ...
truthseeking missile 11/23/2011 68 16 - 250
Occupy Atlanta Finds New Home at Homeless Shelter (updated)
In a surprise development, the Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that Occupy Atlanta has found a new home at the homeless shelter at Peachtree and Pine streets run by the Metro Atlanta Task ...
truthseeking missile 10/30/2011 5 14 1 67
Members of Congress asking Justice Department to Probe Banks Over Debit Fees
The Associated Press is reporting that Members of Congress are asking the Justice Department to investigate whether Bank of America and other major banks improperly worked together to charge ...
truthseeking missile 10/13/2011 12 6 - 80
Cornel's West's Black Rage as Unhinged as White Hate
With allies like Cornell West and his apostle Tavis Smiley, President Barack Obama may be able to sleep more comfortably in a den of birthers. Those Negroes have lost their damned minds. The ...
truthseeking missile 05/24/2011 111 19 2 322
Fox News blasts Obama on race relations? They've got some nerve.
Exuse me while I barf, but Fox News' latest installment in their non stop race baiting news agenda is a poll about Obama's handling of race relations. Naturally, 37 percent of respondents believe ...
truthseeking missile 07/30/2010 5 8 - 25
Love Obama but I know why his supporters are pissed
Democrats won a massive electoral victory with a promise to bring change. Now close to two years later, the preference is for 'incremental' change. By that, Democrats mean that the banks continue to ...
truthseeking missile 07/28/2010 77 9 - 39
News networks now modern day perpetrators of hate
The hurried and unjust decision by the United States Department of Agriculture to dismiss a mid-level employee, Shirley Sherrod for comments made during an NAACP speech is a blatant and egregious ...
truthseeking missile 07/24/2010 12 9 - 31
Does Daily Kos give online firms your IP address to spy on you
Have you ever visited Daily Kos and wondered why an advertisement for the exact same item you were viewing on another site suddenly appeared on their home page? Is it a coincidence that an ad on the ...
truthseeking missile 04/19/2010 60 4 - 31
More voters to chooses Republicans in November - Quinnipiac
A new Quinnipiac Poll has Republicans leading ahead of November's midterm elections. It appears that the Republican strategy of doing nothing but obstruct is working exceedingly well. Given these ...
truthseeking missile 03/24/2010 27 - - 26
Obama to ban foreclosures before HAMP review?
Should homeowners facing the onslaught of foreclosures be optimistic at the news that Obama is contemplating a ban on foreclosures before lenders evaluate them for a loan modification? So many ...
truthseeking missile 02/25/2010 31 7 - 15
Obama, Your People Are Hurting
Dear President Obama, As the walls of Haiti lay in ruins, so too are the hopes of the American people. When you ran for office, you made us believe once again in the American Dream. We latched on ...
truthseeking missile 01/21/2010 20 4 - 7
Senate now running the US
After billions of dollars were donated and spent and Americans volunteered countless hours canvassing and voting for Barack Obama, the Senate is now the de facto White House. Ignoring the will of ...
truthseeking missile 12/27/2009 70 5 - 45
Beautiful statue of young Obama unveiled in Indonesia
A breathtakingly beautiful statue of a young Obama was unveiled in Jakarta, Indonesia yesterday on the eve of the American President's receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize. The little boy, a replica ...
truthseeking missile 12/10/2009 31 6 - 26
Foreclosures won't subside without one year moratorium
The Obama administration is ready to ramp up its program to modify mortgages to stem foreclosures. It sounds great on paper, but this program will continue to be an epic failure for one simple reason:
truthseeking missile 11/29/2009 18 4 - 27
Did Daily Kos endorse Scozzafava?
This morning I nearly brought up my breakfast when Former RNC Chairman and Bush Advisor Ed Gillespie, proudly declared on ABC'S This Week that Daily Kos had endorsed Dede Scozzafava. She recently ...
truthseeking missile 11/01/2009 38 6 - 24
Will news networks lead with Lieberman filibuster?
