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Sat Apr 26, 2014 at 07:39 AM PDT

Less Bundy, More Net Neutrality.

by Tool

Reposted from Tool by middleagedhousewife

Let me be clear here. For the past two weeks it has been entertaining to watch the implosion from Nevada as the faux cowboy Bundy has been revealed as a racist anti government conservative. It wasn't particularly a huge shocker to many here in the community who intuitively spotted the mans racist dog whistles.

Can I ask a simple question though? Are we CNN? Do we need to follow every singular aspect of this story as if it is a missing plane? I hope not. I'm on a bus going to DC right now and have been searching for more news here on Net Neutrality. I understand that it is not a sexy topic and have read Joan's reporting on it but comparatively speaking they are not even in the same league together.

One issue fundmentally changes the nature of the internet, innovation, and our community while the other affects no one beyond outrage over his words and revealing (shockingly) that republicans are racist.

Currently the petition at has garnered over 21,000 signatures but is still short the 25k it needs to have an official response.

Please go   here and sign if you have not already.

I thought this was a great analogy from our own Pajoly

we can think about this as being more important than just access or even high speed access. It's about what's placed inside that access. Here's another analogy. I'll use Halloween. This might be a little weak...
House 1: There a big tub of pretty much every candy you can imagine, not a one of them the same. The homeowner smiles and invites you dig through and pick a few most appealing to you. Bonanza!
-- That's the Internet today for a high speed subscriber.
House 2: Nice lady there too. No big tub, but a small bowl. Still, none of the candies are alike and she welcomes you to pick the one you want. That ain't so bad. Still boundless choice, no restrictions on what you pick.
-- That's the Internet today for a rural subscriber with no speed access.
House 3: Ornery dude there annoyed by your presence. He points to big bucket on the porch overflowing with just two types of candy - little packs of Amazon candy corn or a piece of Wal-Mart bubble gum. Behind him you can see some pre-made bags, each filled with quite a few of the top brand candies. You say, "Trick or treat!" He says, "Basic or premium. Premium will cost ya." "Umm, basic then please." He reaches in, grabs a piece of Wal-Mart bubble gum and puts in your bag. "Now scram kid."
-- That's kinda like the Internet if Net Neutrality dies.
I am pulling into DC now & writing this on my phone but I can't stress the importance of focusing on Net Neutrality right now over entertaining side shows. I'mnot sure how in the long run how Bundy will change my life but if the FCC chairman Wheeler has his proposed rules adopted we will be turning the internet from a free society into an oligarchy. One lane for those who can pay & one for the poor who can not. Haven't we gone down that road enough already?

Look at the cast opposition coming from Dems in the house & senate. Let's support them and beat back this ever encroaching hydra that will continue to grow new heads with each defeat.


Mon Jan 14, 2013 at 06:45 PM PST

Repeal the Ban on Gun Violence Research

by chutry

Reposted from chutry by middleagedhousewife

The mass shootings in Tucson, Aurora, and Sandy Hook have provoked some serious reflection on what we can do as a country to curb gun violence. My wife and I--like many millions of others--have been disturbed to watch as these shootings become a frequent occurrence. One of the factors that may be inhibiting a true understanding of the causes of these horrible crimes is a 1996 ban on funding for research by the Centers for Disease Control that would result in promoting or advocating gun control. The 1996 amendment simply states that "None of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control.” And the original author of the amendment, Jay Dickey,even supports its repeal.

To call attention to this issue, my wife and I have created a petition on the White House petitions page. The petition simply calls for the ban preventing the CDC from doing research on the causes of gun violence to be lifted:

As a result of NRA lobbying, politicians passed a 1996 appropriations bill that was amended to include a stipulation that "None of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control.” This restriction against funding for research on gun violence remains in place today. The ban on funding has had a chilling effect that has closed off true scientific inquiry and possibly contributed to the epidemic of gun violence.

The CDC is an organization that provides unbiased, evidence-based research. Therefore, they are best-positioned to provide accurate statistics related to gun crimes. Thus, we petition that the CDC receive funding and be allowed to conduct this vital research.

