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Daily Kos comes through again!
Thanks everyone for responding to an urgent need yesterday. One of our own was in trouble and you guys came you so often do. Here is the diary from yesterday that this is in reference ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 04/23/2015 30
Calling all kossacks - help needed - please rec this
$343 is not that much money...but it is needed by tomorrow. I posted a diary earlier via the Daily Kos Fund Raisers group, but it didn't get much attention and only raised $60 - which I and Fineena ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 04/22/2015 194
Fineena not out of the woods yet
Our friend, Fineena is still coping with difficult circumstances. I first wrote about her situation here . She could still use a little more of our help. Her latest email explains:
One Pissed Off Liberal 04/22/2015 19
Happy Ben Masel Day everybody!
Note: Please forgive the re-post but in this case it seems appropriate. Madison, Wisconsin has designated April 20, Ben Masel Day in honor of our friend and compatriot who was so well known and ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 04/20/2015 43
Your call is very important to us
Good and bad, I define these terms Quite clear, no doubt, somehow Ah, but I was so much older then I’m younger than that now ~ b. dylan hello hello? Into the void we go it's very ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 04/19/2015 35

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