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Time for the newest in the occasional opera series initated by Demi Moaned, continued by chingchongchinaman, and hosted tonight by Blue State Redhead, a new comer to this thread and to writing about opera. She has been asked to lead a discussion of the Met’s new production of Rigoletto. It moves Verdi’s drama from the 16th century to 1960, and from the court in Mantua Italy of an all powerful decadent sexual amoral Duke to the Las Vegas of an equally decadent casino owner-lounge singer and his predatory entourage of hangers-on and enablers. We begin with a variant on 3C’s standard start-up question:

Did anyone see today’s HD-cast of of what is being called the Vulgar Vegas or Ratpack Rigoletto?

If not, has anyone seen any other of the many modern-day setting of Rigoletto, so we can fathom why this one has critics writing that “what happened in Vegas should have have stayed in Mantua”?

NY Post

To get from Mantua to Vegas, follow me over the flip.

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Rick Hasen's (UC-Irvine law school) provides one stop shopping for 1. results of appeals to state and federal courts on recent voting laws (mostly won by the good guys, from our pov)
2. all constitutional conundrums, including effects of unscheduled natural disasters,
3. reliable reports on  efforts by rogue individuals or organized groups to suppress votes or misinform voters,  like True the Vote is your friend when discussing True the Vote (and its offshoots). It will help you to know your enemy:
1. whether it is in your state
2. whether the news of its effectiveness has been greatly exaggerated
3. and info need to be accurate about what you say about them (as they like to take people to court, usually states, but who knows. )

Below the orange twisted pretzel logic of the kind it uses are some of the articles from about True the Vote that  

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Bloomberg reports that when Ofcom, the British regulator, gave News Corp's UK broadcaster BSkyB the clear today, declaring it fit and proper BUT condemning James Murdoch in a career ending fashion (according to the conservative newspaper The Telegraph) it was obliged by James's own defence to do so.

If this is not a proven case of evisceration, but DYI, I don't know what is  :

Murdoch's defense in the phone hacking scandal is that he was unaware of its extent until it was publicly confirmed, because he didn't read the full text of a key e-mail.... didn't ask enough questions when the Guardian and the New York Times published allegations and didn't read the legal advice before signing off on a [million dollar] ...early phone hacking suit. To accept Murdoch's account of his role in a phone hacking cover-up, Ofcom had to conclude that he was incompetent and irresponsible.......
Those who wish to learn more about the decision can do so by going to  ceeb's diary which gives the initial story as this diarist is obliged to leave the toobz until this evening EDT. BYO popcorn.

Ceebs diary

Bloomberg disemboweling


Gurardian headlines says it all:

News Corporation directors could face charges for neglect of duties
Lawyers for Rupert Murdoch's company have protested against criminal charges amid fears over broadcasting contracts
News Corps could face charges in UK

Things got worse, as reported below the orange squiggly do

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FYI The Guardian has reported in the last 20 minutes the above news.I am posting to get the news out and suggest a dot needing connecting, as I must run to an appointment and will delete afterwards if others can take what may be a ball very much worth running with.

Update: Please move to ceeb's diary Ceeb's diary is here

Guardian on RM stepping down numerous companies.

In an email sent on Saturday, staff at The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun were told that Murdoch remained "fully committed" as chairman despite relinquishing positions on a number of UK boards, including NI Group. Staff were informed ... in an email – seen by the Guardian – that was sent out on Saturday. It states that the decision "is part of the preparation of the business for the upcoming restructure into two companies".
Curious minds will want to know if there a connection between this resignation and the disclosure on Wednesday in the High Court in London of the existence of an email written by a News International executive and described as ''sent by an executive whose identity you know'' of  that refers to the phone hacking of a ''well-known individual.''

