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Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 09:43 AM PST

The Dog Thief

by wren

This is the opening of a novella I wrote. My plan is to submit the novella along with three short stories and an essay as a book entitled The Dog Thief and Other Stories to Kindle Shorts. If it is rejected, then I will just pubish it as a Kindle Single.

I posted the The Christmas Rats and The One-Eyed Woman and asked for feedback. To my immense surprise and gratitude I got some readers and made the Community Spotlight! I can't thank people enough for that.

This will be the last of my book project postings here  since it really is sort of an impostion to take a political site like this and use it as a sort of trial run to see if people will read something I write. Again, thank you.

Author's note: the novella, short stories and essay all iinvolve, one way or another the interactions between humans and animals. Most involve the question of the limit or extent to which one is obliged to intervene when a wrong is being done. All of the pieces are fictional, including the ones written in first person. the narrator is just as much as fictional character as al the other people. (The dogs and rats are real.)

So...I would appreciate feedback. I am knew to the craft of writiing. I am very thankful for the supportiveness of this community

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Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 06:38 PM PST

The One-Eyed Woman

by wren

I am working on a book tht will be a collection of short stories and a novella on the theme of the intereaction between people and animals. The stories are fiction, but derived from life as much fiction is.  I'm hoping that some Kos rfeaders will be interested in giving me feedback as I prepare to publish. Yesterday I posted "The Christmas Rats" and I am thankful to the readers who sent me comments. This story is harsher and longer. It's not a free-standing story; it's actually a chapter from the novella, but I think it can be read as a free-standing story and gives much of the flavor of the novella. The novella is titled "The Dog Thief" and concerns a series of dog rescues that play out over a year.  The One-eyed Woman of this chapter lives about a mile down a dirt road from a neighbor whose dogs are the focus of the rescue efforts. Again I am very grateful for any comments.

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Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 05:51 PM PST

The Christmas Rats

by wren

I'm compiling short stories which I plan to submit to publishers. The stories are all on the theme of interactions between humans and animals which result in some kind of change in the human. I would like to run these stories by some readers and see what you think. I'm not looking for praise, although praise makes me happy!. What I really need is some hard assed feedback: is the story boring, clumsily written, paced wrong, pointless? BTW all of the stories I write are fiction, though, as in most fiction, there are snippets drawn from life. I appreciate the time readers invest in reading this and appreciate any comments you make. If hardly anyone reads or comments that will be a message to me: this isn't the right forum! If I do get some readers, then I will post some more stories. Thank you.

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Tue Oct 20, 2009 at 08:07 AM PDT

Baghdad Pups

by wren

There are many ways to support our troops at home and overseas. I've read diaries about sending gifts and letters, diaries about supporting legislation, and diaries about fighting  back against smears and attacks. I have not seen a diary about helping deployed soldiers bring home the pets they befriend in Iraq.

Iraq is a very tough place to be a dog or a cat just as it is a tough place to be a soldier. Neglect and cruelty to dogs and cats is normal in Iraq and as our soldiers go about their busines they witness many examples of this.  One example: little Stryker, a puppy: "Stryker has an especially sweet story of rescue and survival.  On patrol with his unit in Baghdad, National Guardsman Zachery Wolf heard a small cry.  As the team looked around to see where the cry was coming from, they discovered a bag of cement mix that someone had poured water into. Inside the bag, stuck in the hardened cement was a tiny puppy yelping for help.  Zachary and his team were horrified,..."
Zachary Wolf and his unit went back for the puppy and rescued him. Now, thanks to the Baghdad Pup project sponsored by the International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the puppy is living with Mr. Wolf's family in the US.

More about Operation Baghdad Pups below the jump.

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Tue Sep 08, 2009 at 12:05 PM PDT

Sad Dog Story

by wren

This isn't one of those substantive diaries. I'm just writing about I dog I knew who was put to death a few days ago.

