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Sun Sep 11, 2011 at 09:14 PM PDT

In support of the boycott

by AgavePup

Joining the boycott.  

I'm going to dedicate this diary to the Ethnic Studies programs here in Arizona that have been under attack not just from the usual right wing suspects, but also from alleged progressive Democrats like the Tucson Unified School District board president (now former!) who joined with known white-supremacists in the state government, in trying to dismantle the highly successful, highly praised Mexican American Studies classes. He called them 'a cult.'  

I stand with my sisters and brothers against the bigotry.  


When your education is under attack, what do you do? Fight back!

Tuesday night's rescheduled meeting of the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) Board was something of an ugly temporary win for supporters of the Mexican-American Studies (MAS) program, who have been fighting the elimination of the program by Arizona's notorious state government .

Mother Mags has an excellent diary HERE on the issues and the UNIDOS student takeover of the board room last week.

I attended the meeting on Tuesday and wanted to recount the night and share video of the disgraceful behavior of some members of the board and the absurd and offensive show of force by over 100 police officers, many in riot gear.  Board President Mark Stegeman ordered the arrest of seven women who spoke out of turn, including U of A/Pima College Professor of History Lupe Castillo, 69, who attempted to read the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail. "

I have added a link to a video shot from inside the meeting and I think it really worth watching.  Video created by David Abie Morales

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Governor Jan Brewer told the attendees at the Arizona Town Hall yesterday, that all the outrage over SB-1070 would just fade away and Arizona's economy has a glowing future!!!!  Outside, a last minute protest drew about 100 people. I received email notification and headed over. Pictures below.
Many of the protesters were high school students, some showing support for the Dream Act, giving undocumented children the chance to become US citizens.  I've seen many people question the need for these near daily protests since this law will be addressed in the courts, but these protests are vital for a number of reasons: we must change minds, educate our neighbors about the consequences of this law, and let our neighbors know just who these "illegal immigrants" are, real people, and that the Hispanic-American community will not be intimidated into fleeing the state and to GET ORGANIZED!

UPDATE: Hey, look at me on the Rec list, I'm all red in the face. Thanks!

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Over three thousand people turned out today to protest the signing of Arizona SB 1070.  I joined up with Border Action Network for a ride on one of their buses from Tucson. (I'm not yet a member, but I will be soon.) While most of the crowd were Latino (and I certainly couldn't tell the difference between citizens, tourists, students, residents and undocumented workers! Forgot to look at their, um, shoes,) there were also representatives of indigenous communities as well as a rainbow of other ethnic groups there to show support.  Also the gay community was well represented, handing out "Equal Means Equal" stickers. Representatives of some Democratic candidate campaigns along with a Libertarian here and an (actual!) Socialist there, engaged people to get involved politically.  Overall it was a festive, hopeful, vocal rally. More below


What should we Arizonans do about SB 1070?

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5%7 votes
3%5 votes

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Couple pics from today's rally at Grijalva's Campaign office added below.

Tomorrow: Sunday April 25th Phoenix:State Capitol: Noon to 2pm
(Buses going from Tucson leaving at 9 am: contact:
Border Action Network

MAY 1st: TUCSON: La Gran Marcha (
9am: Gather at El Casino Ballroom: 437 E. 26th St, Tucson
March to Armory Park (220 S. 5th)
Rally at Armory Park: Speakers, Music, Food

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Come on down and support Representative Grijalva and the people of Arizona who will be targeted by this bill.  Come down and stand in solidarity against racial profiling and harassment of "suspicious" brown people, native born and immigrant.

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