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The Supreme Court, DNA, and Rape
The Supreme Court was in the news today for deciding that it was constitutional to collect DNA via cheek swab from people under arrest. In 2009, Maryland collected cheek swab DNA from Alonzo King ...
tunesmith 06/03/2013 52 20 - -
The Social Security Scam
This is a reworking and a reprint of an article I wrote in 2006, during our last round of battles regarding Social Security. It seems like a good time for some review. Here is exactly how the ...
tunesmith 08/16/2010 73 25 2 101
Reconciliation Bill Released (3/15) (Update/Explanation)
Apparently the reconciliation bill was just released... here it is: PDF - and the public option is in it. (retracted - see below...) What am I missing here? ...
tunesmith 03/14/2010 70 12 - 58
Howard Dean Did Not Call For The HCR Bill's Defeat
I'm seeing a weird meme that Dean has called for the bill to go down in defeat. It isn't true. Here's how the meme started. The Hill ...
tunesmith 03/08/2010 15 15 1 26
Asymmetrical Temper Tantrums
The latest example of asymmetrical temper tantrum is today's pilot who ...
tunesmith 02/18/2010 3 2 - 8
House Leverage
So, it looks like the House is saying they are ready to go if the Senate will do reconciliation. But meanwhile the Senate doesn't look so interested in touching the bill again. Doesn't it seem ...
tunesmith 01/26/2010 12 2 - 13
State of The Tunesmith Brain
Well it's late at night and I shouldn't be writing since I have a medical appointment and a trip to the recording studio tomorrow morning, but... I'm frankly a bit distraught tonight, about what I ...
tunesmith 01/20/2010 1 1 - 9
Whither Health Care?  A Poll [UPDATE] We Have Poll-Stuffers
This is just a quick one to take the temperature, because I don't really have a sense of how the community feels about this issue.
tunesmith 01/19/2010 10 2 - -
Why The Mandate Is Necessary
It's worth reviewing some of the basics about the health insurance bill. There are basically two entirely different ways that the health care system currently hurts the sick and the poor. The first ...
tunesmith 01/13/2010 46 1 - 11
Health Care - A Promise And Challenge
Hi, I've written a few diaries on health care so far, some in an attempt to be helpful, and some in a perhaps ill-advised attempt to make a snarky point. I have looked at the data and the arguments ...
tunesmith 01/07/2010 6 2 - 12
Saying No now, for More later.
I think we have a big choice here. I mean, it's a key choice, and it's predictably dividing us. On the one hand, we can say yes now to something that is imperfect, and less progressive than we ...
tunesmith 01/04/2010 54 4 - 17
Health Care: What To Improve In Conference [UPDATE]
I'm going to attempt to describe a list of issues that we may be able to improve in conference. While there is a lot of press about how the House may "fold" given the Senate filibuster threats, I ...
tunesmith 12/22/2009 19 13 - 61
My Big Massive Bill Summary So Far
I guess I am done arguing my point in the comment threads. I'll just go on record here, and then hopefully be able to refer back to it triumphantly later. :-) The bill as it stands now changes ...
tunesmith 12/18/2009 4 - - 18
Reconciliation Is Still Possible Without Starting Over
When we look at where the health care bill is, there are a lot of arguments of what we should have done instead, or should instead be doing. In my opinion, the most valid of these is reconciliation.
tunesmith 12/17/2009 21 11 - 34
Thank God For The Individual Mandates!
Well, we came this close to losing it all. But thank god for the individual mandates! It's the ONE THING left in this bill that makes this bill a net positive for progressives. Repeat, it is the ...
tunesmith 12/14/2009 32 10 - 22
Down in the dumps about our country? Bemused about Obama? Cantankerous about our Congress?? Call now, for MORE and BETTER DEMOCRATS!
tunesmith 12/12/2009 43 4 - 128
Setting Himself Up [Update: 538]
Just one diary of many here, I'm sure. I'm of about fourteen minds about the speech tonight. The number one thing that struck me is the sense that Obama is capitulating somehow. It's a vague ...
tunesmith 12/01/2009 14 2 - 71
Did we just lose?
