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Schneiderman Denounces Supplements Then Quietly Withdraws Accusations
The Denunciation February 3, 2015: With great fanfare , New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman revealed the results of his testing of six of the most popular supplements. Only 21% ...
wilderness voice 03/30/2015 143 51 5 -
KosAbility: Alternative Medicine - Relief from Severe Asthma
There is no such thing as alternative medicine. There is only medicine that works and medicine that doesn't. - Richard Dawkins. There is no such thing as alternative medicine, just ...
wilderness voice 03/22/2015 53 22 2 -
Cal. Prop. 46: Just Say NO to More Drug War
Prop 46 is opposed by both the ACLU and Planned Parenthood . Full text of this prop can be found here . Cal. Prop 46 has several moving parts - it would raise the liability cap for pain and ...
wilderness voice 11/01/2014 22 16 1 -
Ebola Breakthrough?
Dr. Gobee Logan, a doctor in rural Liberia, has given an HIV drug, lamivudine, to 15 Ebola patients. 13 survived. Continue past the mating paramecium for more:
wilderness voice 09/27/2014 67 130 5 -
Yes, You Can Still Get Updates for Windows XP!
Windows XP has been built into a lot of dedicated applications such as ATMs and point-of-sale terminals. These will never be upgraded to newer Microsoft operating systems. Yet they still need to ...
wilderness voice 08/17/2014 43 26 10 -
The Constitutional Right of Children Not to be Murdered
Is in the very first sentence of the constitution: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, *establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common ...
wilderness voice 05/27/2014 137 85 - -
Major Internet Security Bug Found
Major Internet security bug found:
wilderness voice 04/09/2014 10 10 1 -
KosAbility: Vitamin K2: Unsung and Essential
Weak and easily broken fingernails. Calculus on the back of your lower front teeth. Osteoporosis. Atherosclerosis. What do these all have in common? Calcium. Either a lack of calcium where you do ...
wilderness voice 06/02/2013 41 27 2 -
Meta: "Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Proof", with Poll
This catchy little phrase has no place in rational discourse and I will prove it.
wilderness voice 05/11/2013 93 7 - -
Trump Smackdown
The clown prince of fail strikes again... Trump has been trying to put a stop to a wind energy project in Scotland in view of an oh-so-precious golf course. He wrote a letter to the Scottish First ...
wilderness voice 11/23/2012 20 36 - -
Abortion Politics: Memes Matter!
Pro-choice vs. pro-life. Does this language serve us? What do these words evoke? Let's consider "pro-choice". This comes across as neutral terminology, wishy-washy, even. At best these words ...
wilderness voice 10/29/2012 8 3 - -
An Antidote to Hatred (Ours)
As a regular reader of this site I have all too often fallen prey to hating the other side: I have wished them ill. I have fantasized about them getting their comeuppance. I have told myself I ...
wilderness voice 03/31/2012 9 27 - 180
Beware Counterfeit Cancer Meds
Cancer medicines are a tempting target for counterfeiters due pricing that can easily run tens of thousands or even more per dose. The latest episode involves counterfeit versions of Avastin, right ...
wilderness voice 02/15/2012 11 2 - 50
Bioethicist to Bachmann: Put Up or Shut Up
Bachmann's claim that Gardasil causes mental "retardation" has provoked outrage in the medical community:
wilderness voice 09/15/2011 30 20 - 203
Health "Insurers" Find New Way to Prevent Lifesaving Medical treatment
Ever alert to defend their bottom lines, health insurers take it to the next level:
wilderness voice 08/23/2011 58 73 1 410
Applying the Doctrine of Unclean Hands to the Debt Limitation
It appears increasingly likely that our Democratic leadership is facing two profoundly unappealing choices regarding the looming debt limitation – hang tough and be unable to pay the bills, or ...
wilderness voice 07/16/2011 5 2 - 65
Documented: Bush And Co. Avoided Taking Down Bin Laden When They Had The Chance.
This is not conspiracy theory. In the aftermath of 9/11, Gary Berntsen was the commander of the combined CIA-Special Forces team at Tora Bora. He had led his team and their Northern Alliance ...
wilderness voice 05/02/2011 16 25 3 282
Heading off Drug Price Gouging (Updated)
This is the saga of K-V Pharmaceuticals’ attempt to extract vast riches from their "Makena" a 54 year old drug also known as progesterone, at our expense. Progesterone has many uses, one of which ...
wilderness voice 03/17/2011 5 5 - 70
Atheist Digest '10: Debunking Dogmas, Part II: Scientific Materialism
What makes for a good scientific theory? A thorough summary can be ...
wilderness voice 08/25/2010 111 27 7 480
Atheist Digest '10: Debunking Dogmas, Part I: Creationism
Is it possible to convert creationists? Not likely. However, it is possible to surprise them, stop them in their tracks,
wilderness voice 08/18/2010 211 31 6 168
Sarah Palin's $0 Property Assessment
It would seem that Sarah and Todd Palin own some resort property, as evidenced by ...
wilderness voice 02/04/2010 160 65 1 141
Greed at UBS
UBS, the bank that hired Phil Gramm to deregulate those nifty mortgage derivatives at the root of the current troubles, has a few more feathers in its cap...
wilderness voice 01/06/2009 26 9 - 1
How Bush's Treasury Dept. messed up the financial system
The catastrophic turn of events in the financial markets this month were actually exacerbated by the Treasury's "fixes" themselves. When they "rescued" Fannie and Freddie ...
wilderness voice 09/26/2008 2 1 - 8
Impeachment is absolutely essential to restore our constitutional form of government.
wilderness voice 12/10/2006 6 4 1 1
88-year old takes aim at intruders, and...
Kathryn Johnston, was a sharp, opinionated woman who led a happy, healthy life. She worked out on a stair machine, and watched City Council meetings. She was sharp for 88, and deeply ...
wilderness voice 12/01/2006 6 6 - 2
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