I think they will. The media loves a fight - the bloodier the better. Yesterday when Harry Reid announced that he would be including a public option in the healthcare bill, the media yawned. Now ...
truthseeking missile 10/27/2009 18 1 - 47
Fox touting media revolt against White House - False! - Updated
The Huffington Post is reporting that White House attempts to block Fox News from a round of interviews with "pay czar" Kenneth Feinberg Thursday, triggered a revolt among the press core. ...
truthseeking missile 10/23/2009 89 9 - 25
Obama cool while haters burn over Nobel Prize
What did President Barack Hussein Obama do to deserve this tsunami of negative talk from conservatives? He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by the Norwegian Committee. Never before has an award ...
truthseeking missile 10/13/2009 79 15 1 40
Dumbass Brian Williams calls Obama's Nobel Prize 'bizarre'
I long for the old days when our news anchors had a shred of common decency and dignity. They would report the news, ask tough questions and then STFU. Brian Williams' unnecessary on air ...
truthseeking missile 10/09/2009 61 19 1 64
Aetna health plan leaves family of four nearly naked
A family of four was recently hit with the shocking news that the company health plan will now essentially leave them without any health coverage because they simply can not afford the high ...
truthseeking missile 10/06/2009 21 7 - 31
Is 'this guy' instead of 'that boy' the new racism?
Have you noticed that ever since President Obama announced his candidacy, some folks don't ever call him by his name and never refer to him as President Obama? Their favorite expression in reference ...
truthseeking missile 09/25/2009 67 3 - 127
Hungry foreign companies drool after failed US car brands
The right wing is aiming to break unions by advocating for struggling US auto companies to fail, with the consequent loss of millions of jobs. They loathe the idea of any government rescue plan for ...
truthseeking missile 09/20/2009 16 1 - 41
Cash for Commerce Program would create many jobs
As the job market sinks and the number of unemployed continues to rise, it is time for the administration to consider a Cash for Commerce Program. It would operate with a similar methodology as Cash ...
truthseeking missile 09/07/2009 9 - - 12
Glenn Beck and the hypocritical politics of outrage
After a week of beating the drums of outrage, Glen Beck has drawn first blood, rejoicing over his first political kill with the resignation of White House environmental adviser Van Jones who made ...
truthseeking missile 09/06/2009 19 1 - 9
Is Obama on the racial ropes?
Has President Obama fallen off the racial tightrope to which he was assigned in order to win the Presidency and govern with volatile and reluctant white support? AP is citing polls indicating that ...
truthseeking missile 08/02/2009 47 1 - 16
Dancing with the Stars or the Sluts?
My patience has been wearing thin with the thinly veiled boob and crotch show known as Dancing with the Stars. The show was clearly aimed form the beginning to provide racy content in the form of a ...
truthseeking missile 04/14/2009 368 3 - 113
Why is Sarah Palin wearing short shorts in public?
Sarah Palin is hell bent on cashing in on her sex appeal, but is she running the risk of hurting herself politically? First there were leaks from Republican operatives that she greeted them in her ...
truthseeking missile 11/16/2008 100 3 1 81
Help! I have a crush on Sarah Palin
I have to admit, Sarah Palin is one charismatic woman. Check out this link of the real Sarah Palin at home in Alaska - I saw her become unhinged ...
truthseeking missile 11/10/2008 88 1 - 20
Obama victory was no landslide?
Listen very carefully to the analysis of Barack Obama's phenomenal victory. You will hear pundits grasping at straws to belittle Obama's accomplishments, making them look utterly stupid in the ...
truthseeking missile 11/09/2008 35 13 - 21
McCain, take your beating like a man - don't blame Palin
I am no fan of Sarah Palin. I think she ran a revolting race and disgraced herself by becoming the mouthpiece for GOP smears and lies. That does not give that coward John McCain the right to send ...
truthseeking missile 11/07/2008 48 7 1 1
CNN airs vile Spanish robocall without factchecking
The robocall is aimed at Cuban Americans and began this evening in an effort to drive Cuban voters in Florida to the polls. The call aims to tie Obama to Hugo CHavez and Che Gueverra. It clearly ...
truthseeking missile 11/04/2008 12 6 - 18
CNN pushes coal story to help save McCain's skin
So John McCain has pulled a new audio quote from the Obama's meeting with evil San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, regarding Obama's policy on coal. "If someone wants to build a coal powered plant it ...