For more on that disclosure, see intrepid cartoonist reporter and Kog' diary linked below Ericlewis0

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A Friday news dump par excellence. Dominique Strauss-Kahn gave the Guardian an exclusive interview this afternoon in which he (they say) "state[s] that he believes the highly public undoing that followed his encounter with the housekeeper in the Sofitel hotel's presidential suite, and his imprisonment on charges of attempted rape, were orchestrated by his political opponents."

Guardian breaking@ 1:15 PM EDT

Breaking for the Guardian is actually old news for Daily Kos, as Teacherken discussed the evidence when it was reviewed in the New York Review of Books in December 2011.

Teacherken on DSK 12/2011

I am not sufficiently informed to do more than bring this to your attention, therefore the slightly contradictory but I hope permitted use of the word Breaking in a diary which is FYI and for discussion by others.


RM has been testifying for the second day before the Leveson Inquiry.  Several newspapers have live blogs up. Here are my selections from their selections of what they found newsworthy.

Earlier diaries giving you the links and background and an array of quotes already selected are below the orange ornament. Additions are made as my sources feel warranted, those sources being NYT and Guardian.

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While waiting for  ceebs, the maestro of Murodch investigators,to post, here is your EDT correspondent, priming herself, and those among you who are awake, for watching the Main act, the central action, the appears of Rupert Murdoch before Lord Justice Leveson's Inquiry.

I'll be watching on the Guardian, and relaying their and other live bloggers comments until ceebs's diary is up.

Live Blog, Guardian: Guardian

Live Blog, WJS: WJS

Live Blog, Financial Times, yesterday, today when I figure out how to get it: FT

Hearing on its own: Inquiry

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First James Murdoch  and the Rupert Murdoch will testify before the Leveson inquiry this Tuesday (JM) and Wednesday And Thursday (RM).

While it is not guaranteed that it will be a popcorn worthy event--the majority of British commentators are pessimistic on that score--it will certainly be worth watching.

Times, places, some background on the Leveson Inquiry, links to the Guardian live blog and tweets,  and a few of the most interesting (IMHO) Guardian articles follow below the orange squiggly-do.

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It all began with the arrest of the (now defunct) News of the World  royal editor Clive Goodman and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire over allegations that they hacked into the mobile phones of members of the royal household in August 2006.

Fast forward to April 2012, and Guardian reports that:

A 36-year-old man, believed to be Duncan Larcombe, the Sun's royal editor, was arrested at his home in Kent on suspicion of conspiracy to corrupt and conspiracy to cause misconduct in a public office.
The difference between 2006 and 2012 is double, and double trouble, as the charge is corruption not phone hacking and the source of the information leading to the arrest is none other than Murdoch's own MSC.

More below the croissant, which is surely crumbling somewhere in the Sun newsroom.

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Sorry for the short diary, this is being done in a foreign country on a public connection, so the least time spent on line the better. The news is worth the risk, however.

The Guardian and New York Times tell us Sky News has admitted that

Simon Cole, the managing editor of Sky News, .... one of its senior executives authorised a journalist to conduct email hacking on two separate occasions that it said were "in the public interest" – even though intercepting emails is a prima facie breach of the Computer Misuse Act, to which there is no such defence written in law.
Details and link below
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High cost is one of the few complaints that the opponents of the Leveson inquiry, mostly pols with strong Murdoch connections, has been able to raise in attempts to contain the judicial investigation into the issues raised by the exposure of the acts of News of the World. To no avail. Lord Justice Leveson continues.

Now the questions of high costs is being raised in another court,  the one where victims of phone hacking are bringing their civil complaints and seeking damages. This time, however, it being raised, and  more, turned into an order by the judge, Justice Vos.

This time, in the interest of fairness to.....News of the World...and to the victims alike.

IANAL, still less a solicitor, barrister, or QC (Silk) and cannot elucidate the issue from a US or GB and Wales legal point of view.I thought that this (fair use protected, I hope ) rearranged brief extract from this article from a professional lawyers' journal might be of interest to those who are or are law-curious, as I am.

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