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Comment on Awful NPRM for Teacher Training
It is hard to express how profoundly inimical I find the set of proposed federal regulations for teacher education schools. These rules are not based on good science and are not motivated by ...
tultican 01/20/2015 5 4 1 -
Unwarranted Demise of Mar Vista Middle School
In February, while attending a science teacher’s professional development at Mar Vista High School, I first heard the rumor that Mar Vista Middle School (MVM) was going to be closed, all of its ...
tultican 03/27/2013 42 49 3 -
Common Corporate State Standards and Other Obscenities
The largest change in the history of American education is rolling out across America in a most unusual and imprudent way. The Common Corporate State Standards (CCSS) written by corporations to ...
tultican 12/31/2012 9 5 1 -
Faux Education Reform or Improved Education
Two years ago, I had the opportunity to share my thoughts about education policy with Congresswomen, Susan Davis (Democrat CA-53). Like many high government office holders, Davis got her start in ...
tultican 10/06/2012 11 24 1 128
Common Core State Standards – Are Dangerous
Another untested therefore dangerous theory is being foisted on public schools. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are still being written but we already have schedules for implementation. ...
tultican 07/18/2012 133 72 6 575
DFER and Education Policies
In August 2008, many teachers in America and this one in particular were thrilled about Barack Obama’s nomination. Linda Darling-Hammond was a leading spokesperson articulating the Obama ...
tultican 05/01/2012 3 5 1 71
Education Reform and Standards
I suppose there are some bad teachers out there but from my observation in the five schools I have worked in, the phenomena of bad teachers is NOT plaguing public education. This is another one of ...
tultican 04/03/2012 6 2 - 23
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