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It happened again: another story on TV about the evil pitbull who mauled a lady,  A scarey, ugly incident followed by cries for a breed ban. Pit bulls are dangerous, filled with rage toward people, on a hair trigger for random violence toward the respectable and the innocent!

Kind of reminds me of something...hhmmm, what is it?

Oh yeah. Willie Horton.  A bad black man who loomed up through the TV into the living rooms of white voters, triggering their unspoken fear of the Other...

This post is about our culture’s fear based narrative about pitbulls and how that narrative grew out of our culture's fear narrative about low income people in general and black men in particlular.. I posted this once on Street Profits and I’m posting it here now because of the recent discussion of a dog for the Obama girls got me thinking about how people but cultural constructs onto others. For many years the bogeyman of America was the black man: presumed to be sexually agressive, presumed to be full of rage. Demonized.

And now it is a dog that has been demonized. And dogs can't defend themselves.

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Mon Oct 13, 2008 at 08:15 AM PDT

Not Making Nice

by wren

There's been a lot of what-I said-to-the-wingnut diaries lately so I guess I'll just weigh in with one, too.  This is not a serious, insightful, deep diary. This diary is about how good it feels to fight back.

I live in a mostly blue collar and poor area with enclaves of upper middle class retirees.  It's  a semirural area of substancial view properties and shabby double wides.  Most of the voters are Republicans, either the rich type or the Sarah Palin type. The local Democrats are mostly old hippies who went back to the land back in the day or middle class retirees like me who bought property decades ago before the prices went up.

So my Obama bumper sticker makes me a target. I get harassed regularly.  But I can be fiesty at times! Plus I'm an old lady which means that I can get away with stuff that would get younger people in trouble.

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This post has nothing to do with Sarah Palin.

This post is about pitbulls.  I love a pit mix. Since meeting her I have done a lot of reaserch about pits, overcome my fear of them, and spent a lot of time defending my dog from my fearful middleclass neighbors.  If interested, read on!

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Sat Aug 16, 2008 at 01:53 PM PDT

Dog Stories

by wren

Maggie is a dog. She lives in a kennel in a no-kill dog shelter. She's been there for two years.
It is a good shelter, very clean, staffed by a crew of dedicated volunteers, well known in the local community. The dogs have roomy kennels with a warm dry bed area and a small covered exercise area. In addition there are three big outdoor play areas with trees and grass and wading pools.
Maggie doesn't play much. She's an older dog and very dominant. She's a magnificent animal. golden and svelt as a lioness, Her Bitchness, Queen of the Canines. She used to have a consort, a shy, beautiful male Belgian shepard mix, but he got adopted and now she's alone again.
Alone except for the voluinteer crew of which I am one. We take Maggie for walks along a county road every day. It's her connection to other living things, to humans, a way of keeping her socialized in the hope that some day someone will adopt her.
While I walk Maggie, she walks me. I have lost weight and feel healthier. I have become friends with several of the other volunteers.I go home full of stories to tell my husband. It's the lesson I have learned over and over: giving gives to the giver.
If you are interested in reading some dog stories, read on!

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Tue May 06, 2008 at 10:34 AM PDT

Dog Story (This isn't about a primary)

by wren

I am a very computer maladept person and have embarassed myself by posting pieces of unfinished diaries and multiple copies of drafts, so it wouldn't surprise me if people see my moniker on a diary and respond with, "Oh god, not that idiot again!"  But I will try my best not to screw this up.

I looking for a home for a dog. I want her to go to someone who is a real dog person, someone with empathy for animals, who will see her as a personality, not a status symbol, lawn ornament, or animated teddy bear.  I hope to find someone who will love her.

Her name is Lassie but she is not a collie.  I don't know what all went into her makeup but some of it is pit bull: she has a pit bull head.  Her plume tail curls over her back when she is happy: husky?  Her fur is thick, especially around her neck: collie?  She weighs about sixty pounds and has long legs: retreiver? Let's just say she is a pure authentic mixed breed stray dog.

More below the jump.

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