Although this is only a small step toward truly curbing gun violence, we believe it is a vital one, especially given the complexity of the causes of these tragic mass murders. We hope our petition can make some difference in how we make sense of these issues.

Update: Rachel Maddow also discussed this issue recently on her show and in her blog.

Reposted from Fight the UnTruth by middleagedhousewife

Imagine you make a product for sale to adults. You clearly label on the product that it is not intended for use with kids. You even label it's a danger to children. But the label doesn't matter, and some children get injured. The Consumer Product Safety Commission hears about this, and recommends all stores pull your product. Then the government sues you, and ultimately your company's product, and similar products, are banned for sale in the USA. Your $50-million company shuts down, and people lose their jobs.

That just happened two weeks ago to Maxfield & Oberton, maker of Buckyballs. They stopped sales 12/21/12 and have now gone out of business and are being liquidated.

So if this can happen to an adult desk toy for injuring 20 children, why not for guns that kill over 30,000 US citizens each year?

The answer and what to do after the jump.

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Reposted from james321 by middleagedhousewife

Can we make this go viral? It's a White House petition for single payer health care (i.e. Medicare for all), and it's in desperate need of some tender loving care from progressives who truly care about social justice and equity.

Here's the text:

Single-payer healthcare systems ensure coverage for 100% of citizens. This reduces the total cost through administrative savings and cost containment, as well as through access to preventative medicine.

Hospitals would no longer have unpaid bills, collection departments, or highly involved billing systems, all of which would add dramatically to savings.

Small businesses and start-ups would be able to offer the exact same coverage as large corporations thus leveling the playing field for small businesses.

Large, frugal corporations like Walmart would no longer be a drain on the tax base, as they'd be covered just like everyone else.

Let's do it: everybody in, nobody out. Please sign the petition here.
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Reposted from JamieG from Md by middleagedhousewife

I am a retired school librarian and I believe in school libraries. I built up a library collection with minimal funding supplemented by selling used books and lollipops. I automated a library with a computer we bought with supermarket receipts. I put together a computer lab with the help of parent volunteers piecing together discarded computer parts.

Students came in to the library in the morning and during lunch to get what they needed to complete their assignments. A lot of my students didn't have parents who could drive them to a public library. A lot of my students didn't have computers at home.

Library staff positions in my old school district have been cut by more than half. This means, the libraries are open fewer hours. In elementary and middle schools, libraries are open half time now. High schools will get further cuts for next year.

On LM_net, the listserv for school librarians, librarians throughout the country are telling of similar situations in their school systems. Three weeks ago, someone posted a petition in support of school libraries on the White House We The People Website.

So far we're up to 9,450 signatures. Many of the people that I've been urging to sign have told me that they experiencing difficulties getting in to sign. Apparently there's a reason for this:


Re: White House petitions

4%2 votes
32%16 votes
16%8 votes
18%9 votes
8%4 votes
20%10 votes

| 49 votes | Vote | Results

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Wed Oct 12, 2011 at 01:01 PM PDT

The 150 Signature Barrier

by mhirasuna

Reposted from mhirasuna by middleagedhousewife

The "We the People" petition site needs more mainstream petitions to be credible. The problem may be their 150 signature threshold. I submitted this comment to the website:

When a new petition is submitted, you search for similar petitions to help prevent duplicate efforts. But you only search petitions that reached the 150 signature threshold. As a result, you are getting a lot of similar petitions below the 150 threshold.

The 150 threshold favors fringe ideas with existing organized support. Many mainstream ideas do not have organizations behind them. So mainstream petitions are trapped below the 150 threshold, even though they are submitted many times by several different authors.

To make your petition website credible, we need to see more mainstream ideas. You can help by searching all petitions for duplicates when a new petition is submitted.


Thu Oct 06, 2011 at 10:10 AM PDT


by jpmassar

Reposted from jpmassar by jpmassar

The Most Popular One At 'We The People' Isn't Mine!

