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So fucked up: In '08 the CIA knowingly allowed a US informant to plan a massive terrorist attack, setting off bombs and gunning down 166 people in downtown Bombay.

A terrible call was made, a narrow self interested one, to allow Headley to run on, with the promise that bin Laden might be captured and Mumbai was, in one sense, sacrificed along the way.


Today Senate intelligence committee chair Dianne Feinstein came out against spying on foreign leaders, but is for mass spying on Americans. Since she was just reelected and there's no recall procedure, we're stuck with her-- but we could get her off the intel committee with just a Senate resolution.

Feinstein has a faulty understanding of the Constitution and seems pro-elite and authoritarian. I'm a constituent of hers and want to start a campaign, but have never done this before. Any advice?

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