This time it happened in Chicago

The girl had gone to Fritz's house on 60th Place that afternoon to talk to him, and when she went inside, she saw Brown, with a gun in his pocket, prosecutors said. Fritz took the girl downstairs in the house and after she declined his demands for sex, he raped and sodomized her, prosecutors said.

Brown and Applewhite came down to the basement, and Fritz demanded the girl have sex with the other two boys, prosecutors said. At first, the girl refused, but she saw that Brown had a gun in his pocket, and so they sexually assaulted her and forced her to perform sex acts on them.

Two days later, one of the boys posted a video of the rapes on Facebook. Although the girl reported the rapes immediately, it took about 6 months for charges to be filed. The three boys -- two 16 and one 15 -- are being charged as adults. According to the Chicago Tribune, all three boys appear on the video.

While I'm certainly glad that the video exists for purposes of proving their guilt, it disgusts me that these boys felt safe enough to post a video of their crime on facebook.