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The Republican Case for a 100% Inheritance Tax
Ho hum. The Republicans -- specifically House Republicans -- are trying once again to repeal the inheritance tax . I've watched the discussion on this -- no one has yet pointed out the screaming ...
wruckusgroink 04/14/2015 22 23 - -
Dear CPACers -- One Question
Loves me some CPAC -- the perfect trainwreck of nuttiess, groveling, bigotry and wingnut marketing madness . I couldn't help but notice that every hand-in-the-air, CHOOSE ME CHOOSE ME CHOOSE ME ...
wruckusgroink 02/28/2015 14 17 - -
June 6 -- Take A Moment...
...this June 6th to remember what it means to be a progressive Democrat. What's possible. The nature of courage, and the necessity of hope. Today is the 46th anniversary of an event that changed ...
wruckusgroink 06/06/2014 7 9 - -
Memorial Day, 2014 -- What I've Learned
I was born in 1951. I came of age during the Vietnam War. This morning I was perusing the New York Times when I came across an article about the Republican Neoconservative Establishment questioning ...
wruckusgroink 05/24/2014 27 22 2 -
Worst Brooks EVER
David Brooks is the George Will of the New York Times -- "establishment" (i.e. Sunday yak-fest acceptable) conservative dishing out gassy blather that ignores the nihilistic turn of the Republicans, ...
wruckusgroink 05/20/2014 28 36 - -
What Dubya Did, Frank Bruni Won't Notice, and Dems Should Do
Frank Bruni's column in today's New York Times laments the death of the American Dream -- that this generation will hand off a better world filled with greater opportunity to the next generation. As ...
wruckusgroink 05/04/2014 8 16 - -
What Fighting Looks Like, Pt. 1 -- Food Stamps
I'm one of those life-long Democrats who supports Barack Obama with no enthusiasm -- because he won't fight. I know, I know -- "he has his own style," and "his hands are tied by the intransigence ...
wruckusgroink 08/01/2013 6 13 - -
Toxic B.S. on NYT Op-Ed Page
The New York Times knowingly published a piece of utter, pernicious bullshit on its Sunday Op-Ed page. Just so we're clear on terms, I defer to an expert to define "bullshit" ... “The ...
wruckusgroink 05/05/2013 22 27 1 -
What If Bush Had Done Nothing?
The brilliant Charles Pierce perfectly punctures the MSM's fluffery of the opening of Dubya's Museum: The elite press is dedicating an entire day of coverage to the perpetuation of a monstrous ...
wruckusgroink 04/25/2013 128 332 9 -
Final Hour -- Rand Paul Filibusters iTunes
TRANSCRIPT -- HOUR ELEVEN OF RAND PAUL’S FILIBUSTER OF ITUNES TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE SENATOR PAUL (CONTINUED): …which brings us, finally to page 27, and the most intrusive and egregious ...
wruckusgroink 03/21/2013 3 1 - -
Ted Cruz -- America Demands Answers
Whose values, Mr. Cruz? Amerca's? Or Moscow's? I'm a student of political history. I fear the Ted Cruz thing is going to play out more or less the way the first half of the Joe McCarthy tragedy ...
wruckusgroink 02/23/2013 27 17 - -
I'm Voting Like A Christian -- for Barack Obama
The Internets are abuzz with the comments of Erick Erickson, prime mover of Red State, and CNN's Wingnut Avatar. Here's Erickson on Tuesday's election: "My world view is pretty simple. I think this ...
wruckusgroink 11/03/2012 18 15 1 -
Dear Colin Powell -- You Broke It, You Own It
By that, I mean your reputation. You are trying to take a victory lap with a Modern Master of Management book. Sorry, Colin. This is like Gerald Levin writing a book called "Worship My Brilliance --
wruckusgroink 05/19/2012 20 25 - 171
R.I.P Peter Bergman (Firesign Theatre)
Peter Bergman , member of the Firesign Theatre,died last Friday. To most people on the site, this won't mean a hecukuva lot. To people of a certain age -- I'm 60, born in 1951 -- this is...well......
wruckusgroink 03/10/2012 71 57 - 263
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