Not hoping for this to hit the reclist, just am hit with some doubts now. Did we lose the battle on the public option? I'm going off of some of what Ezra Klein ...
tunesmith 10/31/2009 90 14 - 19
*Awesome* Cartoon Explains Public Plan
I found this video today, and it does an amazing job of explaining the public plan, and knocking down some of the sillier counter-arguments against it. It might be a bit remedial to some of the ...
tunesmith 08/26/2009 341 1139 100 4989
What I Wrote My Senators About the Clunky Clunkers Deal
It sounds good, but the popularity is starting to work against it. Here's a letter I just sent to my two Oregon Senators: I'm writing to express my frustration about the cash for ...
tunesmith 08/02/2009 86 1 - 1
The Hypocrisy Is Not The Point
This point has been made many times before, but it looks like it's time to underscore it again. While we may get a lot of self-satisfaction in pointing out the right wing's hypocrisy, it doesn't ...
tunesmith 06/25/2009 28 5 - -
Bleah... This whole Sanford business...
Anyone else getting a sense they got played here? I don't mean by Sanford, the republicans, etc - I mean the bloggers. More than once this weekend I was mystified at how much press this was all ...
tunesmith 06/24/2009 25 1 - 2
A Simple Reminder About Social Security
Just a public service reminder: Over the long term, Social Security is supposed to be revenue neutral . In other words, pay out as much as it pays in . Due to ...
tunesmith 05/12/2009 29 5 - 15
The Bogeyman's Economy Prescription
There's a bogeyman in American political circles, but he's also brilliant - at least, more brilliant than most of us around here. Do you all remember that batty diary a couple of days ago about how ...
tunesmith 02/12/2009 7 3 - 12
ROLL CALL:  Kinda.  Who's your Secretary Of State?
Or rather, who's the person in your state that has power over voting machines, voting rolls, policies of voter records, etc? I could spend a bunch of time googling this but it's a lot harder than ...
tunesmith 09/23/2008 43 7 - 11
This IS The Failure Of Republicanism
There are all these confusing narratives out there: McCain is a "maverick" that stands against Wall Street because they apparently weren't deregulated enough Conservative ...
tunesmith 09/22/2008 20 13 1 2
Gallup Daily: Breaking The Code (UPDATED)
All right, I am probably opening myself up for abuse with this diary. "Too much time on your hands, tunesmith?" "Who cares about Gallup Daily, tunesmith?" "Numbers... HURT MY HEAD, tunesmith!" I ...
tunesmith 08/30/2008 52 8 - -
On Clinton And Sexism
The endorsement finally happened today. From our perspective, and I'm aware that what I'm about to write will evoke winces in Hillary Clinton supporters, it was a "long time coming". It took ...
tunesmith 06/07/2008 20 6 - 6
(UPDATED) Top Ten Obama/Lieberman Conversation Transcripts
What do you think was said between Barack Obama and Joe Lieberman in their three-minute heated discussion today in the ...
tunesmith 06/04/2008 94 66 4 26
Clinton Underperformed Today
This will probably be my shortest diary to date, but I thought it was worth pointing out. Before the Puerto Rico primary, Hillary Clinton needed 79.24% of the remaining delegates (uncommitted + ...
tunesmith 06/01/2008 30 11 - 15
Today's Delegate Situation (Video/Graph)
tunesmith 05/24/2008 35 23 2 22
Cheney's Rational Energy Policy (Thought Experiment)
I'm not much of a student of history, but I've picked up on a few things. I know that during the Cold War, we were all freaked out about nuclear war. Not just the possibility of the Soviet Union ...
tunesmith 05/01/2008 8 6 1 26
Hillary and Barack, In An Underground Bunker
Once in a while it's fun to go on flights of fancy. We're in a period of time right now, right after the Pennsylvania Primary, where Obama's victory looks assured, and Hillary's looking rather ...
tunesmith 04/24/2008 2 3 - -
Hillary's Was Never A Winning Strategy
Dear Traditional Media, What do you call a good strategy when it's achieved? You call it a victory. I think we're all in agreement there. But what do you call a bad strategy, successfully ...
tunesmith 04/23/2008 5 7 - 2
Recession Good News For Social Security?
