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Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 06:16 AM PST

Importance of "Stuff" in Elections

by OHeyeO

I'll bet one of the most-often used words in the recently concluded national election was "STUFF." Yes, stuff. I'm sick of hearing about keeping stuff and giving away stuff. I'm sick of hearing who deserves stuff and who doesn't deserve stuff. I'm sick of hearing the word stuff on local and national media all day long. I'm sick of hearing the word stuff in robocalls. I'm sick of reading the word stuff in political junk mail. Discover why I decided to write a diary about this below that burnty orangey hopey changey whatchamacallit.

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Nothing was going to keep me away from seeing Barack Obama at Fifth-Third Field here in Dayton, Ohio today. Having him speak at the facility that brought life back into downtown Dayton after a 40-year decline meant a lot to the citizens of our community. When the park opened in 2000, it was like a ray of sunshine had finally broken through the clouds. After eight years of George Bush, Dick Cheney and John McCain's policies, Dayton is hurting again. Our great renewal was stalled. Today, I could feel that renewal come back alive again. Everyone at the rally was positive, upbeat and friendly, including the police and Secret Service. Like Fifth-Third Field, Barack Obama is a ray of sunshine breaking through the dark cloudy mess the Republican Party has created this decade.

I've added a dedication below the photos.

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Wed Oct 01, 2008 at 09:36 PM PDT

The ad that wins Ohio

by OHeyeO

The Ohio Democratic Party has prepared a new ad that illustrates the eight years of economic pain suffered under Bush & Republican rule. It lays out how devastated Ohio has been over the last eight years and does it in a stunningly visual way.

You can view the ad below.

The link to the Ohio Democratic Party page about the ad is here.

The link to donate to get the ad on the air is here.

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Nine weekends left until the election on November 4. That's nine opportunities to plant a subliminal message in the minds of Midwestern swing state voters. The next nine weeks is peak season for community festivals. Just to name a few, we have festivals celebrating apples, walnuts, potatos, popcorn, sauerkraut, mums and a really big one for pumpkins. Since most have political party booths, these festivals are a great chance to implant a subliminal message - there is a wide diversity of people supporting the Obama/Biden ticket.

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Someone asked me to generate a diary about the Cafferty File yesterday afternoon. Jack told us "When it comes to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the hits just keep on coming."

His question was: Should John McCain consider replacing Sarah Palin on the GOP ticket?

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Wed Sep 03, 2008 at 08:15 AM PDT

DDN - McCain disappointed Dayton

by OHeyeO

In a great Dayton Daily News commentary this morning, Martin Gottlieb suggests that "John McCain made an amateurish mistake last Friday in Dayton."

McCain failed to use the opportunity to put forth a rebuttal to Obama's acceptance speech the night before. This undoubtedly shows how panicked McCain had really become and that it was truly an 11th-hour pick. It gives insight into his decision-making process (or lack of one) and how unprepared he was after having all spring and summer to work out a plan. Instead, he chose to try a "surge" because he had no plan contingencies worked out. Sound like Iraq?

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Fri Aug 29, 2008 at 10:27 PM PDT

"Country First" - More McCain BS

by OHeyeO

Josh Orton over at Mydd has a great diary cautioning everyone to think about the "Country First" slogan McCain is now peddling. McCain had the slogan plastered all over at his rally in Dayton on Friday. He's asking us to think about what that means with regard to McCain's pick for VP.

He says McCain is trying to remake his brand as a maverick after realizing he can't run as a regular Republican (whatever that means) these days. He notes Palin's pick as a fellow "reformer" and the slogan will try to boost McCain as someone out to change Washington. I guess that means it will be "Change" vs. "Reform" this election and the voters will have to decide what the difference is.

There are some great comments regarding McCain's attempt to paint himself as a reformer of Washington, all the while being one of Washington's establishment, albeit a "mavericky" one. I think the track of the linked diary is important to consider in getting inside McCain's brain and his "it's all about me" candidacy. Does picking Palin as VP really put "country first"?

I hope it's OK to link. I thought it was an important point to consider in counteracting McCain's latest two moves and hadn't seen the idea posted here.


Fri Aug 29, 2008 at 09:50 AM PDT

Let's Celebrate the Palin Pick

by OHeyeO

I just donated $49.49 to Barack Obama in celebration of his pick for VP. This is a request for all of you to donate in an amount comfortable for you ending with .49 to celebrate McCain's pick of the Alaskan Governor.

Let's show McCain our support by giving his opponent an extra boost to counteract all the slime sure to be directed his way for the next few months.

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Now that I have your attention, there’s a 20th Century story I’d like to tell that may assist those coping with flooding disasters in the 21st Century. The title of the diary refers to a promise citizens of Dayton, Ohio made to themselves while trapped by floodwaters in the tops of their homes.

I've posted some of this information in comments to diaries related to the current flooding situation in Iowa. But I thought it important to put it all together so anyone interested in how a community might protect itself from flooding could explore an option that doesn't include being completely dependent upon the Federal government.

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This country had a jackass (sorry, I'm one of the 28%ers at the other end of the scale) installed as President and had him re-elected so the first pre-emptive war could be launched and implemented per the Project For a New American Century. The stink emanating from the FISA bill this week is the poisonous and radioactive fallout from a neoconservative agenda to dominate the world primarily through force and placing diplomacy on the back burner. The 2008 election is shaping up to be a chance to be sure the fallout is limited.

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