Marijuana Legalization: 51,800+ signatures.

Estimated revenue from Marijuana Legalization: $10 billion/yr.

This One Is Mine!

Ending the War in Afghanistan: 81 signatures. sign it here.

Estimated savings from not fighting in Afghanistan: $100 billion/yr and many lives.

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Reposted from billybush by jpmassar

Recently, a number of kossacks have been asking that fellow kossacks sign petitions that they, or others, have made at  If a petition receives the required number of signatures(still 5000 for older petitions.) it will receive attention from the administration and will get a response from appropriate policy experts.  While there are many worthwhile petitions, you should under no circumstances sign the Minimum Wage petition.

More below the squiggle

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Tue Oct 04, 2011 at 08:38 AM PDT

The White House Says "No Mas!"

by jpmassar

Reposted from jpmassar by jpmassar

If you're old enough you might remember this:

Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Durán II ... is one of the most infamous fights in the history of boxing... It gained its famous appellation in the end of the eighth round when Durán turned away from Leonard, towards the referee and quit by saying "No más."

The White House has effectively put a stop to new petitions at 'We The People'.

Yesterday they announced a new policy increasing the threshold for a guaranteed formal response to 25,000 signatures from 5,000 signatures. By doing this they are all but guaranteeing that they will never have to respond to any newly created petitions:

"No Mas!"

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Reposted from Professor Smartass by jpmassar

The White House has set up a petition site and said they will respond to anything that gets 5,00 signatures.

They clearly need some prompting to go after the sociopaths who crashed our economy to add to their wealth.

This would be a good way to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street folks if you can't afford a plane ticket.

Read the petition and hit the link to sign after the jump:


Will Goldman Sachs & the like ever be prosecuted?

9%6 votes
6%4 votes
38%24 votes
12%8 votes
33%21 votes
0%0 votes

| 63 votes | Vote | Results

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Reposted from hkorens by middleagedhousewife

This is a repost of a diary I put up a few days ago.

The diary is an amalgamation of  language from Joan McCarter and Rep. Inslee to draft a petition for the Whitehouse site. The wording is mostly theirs; the typo's are all mine.

We petition the Obama administration to:
 press for a full federal investigation of mortgage fraud before any settlement is made.

 It has been over a year since the admitted forgeries by bank servicing employees on foreclosure documents became public knowledge.

 Within the AG ranks, a growing number are pushing for a narrower settlement freeing their offices up to pursue separate claims of securitization, origination and marketing fraud.

 It is important to fully investigate any alleged wrongdoing in order that those responsible may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Any settlement that gives servicers and/or banks blanket immunityfrom prosecution is unacceptable. Any settlement that short-circuits a thorough investigation into mortgage and foreclosure practices is unacceptable. And any settlement that does not create a substantial fund from which to assist homeowners is unacceptable.  

I don't know if it will do any good, but it certainly can't hurt. So on this basis I ask you to join me by adding your signature to the petition. So, please hit the link and go to th esite to read the petition and if you agree add your name to the list

Mortgage Petition

More below

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Reposted from jpmassar by jpmassar

As Chris Bowers reported on the front page yesteerday, #OccupyWallStreet has released an official statement, with an extensive list of grievances. The First Amendment says

Congress shall make no law... abridging ... the right of the people... to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


You can take advantage of that right, right now, right here, and help deliver the message #OccupyWallStreet is sending.  For nearly every grievance #OccupyWallStreet lists, there is at least one petition at 'We The People' that asks the Administration for redress of that grievance or is related to it.

Besides lending your voice, you can also help out #OccupyWallStreet financially, with a donation or food, or with a pizza (11 AM - 10 PM).

A lot of arrests today. Can u help support us as we support those arrested? Order pizza: @liberatospizza…

Below, each of #OccupyWallStreet's grievances in their manifesto is reproduced, in order, with corresponding, if any, We The People petitions just below it. Sign away!

If you know other ways to support the protestors leave them in the comments and this diary will be updated.

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