This particular factlet dives into the minutiae of social security projection details a bit, but it is also a hugely overlooked detail that could entirely change the perceptions of the health of ...
tunesmith 04/02/2008 15 - 1 -
Yet Another Clinton Analysis
"What is Hillary Cling-on Doing?" go the anguished cries. Here are my thoughts. It's all too easy to ascribe ridiculous and irrational motivations to those we disagree with or don't understand. ...
tunesmith 03/10/2008 19 1 - -
Obama's Missing 38 SuperDelegates
So I took a look at this table of unclaimed state super-delegates and brought out my spreadsheet. I ...
tunesmith 02/08/2008 14 2 1 -
Barack, I'm Trying To Like You
I've posted a few essays regarding my thinking of the three major candidates. The rough history is here - I liked it when ...
tunesmith 01/22/2008 117 11 - 10
MLK Listening List
Every year on MLK Day I listen to a piece by still-living classical composer Joseph Schwantner, called New Morning For The World "Daybreak of Freedom". It's a gorgeous piece of work. About ...
tunesmith 01/21/2008 1 1 - -
HillaryTear Has Me Less Inclined To Support Edwards
And it's not because of vote totals. I'm sure you've all heard of Hillary tearing up. Now, on the off chance that you haven't actually SEEN this "tearing up", this "emotional moment" that everyone ...
tunesmith 01/08/2008 58 5 - 15
Barack: A Lesson For The Blogosphere (UPDATE)
Barack Obama won tonight, and I take it as a lesson for the blogosphere/netroots, because he staked his approach on something that the more partisan amongst us have scoffed at for a few years. He ...
tunesmith 01/03/2008 422 266 4 39
Edwards vs Obama - my history
It was primary season, 2004. Edwards was slightly intriguing to me but I was routinely caught between two impressions - thinking he was too smooth/suave, or thinking that his smoothness was ...
tunesmith 12/24/2007 19 22 - -
Any Other Primary Fence-Sitters Here?
It's that time of year when any diary that argues strongly in favor of a particular candidate can feel a little suspect. Are they part of the campaign? Are they simply sharing their feelings about ...
tunesmith 09/29/2007 89 17 - 13
Who Do You Think Gore Would Endorse?
It's a simple question. Poll below. Note that this is not the same question as "Who is your favorite candidate in the primary?" Don't just automatically go for your favorite. Think about who you ...
tunesmith 09/05/2007 50 4 1 4
How We Might Be Enabling GOP Hypocrisy On Homosexuality
I came across the following line in an opinion column by Joan Walsh: Buchanan kept insisting ...
tunesmith 09/02/2007 34 9 - 9
Gore Understands Power
Imagine three cases: Gore runs for President. He is given candidate-level treatment by the press, akin to what happened in 2000. Gore issues a Shermanesque statement ruling out a presidential run.
tunesmith 06/13/2007 7 9 - -
Defending Paris Hilton
(expanded from a comment). I was making snarky comments about Paris Hilton yesterday, as we are all wont to do. But then someone whom I respect made a couple of points and it turned me around. I ...
tunesmith 06/09/2007 177 10 1 -
Emperor Palpatine: A Lesson for Democrats
How did a squirmy little congressman from a backwater planet become the most powerful figure in the galaxy? He didn't do it by standing up to anyone, or by going toe-to-toe in a fair fight. Every ...
tunesmith 05/18/2007 30 4 - 1
Would You Be Tortured For Your Country?
I don't have much to say on this topic, but the question has been bothering me lately. All this talk about the GOP (and others) approving torture... it kind of raises the bar on what it means to be ...
tunesmith 05/16/2007 21 3 - -
Provocative Questions
Were you initially in favor of the military action in Afghanistan? Do you think the war powers that Congress granted to President Bush are appropriate powers for the *Office Of The Presidency* to ...
tunesmith 02/23/2007 5 3 - -
WP: Dem Takeover "Emboldens" Liberal Base
Anyone else notice msnbc's front-page link to the Washington Post Article headlined "Dem Takeover Emboldens Liberal Base" ? Let's see...
tunesmith 02/21/2007 24 14 - 8
Obama, Consensus, and Lieberman
(a thought expanded from a comment) I think there's still a Nader virus going around among our progressive wing, that's taken too many years to burn out. Nader made idealism an enemy of pragmatism,
tunesmith 02/10/2007 19 5 - -
Carville Doesn't Want Dean To Run For Prez
tunesmith 11/10/2006 34 5 - -
Dealing With Rove's Frame
tunesmith 06/16/2006 18 5 - 3
Why I Am Reading Less Daily Kos
tunesmith 06/07/2006 86 9 - 8 rebuts RFK's Rolling Stone "Fraud" Story
tunesmith 06/02/2006 302 75 5 12
Why They Didn't Laugh at Colbert
tunesmith 05/05/2006 24 15 1 14
The Perspective of Someone Who Visited Palestine
tunesmith 03/09/2006 81 11 - -
Can A Democrat Say: "We Are Not At War"?
