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Over the past few years, Ohio state rep in district 12, John Barnes, along with a few others has conspired with John Kasich on a bunch of bills that were both bad for Ohio and especially bad for their constituents.  For those who don't know, Barnes, along with several of his colleagues has been notoriously appeasing to Republicans, behaving very much like the "independent" Democratic caucus in New York.  For example, this is the group that rubber stamped the Republicans' redistricting proposals.  Barnes is one of the poster children for Republican appeasement, having been used as a literal trophy by Kasich to make his draconian bills seem "bipartisan".  

Democratic representative John Barnes Jr. stands on Gov. John Kasich’s far right as he signs a transportation bill. The photo appeared in a Kasich campaign email.

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WTF? Are democrats really this stupid? Running away from what democratic voters to try and unsuccessfully appease a handful of loud teabaggers?

Senior Democratic aides say between 40 and 50 of their members might support the bill, penned by House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.). The bill is expected on the floor Friday. It’s a massive show of disloyalty to President Barack Obama, but aides expected the defections to be far higher. Upton’s bill would allow individuals whose insurance has been cancelled to keep their plans.
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What morons.  This cannot stand!

You know what to do... we don't have much time to do it, even liberal reps like Jim Doyle of Pennsylvania seem to be willing to vote for the bill.  We have to call en masse.  NO EMAILS! Emails are worthless... Politicians ignore them.  To the phones!!!

To call your Member of Congress:
US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121

To locate your Member on-line:
U.S. House of Representatives:
U.S. Senate:

Call now, or better yet, visit their local offices.  The vote is today!  There is no time to lose!!!  
Tell them to vote NO on the Upton bill gutting Obamacare or feel our wrath!!!

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Thu Dec 06, 2012 at 09:19 PM PST

Some Comfort Food for Labor's Soul

by LordMike

For everyone grieving as I am tonight regarding Michigan, it's important to note that this is not new.  In the 1950's Republicans in rust belt states also tried to pass right to work--the most famous case being Ohio in 1957.  This was OHIO in the 1950's manufacturing boom, and the GOP had the balls to pass something like that.  Ohioans used their right to referendum and repealed the legislation by about the same margin as they did SB5 more than half a century later.

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Obama's good luck continues!  The 4th circuit appellate panel has been picked to hear the appeal of The Affordable Health Care Act, and it's a great one for Team Blue:

* Judge Diana Gribbon Motz, appointed by President Clinton.

Motz is no Stephen Reinhardt, but she is relatively liberal, at least for a Democrat on the Fourth Circuit. Among her more famous rulings, she voted to reverse a district court decision that had ordered an end to school busing for desegregation in Richmond, and she held in the al-Marri case that the President could not declare civilians legally residing in the United States to be "enemy combatants" and hold them in military detention indefinitely. She did author the opinion ruling against the government in United States v. Comstock, however, a case concerning federalism and, specifically, the breadth of the Necessary and Proper Clause.

* Judge Andre Davis, appointed by President Obama.

Again, indications are that he is a relatively liberal judge, at least for the Fourth Circuit (though I concede the term is a bit crude in this context). One example: United States v. White, 620 F.3d 401 (CA4 2010), in which he held (over a dissent from Judge Niemeyer) that it was an unconstitutional deprivation of liberty to force a prisoner to take anti-psychotic drugs.

* Judge James A. Wynn, appointed by President Obama.

Same general liberal lean, at least based on what we know. Consider Legend Night Club v. Miller, 2011 WL 541136 (CA4 2011), in which Judge Wynn invalidated a Maryland statute that effectively prohibited adult entertainment establishments from selling alcoholic beverages at their clubs. Writing for the court, Judge Wynn held that the statute was subject to intermediate scrutiny under the First Amendment, and that it was unconstitutionally overbroad. Judge Clyde Hamilton--a G.H.W. Bush appointee, now on senior status--dissented.

The Virginia Attorney General suing the government must be feeling pretty nauseous right now.  All three judges are Democratic appointments, and two by Obama himself!  Obama rolled lucky sevens on that one!  As the writer of the ACA Litigation Blog noted:

This could not have turned out much better for the United States and General Katyal.

Of course, nothing is a done deal... We certainly could lose this case. These judges are not ultra liberal, by any means.  Who knows how they may be swayed, but it's certainly the best group we could have hoped for.  It puts us in great starting position for the case ahead!  It's amazing that the random bouncing balls (used to pick judges to sit on cases) could have drawn up three Democratic appointees at once!   Obama should go to Vegas and play some Roulette while he's on a roll!

Source:  The ACA Litigation Blog


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Wed Apr 13, 2011 at 07:15 PM PDT

Wait... Did We Just Win?

by LordMike

From TPM:

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal shortly before Obama's speech, Ryan said that he held out hope only for modest deficit deals with the other side.

"Because we have such a difference of opinion on health care, it's hard to imagine we're going to have a global agreement," Ryan said. "Everyone wants to get a grand slam, but maybe we can get a single or a double."

Wow!  I don't know about you, but it sure sounds to me like Ryan has already given up... after just one speech!  I figured the support for Ryan's proposals was a mile wide and an inch deep, but I didn't realize that it was actually a millimeter deep!