truthseeking missile 11/03/2008 21 3 - -
CNN rejects Obama ad while embracing D. L. Hughley's racism
truthseeking missile 10/28/2008 69 9 - 2
CNN better shut down the D.L. Hughley show
D. L. Hughley's newly minted show on CNN, airing right now, is just not funny. What would prompt CNN to put a black comedian on the air in the final week before the elections to make 'black' jokes ...
truthseeking missile 10/26/2008 158 19 1 19
Bill Schneider's anal-ysis of Obama's coattails on CNN
Bill Schneider has been talking out of his ass quite a bit during this election and today he spewed some more dung. He pondered whether Obama had coattails long enough to sweep down ticket Democrats ...
truthseeking missile 10/24/2008 43 14 - 10
Hillary is back - and so is her PAC
Hillary is hedging her bets with new political maneuvers, according to Bill Schneider in his Situation Room report today. If Obama loses, her recently resurrected Hillpac will be converted ...
truthseeking missile 10/23/2008 89 1 1 1
New AP Poll says race tied - Republicans coming home
I just saw this story and it gave me sticker shock. A new AP presidential poll finds the race even with less than two weeks to go. Should Democrats be popping champagne bottles yet, or is this an ...
truthseeking missile 10/22/2008 102 2 - 20
The Untouchable Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin is indeed the candidate with the golden spoon in her mouth. She is practically untouchable by the media or the candidates. John McCain's 'press secretary' Tom Brokow has not mentioned ...
truthseeking missile 10/12/2008 39 7 1 -
Lou Dobbs dubs ACORN leftwing radical buddies of Obama
So says the suspect CNN 'journalist' Lou Dobbs. Tune in to his show tonight to hear Lou investigate this organization which he claims is associated with the Obama campaign. He is suggesting that the ...
truthseeking missile 10/10/2008 39 4 - 1
Still waiting for the Bill, Hillary + Obama rally
Just heard the news that Hillary and Bill will join Joe Biden in Scranton for a rally. It will, of course be a big media event and it's great news for the Democrats. Then why am I so sad and cynical?
truthseeking missile 10/08/2008 46 3 - 1
Kill, Baby, Kill
I did not grow up in a racist environment, so I have trouble understanding people who love to hate. Sarah Palin and John McCain have decided to call out the lynch mobs in their desperation to win ...
truthseeking missile 10/07/2008 13 4 - -
White working class breaking for Obama?
United Steelworkers International president Leo Gerard made a mind boggling statement to Huffington Post, explaining Obama's dramatic gains in Michigan and Pennsylvania - Obama is getting more angry.
truthseeking missile 10/04/2008 24 15 - 9
Hot but Dumb Palin a hit with Hollywood
truthseeking missile 10/03/2008 47 2 - -
McCain hints at Obama on Senate Floor: Go Away!
Before the roll was called today, Arizona Sen. McCain dined in Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell's office. When the series of votes were called, McCain did not acknowledge Obama as he passed ...
truthseeking missile 10/02/2008 46 7 - -
Media and Republicans shift bailout blame to Democrats
The President's own Party promised eleven more votes to pass the bailout bill yesterday, then threw a hissy fist and opted not vote. Nancy Pelosi had hurt their feeling so they decided to blow up ...
truthseeking missile 09/30/2008 29 3 - 4
Brokow and George ignore debate polls - schill for McCain
Is Tom Brokaw in the tank for McCain? It sure looks that way. Tom Brokaw deliberately played down polls like USA Today/Gallop showing Obama won the debate. Yet after an excellent presentation by ...
truthseeking missile 09/28/2008 161 12 - 16
No Clear Frontrunner in '08 Race?
I was a little stunned to hear this in Andrea Mitchell's report on the Today show this morning. I was of the notion that Obama has been the frontrunner, except for a brief one-week bounce for McCain.
truthseeking missile 09/26/2008 16 1 - -
San Francisco Examiner Gives McCain-Palin ringing endorsement
Let there be no illusions, Kossacks, this election is close because folks can't stop fawning over John McCain, including David Letterman ("He's a war hero" yada yada) and Bill and Hillary Clinton. ...
truthseeking missile 09/25/2008 57 2 1 15
What Is McCain Up To?