tunesmith 01/28/2006 19 13 1 3
Friday Dumpfest
tunesmith 01/20/2006 5 1 - -
Why I Believe In Emotion
tunesmith 11/16/2005 10 - - -
Washington Monument Bomb Threat - Gotta be F'in Kidding Me
tunesmith 10/07/2005 26 2 1 -
Iraq: The Withdrawal Plan
tunesmith 10/04/2005 14 2 - -
[POLL] How representative do you want our government to be?
tunesmith 10/03/2005 5 1 - -
Obama's Frame-Busting
tunesmith 09/30/2005 53 26 - -
Why I'm In Favor Of Impeachment
tunesmith 09/22/2005 9 4 - 7
The Community-OWNED Blog (kos vs dailykos) (POLL)
tunesmith 08/25/2005 23 2 - 8
Political Psychopaths
tunesmith 08/19/2005 11 3 - -
Plame, Wilson, and Superman
tunesmith 08/05/2005 8 - - -
It's OK If You're A Republican
tunesmith 07/25/2005 8 13 - -
POLL: Centrists vs. Wings: Who Would You Vote For?
tunesmith 07/22/2005 17 - - -
Why You Shouldn't Post At RedState
tunesmith 07/13/2005 33 4 - -
Did You Support The Afghanistan War?
tunesmith 06/28/2005 37 4 - -
A Defense For Understanding
tunesmith 06/23/2005 1 2 - -
GoDaddy president retracts pro-torture blog posting
tunesmith 06/20/2005 20 17 - 20
Foreign Policy Quadrants for Kossians (with POLL)
tunesmith 06/17/2005 31 5 - 31
Community Pie
tunesmith 06/09/2005 24 9 - -
tunesmith 06/07/2005 15 2 - -
Did Kerry Have More Electoral Support in 2004? Did Fraud Change It?
tunesmith 06/03/2005 28 5 - -
Elect Democratic Secretaries Of State
tunesmith 05/17/2005 4 4 - -
Justice Stevens Praises Justice Thomas, and other weirdness
tunesmith 05/16/2005 4 - - -
Living Wage versus Earned Income Tax Credit
tunesmith 05/11/2005 10 5 - -
How to FIX Social Security
tunesmith 05/03/2005 11 6 - -
Bush's Social Security - unlacing the talking points
tunesmith 04/28/2005 37 69 - 9
The Teeny Tiny Social Security Deficit
tunesmith 04/21/2005 8 16 - 9
Enough With Enough With Religion, Fergodssake! Diaries, Fergodssake!
tunesmith 04/18/2005 27 7 - -
Bankruptcy Bill Passage: Results and Data Points
tunesmith 04/14/2005 13 24 - 9
Prison, Spamming, and Liberal Morality (Rant)
tunesmith 04/08/2005 10 2 - 9
Politology Has New SocSec Graphing Tool
tunesmith 04/08/2005 7 11 - 11
Bankruptcy Bill: Week 0 Action Items! Last Chance!
tunesmith 04/04/2005 10 17 - -
How To Support Electoral Reform
tunesmith 03/31/2005 7 4 - 1
M.G.M. v. Grokster
tunesmith 03/28/2005 7 8 - -
Sequel: Is Tunesmith Leaving? (Responses)
tunesmith 03/24/2005 25 9 - 1
Is Tunesmith Leaving?
tunesmith 03/24/2005 218 81 - 2
Bankruptcy: Wednesday Action Items
tunesmith 03/16/2005 7 3 - -
Bankruptcy Coalition: Monday Action Items - Read Reid's Statement!
tunesmith 03/14/2005 72 170 - 11
2x2 Grids
tunesmith 03/11/2005 3 4 - -
Blogosphere Bankruptcy Coalition: Friday/Weekend
tunesmith 03/11/2005 12 18 - -
Blogosphere Bankruptcy Coalition: Friday Action Alert!!
tunesmith 03/10/2005 256 207 - 12
Blogosphere Coalition Against Bankruptcy Bill [UPDATE]
tunesmith 03/09/2005 127 169 - 9
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