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Let's Cut to the Chase
I have heard some great and not so great analysis of why the democratic party had such a poor 2014 election. I think we need to learn our lessons no matter how difficult. I have added a poll to see ...
voteearly 11/05/2014 19 - - -
Gov't off of my ACA
I know this is not a diary, but I had so much fun I had to share this…. I contacted Senator Rubio’s office to inform him that I received a better and cheaper insurance plan than I had last year��
voteearly 04/01/2014 22 18 - -
Florida in Secret Talks....ACA
Of course when contributions are on the line the GOP is scared shitless...When leaving thousands of uninsured behind the GOP says meh.... Secret conversations are taking place in Florida between ...
voteearly 11/25/2013 80 109 2 -
Obama speaks to OFA tonight
This time it is different for me. I want the President to be straight forward with those who helped him win the Whitehouse, and who continue to have his back. Simply pleading for our support will ...
voteearly 11/18/2013 6 1 - -
ENOUGH SAID Sorry for the short diary. I think these children do a hell of a lot ...
voteearly 11/13/2013 4 - - -
I just read that Sabelius stated "We are not where we need to be," Sebelius told a hearing of the Senate Finance Committee. "It is a pretty aggressive schedule to get to the end of the punch list by ...
voteearly 11/06/2013 39 1 - -
Whatever the spin is from the GOP loss in Virginia we must remember dems now have VETO POWER. Dems have veto power to nullify any sort of future disenfranchisement coming from the RIGHT. Whoever, ...
voteearly 11/06/2013 12 7 1 -
Poor CNN Doesn't Get Respect.
CNN provided heavy coverage last week of the troubled introduction of the website tied to the Affordable Care Act. The result was the lowest weekly ratings for CNN in more than a year. This is ...
voteearly 11/05/2013 16 4 - -
EVERIFY and Immigration
The Senate immigration bill mandates E-Verify for All Employers. Something tells me that if the E-verify system went down upon day 1 that the GOP would have ALL HANDS ON DECK to fix the problem. Heck,
voteearly 10/24/2013 4 - - -
ACA-Lets Get it Together
From the inception of the ACA I have been a full throated proponent of the law. Sure single payer would be a heck of a lot better, but anything is better than the system we had before the ACA. I ...
voteearly 10/09/2013 7 - - -
Texas GOP Chair: State Could Be In Play In 2016 If Hillary Runs.............need i say anything more?
voteearly 02/22/2013 20 2 - -
Steve King Cries FOUL
And the show begins, or ends however way you look at it..... The poor Tea Baggers are saying that Rove is bullying them. Now the man, or ashould i say lunatic who represents the vast majority of ...
voteearly 02/07/2013 7 2 - -
The funny thing is the title of this diary was a true statement from one of the conservative members of the GOP to Karl and friends..... I was just visiting TPM and found this jewel on the front ...
voteearly 02/07/2013 2 2 1 -
Austerity this....
CBO: Yep, Deficit Obsession Damaged The Recovery... How many of us have told the GOP house and anyone who would listen that Austerity was irresponsible while the country was still reeling from the "...
voteearly 02/05/2013 3 1 - -
Mitch McConnell Raises Chuck Hagel Filibuster Possibility
Mitch McConnell is talking about filibusterING Hagel..... Harry, perhaps this is the time you should pull out the card from your vest that you stated you maintain despite the lack of any filibuster ...
voteearly 02/04/2013 28 5 - -
another school shooting..This time Atlanta
Absolute madness..................that's all i can say.
voteearly 01/31/2013 4 - - -
Nate Silver is a BOZO
I just read that Mr. Silver is calling the Niners over the Ravens this Sunday...I can't believe the man who i crowed about as; Mr. don't screw with him on political polling data, has just let me down.
voteearly 01/30/2013 70 4 - -
What will Republicans do?
Imagine the likely possibility (although not etched in stone YET) that Mitt Romney loses... The Republicans claim OUR president is illegitimate because he was born in Kenya, and only American born ...
voteearly 11/06/2012 12 1 - -
The President is in command
This diary has nothing to do with what makes Romney wrong, but what makes Obama right. Currently, the east coast due to Sandy is facing significant distress ranging from psychological impact to ...
voteearly 10/29/2012 6 7 - -
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