I am sick and tired of folks handling McCain with kid gloves. I don't know if it's because he reminds them of their grandparents or fathers. Is it because he is a POW? I just heard Gloria Borger say ...
truthseeking missile 09/24/2008 35 3 - -
Wall Street looting treasury before Obama takes over
Wall Street knows that Obama will win this election. Obama has promised to raise taxes on the wealthy, increase taxes on capital gains, shut out corporate lobbyists and plug corporate loopholes. He ...
truthseeking missile 09/23/2008 9 8 1 -
Does Sarah Palin turn you on?
I watched Sean Hannity interview of Sarah Palin on Fox News last week hoping for some greater insight into the mind of the woman who wants to be our next vice president. It left me feeling rather ...
truthseeking missile 09/22/2008 180 7 - 23
Suddenly taxes are in vogue with the rich
No, not paying taxes, swallowing up our taxes to mitigate the losses they suffered while making bad investments. Mortgages were supposed to make them filthy rich and for the last eight years, super ...
truthseeking missile 09/21/2008 3 2 - -
Did Palin or Obama give 'sensational speech'?
(Updated) Sarah Palin's speech at the Republican convention still has the whole country talking. I just heard a talk show host who is a bona fide supporter of Obama refer to Palin's speech as '...
truthseeking missile 09/17/2008 14 - - 29
Democrats in full blown panic over polls
(Updated) It's going to be a wild ride over the next six weeks listening to the weeping, wailing and hand wringing from Democrats. If you listen to the pundits, the Democrats are in a free fall, ...
truthseeking missile 09/15/2008 78 7 - -
ABC Interview Exposes Palin's Charade
The Conservative coronation of Palin as their new messiah is all style and no substance. When the lipstick gloss wears out and the surprise package is opened, as it did during her ABC interview with ...
truthseeking missile 09/14/2008 12 3 - 11
Two Months to Change Tour
I have come up with two innovative ideas to reinvigorate Obama's campaign Two Months to Change Tour - Do you remember when you first became hooked on Obama? For many of us, it was ...
truthseeking missile 09/13/2008 3 2 - -
When will Palin finish potty training?
Watching Sarah Palin's interview was like listening to nails on a chalkboard. She spent the last week in GOP training pants, yet could not compensate for her basic intellectual density on ...
truthseeking missile 09/12/2008 5 1 - 11
Brace Yourselves for 'Lipstickgate'
The McCain camp has thrown out its latest distraction by hitting Obama for his 'lipstick on a pig' remark. The Pavlovian press has picked this up on cue and you can rest assured it will lead all the ...
truthseeking missile 09/10/2008 123 15 - 17
Not buying the McCain 'surge' in polls
The media has been ecstatically throwing out poll numbers of late, concluding that independents and women are flocking to McCain in droves. NBC and ABC have been reporting a swing of white women of ...
truthseeking missile 09/09/2008 15 1 - -
If We Want Change, We Will Have To Fight For It
The media has jumped into the driver's seat of this election campaign and is steering the headlines in favor of McCain. A few days ago the top story on the morning newscasts was that McCain's speech ...
truthseeking missile 09/08/2008 7 2 - -
Democrats Are Not Panicking Over Palin
Trolling diarists have been frothing at the mouth that folks here at Daily Kos are in a panic over Sarah Palin. They must be mistaken. They have been looking for a silver bullet that will propel ...
truthseeking missile 09/07/2008 23 12 - -
Palin is No 'Obama of the Republican Party'
It's strange that the Republicans spent all summer trying to demystify and take Obama down from his lofty celebrity perch. His popularity, charisma and ability to attract 200,000 people to his ...
truthseeking missile 09/04/2008 13 3 - -
Reliving four powerful days in Denver
Far removed from the many manufactured divisions pushed by a very biased mainstream media; Democrats relished four awesome and historic days in Denver. They proved that no single political party has ...
truthseeking missile 09/02/2008 2 6 - 16
John McCain and his cohorts are the only ones who think this election is a big joke. After four awesome and historic nights in Denver, Democrats were on the move, more united and determined to get ...
truthseeking missile 09/01/2008 38 5 - -
The No We Can't Convention
When Obama began his run for the White House, I like many Americans was truly inspired. I thought we were going to turn the page on the old politics and begin the renewal of America. But the ...
truthseeking missile 08/27/2008 29 5 - -
Hillary Must Now Heal Divisions She Created?
