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Jesus and Righteous Anger
Disclaimer: I do not have that much finger on the pulse of Christianity. I am aware of the things I am exposed to and, frankly, if I don’t like what I’m exposed to I take steps to lessen that ...
xulon 01/28/2015 10 8 - -
It's Father's Day, I Get to be Right
My daughter is working today so Friday she came up with my other daughter for Fathers Day. After dinner, we went to the Half Price Bookstore because she needed one more book for her school’s ...
xulon 06/15/2014 4 2 - -
Stealing from Employees is NOT Innovation
I occasionally write 'Brothers and Sisters" letters to my co-workers. This one was occasioned by a letter sent to the employees of my company, YRC Freight by the President/CEO, Mr James Welch. The ...
xulon 11/13/2013 18 61 - -
The 1964 Rochester Race Riots
In 1964, there were race riots in Rochester, New York. At the time, I was a couple of months shy of my 11th birthday. It was big stuff. I remember the Rochester Times Union (the evening paper) - or ...
xulon 08/22/2013 4 2 - -
I commented on another diary
But it is off the front page now.
xulon 07/17/2013 3 2 - -
The Adjustment Continues
I have written a couple of times about what I see as a shift in business relationship with labor. While it can be correctly argued that these ideas have been around for a long time – in fact they ...
xulon 07/02/2013 3 2 - -
Customer Service
So here I am dealing with what passes for customer service in 21st century America. Customer service is an expense, you know. I get someone who barely speaks English who gets defensive and scolds me ...
xulon 05/13/2013 9 10 - -
My So-Called Christian Life, Part 2
In a previous diary , I gave a personal history of my Christian experience. I chose my title from the name of a TV show of which title I was aware but the show itself I had never seen. Some of the ...
xulon 03/30/2013 8 11 - -
I Would Like to Suggest a Change in Terminology
There is a popular word which it seems to me doesn’t quite cover it. In the debate over immigration, some people have made some very extreme statements which have moved these statements into ...
xulon 03/17/2013 10 8 - -
If I Tweeted I'd Say
I saw a car sticker, (Name) 1980-2005 Semper Fi , and I thought "Somewhere, Bush is only regretting not privatizing Social Security and Cheney is wiping his not-yet-sated mouth saying 'I've done ...
xulon 03/04/2013 3 1 - -
You're the One I'm Talking to, Right?
Tax season and here I am in the office preparing people’s tax returns. Of course, every season brings new things. This year, supposedly because of that late “fiscal cliff” legislation, several ...
xulon 02/19/2013 4 9 - -
At The El Jalepeno
Shopping today, I got pretty hungry and went to a Mexican Restaurant. I try to avoid chain restaurants and go to local places. This one opened not too far from my house about 5 years ago and I’ve ...
xulon 02/10/2013 4 - - -
My So-Called Christian Life
A comment on a previous post got me thinking. “Can we reference Christians less broadly?”, he wrote. He’s right. We should. And yet, there is a relentless parade of right-wing “Christian ...
xulon 12/27/2012 25 18 - -
An Observation on Christian Public Discourse
I’m reading False Presence of the Kingdom by Jacques Ellul , written in 1963. In the chapter called Incompetence and Irresponsibility (p. 154) he writes, In this day and age, it would never occur ...
xulon 12/26/2012 20 1 - -
Business Appear-al
Yesterday, there was some kinda big-wig meeting for the company in town, with the President, VPs, and other important folk. After their meeting, they came down to the facility and did some walking ...
xulon 05/24/2012 5 7 - 74
Ohio Means Corporate Welfare
I read that Ohio Governor, John Kasich was gloating that the Ohio Jobs website, has over 80,000 jobs listed on it. Of course, he let us know that President Obama had nothing to do ...
xulon 05/22/2012 4 5 - 68
Mary was talking about her hair. Mary: Old women shouldn't have long hair. Maybe I'll get a SHE-no. Me: A what? Mary: Well, how would you pronounce it? Me: Pronounce what? Mary: C-H-I-G-N-O-N Me: ...
xulon 04/24/2012 5 1 - 78
Appeal in Ethical Choices
This is reaching back. I was reminded of another article I had written by one of the comments on my article concerning Imago Dei . In the interactions which followed, Atana wrote, Since Marx it has ...
xulon 04/11/2012 24 11 1 167
Capitalism and the Attack on the Imago Dei
This diary was originally written about ten months ago. It is written from a quite specific and often lonely perspective, that of a Christian who is theologically conservative and who is also ...
xulon 04/07/2012 60 44 3 507
It’s a Matter of Value
At the place I work, I have occasionally written letters to my co-workers which I lay out in the break room. I’m not sure how popular or welcomed they are, but writing them seems to me to be a ...
xulon 04/04/2012 2 3 - 42
I had an interesting discussion on another board concerning Unions. I tried to piece it together into a cohesive article. I have a couple of observations before getting into it. My current position ...
xulon 03/31/2012 6 12 2 85
Eye of the Beholder
Years ago, I used to play Chess in tournaments, usually not doing that well but having fun. I still have over 200 books on the game. My daughter, picking up on that, always wanted to play Chess. At ...
xulon 03/30/2012 5 2 - 40
Commute 3/16/2012
Driving to work, I saw the flock of geese flying. They were in front of me, so I could not only see their V formation but their beating wings - pretty much in unison, strongly pushing down and ...
xulon 03/28/2012 3 7 - 102
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