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Dear Daddy,
I Miss You so much! What would you say about tonight’s Super Bowl?

Yes, my non-sports-fan ass watched the Super Bowl, mostly for the commercials, though I was seriously disappointed by them this year. And yes, I know a bit about American football. I know about touchdowns, QB sacks, runs, passes, defensive lines, offensive lines (Houston’s SUCKS!), off-sides calls, and rushing-calls. And I know that every single time I watch a football game. . . I MISS THE HELL OUT OF DADDY!

I miss you. Yeah, you made me think my name, LITERALLY, was, “Dumb Ass,” but I miss you, nonetheless!

I miss your knowledge and brilliance! I miss your tolerance, though rarely present. I just miss the hell out of you!

What would you, Daddy, have said about tonight’s game?

I’m thinking you would’ve (like I SCREAMED AT THE END) claimed that the Sea Hawks’ coach should be on his way out for calling such a stupid call. 2nd down and goal, and you fucking pass, risking a WHAAAAT? UGH!

You would’ve bet on the Patriots (he was a gambler), and I know you would’ve condemned the call of a pass in that instance.

Miss, and love you bunches, Daddy!

P.S. The whole #likeagirl ad, SHOULD’VE included “throwing like a girl” by THIS GIRL:

Mo'ne Davis! BoooYahhhh!
She made Sport’s Illustrated COVER! Talk about “throw like a girl!” BOOOOYAHHH!
(Daddy taught me to shoot/clean/respect guns, change tires, change oil, grill, and tons of other shit that people take for granted.)

And I know, Daddy, you’d have thought she was bad ass – which she is!
Miss you, Daddy! :(

LA Times"[Mo'Ne] Davis became the first female pitcher to throw a shutout in Little League World Series history when her Taney Dragons from Philadelphia defeated Nashville, 4-0. Before that, she threw a shutout in the Mid-Atlantic finals."


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Sun Nov 09, 2014 at 02:23 PM PST

Crying Fowl

by Deja

No, this is not a political diary. Frankly, I’ve had my fill of those for a while. Have to take a break, and spend a little time decompressing. Crying foul makes me angry. Being disappointed can become depressing. So, if only for today, I prefer listening to the crying fowl.

This morning, while having my coffee out on the porch, I found myself wedged between the sounds of a woodpecker "knock, knock, knock" foraging for food in a tree to my right and my Turtledove couple pitching woo in a tree to my left. But wait – another dove flew up, interrupted and was quickly ushered away, only to be joined by the female shortly thereafter, leaving Casanova behind – or was the other guy Casanova? Apparently it’s a Turtledove love triangle.

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I voted Monday, and the only non "race" on my ballot was the state one. NONE of my county-specific bond proposals were there! However, county races were listed. What the hell?

Here is the only proposal I was able to vote on:

Proposed Constitutional Amendment
"The constitutional amendment providing for the use and dedication of certain money transferred to the state highway fund to assist in the completion of transportation construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation projects, not to include toll roads."

UPDATE: 10:20 CDST 10/23/14: Mom got a different ballot than I did. We live in same precinct & same school district. We voted at different locations because we can during early voting.

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It's tonight, people; and I'm so excited! I really want to watch Wendy make the Weasel squirm! I want to see him sweat!

poopdogcomedy posted about it on Wednesday, but I wanted to repeat it on the day of, so all of you can watch it.

I know my state has been written off by so many around the country, yet others are donating to Mrs. Davis' campaign, so I want to thank you for that!

Don't give up on us yet! Wendy is a tough one, as is Leticia Van de Putte (running for Lieutenant Governor).

Please continue to support Democrats in the "Home Stretch!" (She debates Dan "Forced Sonogram" Patrick on Sept. 29, 2014, only 1 of 5 Weasel2 agreed to.)

Below the Cheeto check out channels and websites you can see/hear the first Texas gubernatorial debate since 2006.

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Spring 2012, I complained about sexism, sexual harassment, and ineptitude with the Dpt. Head about this particular instructor twice. I dropped his class after he creeped on me when no one else was around and waited two years for the opportunity to take the class with a different instructor.

Now, I am faced with a dilemma.

I only have 3 classes left in my degree plan – all required.

One of those 3 classes is only taught by him.

It took multiple other students complaining about his ineptitude in order to convince the Dpt. Head to allow another instructor to teach that first class that I dropped. For whatever reason, none of us are being given an option this semester. Spring 2014 I emailed the Dpt. Head asking if we would have a choice for the 2nd required class that he teaches, and my email was ignored.

Here’s where I need advice:

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Yes, his child support was deducted by his employer, AT&T, but it was the wrong amount. So, he surrendered himself to serve a six month sentence. The sentence is not mandatory and is at the discretion of the Republican judge. Can you say, "Family Values?"

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Forgive me if this Diary is lacking the bells & whistles others possess. It's my first diary, but I was so enraged, I had to bang it out on my keyboard & share it with someone!

The Austin American Statesman  reports that 17 year old Koby Yoder was charged, Thursday, with Murder for shooting, and killing, his stepfather while the stepfather was actively beating the boy's mother.

Sheriff's Chief Deputy John DePresca on Friday said 43-year-old Leonard Digiliormo (dee-juh-LOR'-moh) was punching and beating his wife when her son intervened. DePresca says Yoder retrieved a handgun and fatally shot Digiliormo Wednesday night at the family's home near Carthage.

The woman's 13-year-old daughter was also present. DePresca says the mother and both teens told investigators that the woman was being attacked. She was treated and released from a hospital.

But wait! Isn't this Texas? Can't we shoot an ask questions later? Don't we have a state Constitution that "allows" us to use deadly force to protect even our property? And, in the past, (several instances come to mind) haven't people who actually shot others in the BACK and killed them been "no billed" by Grand Juries because of this Texas Constitutional right? Follow me below the fold for more, please.
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