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Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 11:30 PM PST

Time for a third party?

by davethefave

When I read about Obama's latest sell out I can't help but wonder.
Why am I a Democrat?
Obama never even gave Single Payer a chance.
He threw the house away in the debt ceiling "negotiations".
NO ONE from Wall Street is in jail - or even under indictment.
But they're busy closing Pot Shops in California.
NO gun control laws even offered. Ever.
Do I have to"settle" for this?
Am I so beat to the ground?
What have I received for my vote? Cutting my Social Security?
I can't help but think my time and efforts are wasted with the Democrats.


Fri Dec 14, 2012 at 02:01 PM PST

Sunday Rally at the NRA office

by davethefave

I just wish that this Sunday rallies could be held at any NRA offices that exist around the country.
Would that be possible?
Could it be done?
Let's face it - they're the problem.
Maybe we could all carry a child like doll and pile them up in front of the offices. Seems to me that would be an image that would be easily understandable and very powerful.
And I don't even know if there are local NRA offices!

But it sure would be nice - in my opinion.

Something to consider anyway.


Thu Nov 08, 2012 at 11:17 AM PST

Roll up the sleeves

by davethefave

I made my own pro-Obama bumper sticker and drove around Orange County, CA with that thing on the back.

For those not in the know - the OC used to be called "Reagan Country". It's the birthplace of the John Birch Society and home of the current birther queen. So it was quite an adventure.

I'm so enthused about the election results. And Obama's acceptance speech a gem.

But right now I don't care about soaring rhetoric.

But all this talk about the "Fiscal Cliff" and bargains has me thinking.

I know what I DON"T want to see.

I don't want to see Obama and the national Dems blow it like they did the first four years.

I don't want to see Obama start negotiations with the Republicans by giving away the house... and then giving away even more.

I don't want to see John Boehner say he got 98% of what he wanted after negotiations are over. Never again.

I don't want to see another "Grand Bargain" Catfood Commission proposing cutting Social Security.

I don't want to see the Dems pass up on the chance to overhaul, in a BIG way, current filibuster rules.

I don't want to see the Dems "reach across the aisle" until the Republicans have done the reaching first. Been there - done that. It's time for them to pull their hands out and do some reaching.

In short, I don't want to see Obama govern the same way he conducted himself in the first presidential debate. Unfortunately that's just what he did these first four years.

Obama won this election when he struck a populist chord.

I don't want bipartisanship. I want results. Now.

I don't think the American people care about bipartisanship. They care about results. They don't want gridlock. And the way to avoid gridlock now is to simply call the bluff of the Republican weasels. Almost every time we done that it's turned out great.

Fiscal cliff - fine! Hold my hand while we jump together.

Let's simply roll over them. Let's get the job done.


Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 10:57 PM PDT

At least he didn't cry.

by davethefave

But it was sad.
Like watching an athlete throw a game because she won't throw a punch.
Like watching a balloon deflate.
Like watching a self-deportation.

But who did we expect?

We saw the true Obama.

The same guy that caved on healthcare.
The same guy that only pushed for a weak-assed stimulus plan.
The same guy that champions the Catfood Commission.
The same guy that's deported more immigrants than.. anybody.
The same guy that is even now talking about a "balanced" approach to Social Security and Medicare.

We saw the same guy that oversaw an administration that can only be described, on everything except going after Bin Laden,  as...  flaccid.

The truly sad thing is that the only other choice we have is the pathological lying pimp-for-the-rich Romney.


Fri Sep 14, 2012 at 11:50 PM PDT

NPR Audie Cornish - swings right

by davethefave

Hmmm - today I listened to Audie Cornish "interview" Richard Williamson, Mitt Romney's senior foreign policy adviser. On NPR's afternoon All things Considered. It was disappointing.

I mean - was this supposed to be an interview? By a professional journalist? I couldn’t tell because it turned into a six minute rambling monologue by Richard Williamson, Mitt Romney's senior foreign policy adviser.

"WILLIAMS: "…once Governor Romney made a statement, within minutes, the White House distanced themselves from the embassy statement."

CORNISH: And the State Department later affirmed the statement had not been cleared by Washington.

Hey there Audie! The White House did not “distance itself from the embassy statement”. You should know that. That would have been the first question in a real interview.
“Mr. Williams – why do you claim the White House “distanced” itself from the embassy statement? They clearly said the statement had not been cleared by the White House. Period. They never disallowed the statement at all – merely confirmed it had not been cleared by the White House. Could the lack of clearing have been because the White House was busy dealing with two embassies under attack?

But Audie never asked that question. Instead she implied that the Williams lie was actually true! Good job Audie! Score one for the right wing!

And then she follows with this:  “Today, Rich Williamson expressed to us his frustration with questions about the timing of Mitt Romney's statement. He said what people want to hear is not about timing, but substance.”

Score another one for the right wing lie machine. Audie repeats the lie for them! Without question! Good job Audie!

Hmmm- somehow I think the “timing” of Romney’s statement IS the substance. And that IS what people want to hear. I sure wanted to hear Williams explain it. But not Audie!

No, instead Williams was allowed to ramble on repeating unsubstantiated Romney talking points until… Audie interrupted.

“And…” she said.

Good job Audie! Score another one for the right wing!

But wait – Audie actually had something to say that had a question mark at the end.

CORNISH: And on the issue of Libya, this is, after all, where there has been the greatest damage done...


CORNISH: the embassy attacks. Are you implying that under President Romney - a President Romney - that the killing of the ambassador would not have happened?

Did you see that? A question mark at the end of that sentence! Good job Audie! But then… Williams was left to ramble and never actually answer the question.

WILLIAMSON: Let me be perfectly clear,… ….. ………..

And Audie followed with, “So Governor Romney would have us be involved in reconstruction efforts in Libya?” Williams rambled, ignored her question, and Audie… well… … … good job Audie!

That was the last statement out of Audies’s mouth that had a question mark after it.

Williamson continued to ignore Audie and ramble on repeating Romney talking points.

And then… Audie finished off with…
“Now a number of assertions made there about President Obama's foreign policy. And in the coming days we plan to talk, as well, with the Obama campaign about foreign policy.”

WOW! That’s… well… pathetic.

Williams gets 7 minutes of airtime to spew out unchallenged lies and “in the coming days…” there will be an opposing viewpoint?

Of course by then the damage is done. The repeated lies will have a life of their own – especially the lies repeated by Audie.

Nothing left to say except – Good job Audie!

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