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I was watching in amazement as Rep Peter King, a Long Island NY Republican, and a frequent screamer at anything Democratic or Progressive, was given the opportunity to bash Speaker Boehner and his fellow Republicans for almost 15 minutes straight on CNN this morning.  CNN, to its credit, stayed with the interview knowing that they were recording something very unusual.   The Republican House Homeland Security Committee Chairman, Mr. King, was beside himself in erupting with anger and hostility directed toward the Republicans Speaker and his fellow Republican Memebers of Congress for their failure to bring the $60 billion Hurricane Sandy relief bill to a vote.  

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Superstorm Sandy that blew through the Northeast on Monday has left a devastating impact in parts of the Northeast that will possibly affect the election on Tuesday.  Here as if write by home generator power in West Central NJ where major county roads are just starting to be cleared of downed trees and utility poles, it is unlikely that electrical power will be restored within the next two to three weeks.  This storm may have a profound effect on election results here.  (More below the fold)

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I was reading the transcript of the Ann Romney speech and noted something that she said about her Welsh coal miner immigrant father,

I am the granddaughter of a Welsh coal miner who was determined that his kids get out of the mines. My dad got his first job when he was six years old, in a little village in Wales called Nantyffyllon, cleaning bottles at the Colliers Arms.

When he was 15, dad came to America. In our country, he saw hope and an opportunity to escape from poverty. He moved to a small town in the great state of Michigan. There, he started a business -- one he built himself, by the way.

He built it himself, by the way  Really???
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A few days ago, the President made a campaign stop at the central Iowa farm of the Heil family in order to provide focus on the Administration's support for wind and solar power alternatives to fossil fuel energy sources.  Shortly after the visit, the farmer's adult son, Jarret Heil issued a statement that basically said that while the President's visit was an honor,  but..... and there's a big butt here ......

"As the milestone that it is for our community with the President's visit, it is important to not get caught up in the President's glamorous re-election words and remember President Obama's first term record and rhetoric does not represent Middle America, entrepreneurs, small business owners and farmers."

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Tue Dec 29, 2009 at 11:19 AM PST

Karl Rove divorced again

by MrJersey

While I don't wish to revel in the personal misfortunes of anyone else, the nation's number one culture warrior, evil strategist Karl Rove, has been granted a second divorce.

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The NRA (National Rifle Association) called me today and asked me to listen to a message from its president, Wayne LaPierre, and then take a short one question survey.  A pre-recorded Mr. LaPierre then informed me of a sinister UN plot against the United States.......


Do you stand with:

27%50 votes
8%16 votes
17%31 votes
46%85 votes

| 182 votes | Vote | Results

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I was listening to a report on NPR in my car radio about someone named Nancy Snyder and her husband who were protesting at a recent Arlen Specter (D?-PA) town hall in State College PA.  Their protests were aimed at the "Socialism" that was fostered by the creation of a Public Option in the various healthcare reform bills currently before Congress.  When Ms. Snyder was asked about her own health insurance and stated that she and her husband were covered by a policy through the United Mine Workers of America and that "we worked hard to get it and we’re going to keep it", I wanted to rip the steering wheel out and throw it at the radio.  Yes, I had no doubt that her husband had indeed worked hard as a UMWA member and had earned everything that his retirement plan had provided, but Mrs. Snyder apparently has no knowledge of the history of the United Mine Workers or the union movement in general and the protections afforded by the "Socialist" US government that have assisted the union movement to ensure worker's rights over the years.  More Below

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From what I am hearing, the primary reason that the public health insurance option scares the shit out of the private sector insurers is the possibility, and probability, that employers who pay for expensive private insurance to cover their employees will immediately dump their private insurers and instruct their employees to sign up for the public health insurance plan.  The assumptions are that the government option will me more efficient and cost less to administer since the enormous costs of advertising, highly paid boards and executives, and the legions of administrative minions who are paid to second guess physicians will simply not be necessary to deliver high quality health care.  But what price will we collectively pay as a society?  What will we be missing?  Well, for one thing, we will be missing.......  

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Not to beat a dead swine, but TX Governor Rick Perry in this press release here has called on the CDC to "provide 37,430 courses of antiviral medications from the Strategic National Stockpile to Texas to prevent the spread of swine flu."  Could this be the same Governor Rick Perry who at a recent tea party event reported here suggested that Texas could secede and leave the Union.    

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This will be short.  I am an Obama supporter, but these results seem to be very disturbing,  The length of time that it is taking to determine the Indiana results, in spite of the polling that indicated that it was to be a slam-dunk for HRC, seems intuitively to indicate that Republican voter suppression tactics (the requirement for government issued ID as a requirement for voting), aided and abetted by the Supreme Court of the United States, has worked to make this race very competitive for Obama.  How? below the fold

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Mon Oct 23, 2006 at 01:34 PM PDT

What is David Brooks Smoking?

by MrJersey

While I have always found NY Times columnist David Brooks to be condescending and misguided on just about everything that he has ever written, his review in the Sunday, October 22,  NY Times Book Review provides a revealing insight into his distorted thinking process.  He was reviewing the new book "The Conservative Soul, How We Lost It, How to Get It Back" by Andrew Sullivan (Conservative Soul? is that an oxymoron, or what?).  In it, Brooks describes Sullivan's contention that the conservative movement has entered an unholy alliance with the forces of religious fundamentalism thus changing it from a philosophy of individual liberty and personal responsibility to an authoritarian group of unquestioning believers that does not "tolerate a diversity of views."  While most critical thinkers would find this view to be a searing insight into the obvious, Brooks is enthralled by Sullivan's "characteristic passion and clarity", yet his most telling outrageous statement comes late in the review.  Brooks writes,
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Here is the text of a letter I just sent to my Senator, Frank Lautenberg, of NJ.  If former Democratic Senator Lieberman would listen to anyone, perhaps he would listen to one of his most honorable colleagues from and almost adjacent Northeastern state......
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