So, check me if I'm wrong, but it certainly sounds like the GOP is in full retreat and quitting.  That was some speech!!  I never thought I'd see the GOP with their tail in between their legs, but here we are... after one little speech, they seem to be throwing in the towel and going home.  The power of words, I guess!

What do you think about these developments?  I'm shocked at the response.  I expected much more frothing and much less whining from the conservatives.


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This diary will be short.  The Clevleand Plain Dealer is reporting that turnout in Cuyahoga County is light.  That's not actually true, since a lot of ballots were done by mail.  They are expecting about 430,000 votes this year, which is about 20,000 less than in 2006.  Strickland did very well in the county that year, and should do well this year thanks to a nearly 3:1 early voting advantage, but there is room to grow.

In order to seal the deal, we need to match 2006 levels.  We need 20,000 more votes!


The staging areas are getting tons of volunteers, and we shattered Bill Clinton's 60,000 volunteer hour challenge, but we need more folks to go to the polls today.  

If you can, make some calls via OFA, or better yet, volunteer at one of these staging locations:

Take off work early if you can... we need all the help we can get!  

Thank you for your support!



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Mon Jun 07, 2010 at 08:57 PM PDT

Dems Make Historic Gains in Gallup!

by LordMike

Last week, all the media was atwitter over the news that Gallup had Republicans with a six point edge in the generic ballot:

Republicans Jump Out To Historic Lead In Gallup Generic Ballot

Gallup's generic polling shows the number of voters saying that they would vote for Republicans rising three points from last week, while the number saying they will vote for Democrats dropped four points.  The 49%-43% lead for the Republicans is the largest that the pollster has ever recorded for the party.

Wow!  Historic!!  Never mind that it was a holiday weekend... Never mind that the oil spill approvals were acute for that week (and recovering).  It was historic!!

Well, by that logic, apparently, Dems have made some history of their own!  (more over the jump)


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Tue Mar 23, 2010 at 10:24 PM PDT

Fox News:  GOP in Full Retreat

by LordMike

This unexpected win on HCR has the Senate and House GOP reeling.  GOP Leaders now expect cooperation in Finance Reforms and NCLB Reform....They feel that they can no longer hold in line individual members who are now afraid of being in opposition to popular education programs and being cast as pro-wall street by opposing such reforms:

Waterloo, indeed!  Congratulations General Barack Wellington... you may have broken the gridlock and saved our majorities!  With victory, now the administration and Democrats really do seem to have the upper hand.

Of course, in the meantime, any attempt to work with the Democrats will cause a huge backlash with the GOP base.  Members will be caught between actually doing something (and appealing to independents), and their rabid, unforgiving base.

It will be an interesting few months...

PLEASE NOTE:  This disarray may be brief, like it was in January, 2009.  We must hit them hard before they have a chance to regroup...


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Finally, after all the waiting and hedging, the once Blue Dog champion of the public option betrays us all.  I worked on him hard.  I will now be working for his Republican opponent  OK, that was out of anger... I will see if a write in candidacy is viable in the primary or a green party challenge in the general:

This is a YES to NO vote and definitely hurts the count..

I hope he is merely being released by Pelosi...

Yes, I know, this is not a diary....

It's too late to primary him.. deadline has already passed.  He is unopposed in the primary.  He will receive no union support in the general, though...

He was a good guy.  He will be missed from congress in November for his stupid mistake.


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It's 31 days of Oscar on TCM, and this movie's a gem.  It's about the corruption of corporate media that is as true today as it was over 30 years ago when this movie was made.  If you haven't seen it, you'll be surprised how this movie foreshadowed Fox News and the right wing noise machine.  TCM shows this movie only once a year.  Don't miss it!  More on the flip...

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Mon Jan 25, 2010 at 09:59 PM PST

Plan B May Still Be in Trouble

by LordMike

Some warning signs form the New York Times:

Senior Congressional aides said that lawmakers and the White House were increasingly focused on a plan by which the House would adopt the health care bill approved by the Senate on Dec. 24, with any changes made in a separate bill using the budget reconciliation maneuver.

But Democratic leaders are no longer confident that rank-and-file House Democrats would be willing to go along. The victory by the Republican, Scott Brown, in Massachusetts last Tuesday not only denied Democrats their 60th vote, but raised a specter of fear for Democrats over the midterm elections.

Some Democrats said that regaining the support of the caucus could depend heavily on what Mr. Obama says in his State of the Union speech on Wednesday.

Obama needs the speech of his life on Wednesday, and Nancy is going to have a very tough job... the toughest of her career... I hope they can pull it off...

On the flip, some hopeful signs:


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It seems that Harry may have recovered from the spine flu.  As of now, he's defying the white house and going ahead with the Public Option Opt-Out plan in the Senate:

"He's knows what he's doing is a gamble," Reid spokesman Jim Manley said. "But more and more, he's convinced it's the right thing to do."

Maybe Harry's recovered from his spine flu?  I guess we'll know on Monday when he makes his final decision.  More on the flip...  


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