Hillary has struggled for the last few months to make herself relevant in a party that has clearly moved on without her. She and her camp ran one of the most divisive campaigns in history, costing ...
truthseeking missile 08/26/2008 70 6 - -
It can't possibly be Hillary
If the VP has already been told that he was Obama's choice, then why was James Carville on CNN whining that Hillary was never vetted and was not even consulted on the VP pick. He also complained ...
truthseeking missile 08/22/2008 72 1 - -
We can't afford to be naive about Hillary roll call
Now that Hillary has put her name back in play and full voting rights have been restored to Michigan and Florida, a chorus of critics have suddenly emerged attacking Obama from within the Democratic ...
truthseeking missile 08/20/2008 43 6 - 1
Obama slaying Republican dragons virtually alone
Just saw this on HuffPost in article "Progressives Sound Alarm About Obama Campaign" quoting John Aravosis at America Blog: There is an incredible discontent out there with the way this ...
truthseeking missile 08/19/2008 71 17 - 19
Obama had to follow party rules on roll call for Hillary
Obama's enemies in the press are jumping on the Hillary roll call news to rewrite history. They assert that since the nomination his poll numbers have 'flat lined' after he 'limped across the finish ...
truthseeking missile 08/15/2008 40 3 - -
Are the Democrats growing testicles back?
Obama is generating unprecedented excitement and raking in millions of dollars. He is rewriting the political playbook. Wes Clarke just sent out another hit email about the Republican 'freak machine.
truthseeking missile 08/11/2008 76 6 - 15
Doomsday Democrats passively wait for swiftboating of Obama - NOT THIS TIME
The pundits are twittering about whether or not Obama is a racist, the antichrist, the other, not one of us ad nauseaum . 'We are going down! It's going to be a disaster!' say the petrified ...
truthseeking missile 08/04/2008 8 1 - -
If you are facing foreclosure, I feel your pain
James J. Saccacio, chief executive officer of RealtyTrac has been crunching his numbers again. In his latest, brilliant analysis he notes that: "A shift in the distribution of activity ...
truthseeking missile 07/25/2008 5 6 - -
Obama's train has left station without Hillraisers
Obama has raised in excess of $54 million dollars in June, a staggering amount of money considering that the Hillraisers donated a whopping $19,250. Obama's supporters continue to be a tour de force,
truthseeking missile 07/21/2008 64 18 - 28
Maureen Dowd's asinine articles make her opinions irrelevant
Please forgive me for my language but some of these talking shitheads really piss me off. Maureen Down really has a big bug up her ass concerning Obama. He has become her voodoo doll and she enjoys ...
truthseeking missile 07/16/2008 52 10 - 27
Hillocrats continue to undermine Obama
Many die hard Obama supporters like myself were constantly being silenced after the end of the primaries when we criticized Hillary. Everyone was all gung-ho about unity. We were supposed to be ...
truthseeking missile 07/13/2008 56 4 - 24
Why are surgically enhanced millennial women shunning feminism?
I've sat silently in horror watching this decade unfold while this generation of women revolt against modesty. Am I the only one who longs to see starlets with their underwear on? Do we really have ...
truthseeking missile 07/03/2008 124 9 - 27
The stench from Hillary's arrogance is polluting the Democratic Party
It's bad enough that Democrats were dragged through one of the ugliest dogfights, otherwise called primaries, that this generation has ever seen. Hillary wanted to be president and she was prepared ...
truthseeking missile 06/27/2008 121 8 - 19
America needs a moratorium on foreclosures now
The foreclosure crisis in America is reaching epidemic proportions. As long as the rules the mortgage companies set stay the same, the bottom will fall out of the housing market. As I write, my ...
truthseeking missile 06/24/2008 55 2 1 13
Hillary will never come close to being as powerful as Obama
I was rather bemused to see this quote from the June 28, 2008 issue of New York Magazine: "What strikes me as inarguable is that Hillary is today a more resonant, consequential, and ...
truthseeking missile 06/16/2008 53 3 - -
Women who support Obama are 'throwing their gender under the bus?'
Lest anyone be lulled into complacency, the Elect Hillary Express is still rolling. I tuned in to Bill Press's show this morning just to see how he would weave Hillary into his program today. Bill ...
truthseeking missile 06/13/2008 63 6 - 21
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