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This is a re-post of a diary originally posted on  12/26/2013, concerning threats on the part of Mall of America  to arrest individuals participating in a peaceful, secular manifestation of American Indian religious sentiment/beliefs at the Mall of America  On December 31, 2013.

THIS IS AN ACTION DIARY REQUESTING IMMEDIATE INVOLVEMENT IN WHATEVER WAY FITTING and/or FEASIBLE! Please help spread the word, prepare for a large turnout, help get press coverage, bring cameras, cell phones, be prepared to tape and make it go viral.

Full text of the most recent press release, issued 12.31.13 is available for download and distribution here.

Minnesota area Idle No More organizers to discuss Mall of America’s refusal to cooperate with Round Dance on New Year’s Eve
Who: Patricia Shepard, Idle No More- Minnesota and Reyna Crow, Idle No More Duluth.
What: News conference and Round Dance
When: Tuesday Dec 31, 2013 News conference 3:00 PM, round dance 4:00 PM Where: The Mall of America’s `free speech zone’:
Sidewalk adjacent to 24th Ave at Lindau Lane
Why: To discuss the MOA’s inflammatory mischaracterization of a friendship dance intended to bring a diverse community closer together as a `protest’ and to invite the Mall management to join in a dance of healing and reconciliation.
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Mall of America management threatens to arrest participants in Idle No More's second annual round dance celebration on Dec. 31, 2013!


IDLE NO MORE event participants have been threatened with arrest by Mall of America management for plans to exercise freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, the secular celebration of religious beliefs in “the public square” at the Mall of America in Bloomington, IL.

From a press release issued by Idle No More Duluth


The incident has been reported on here by the Northland News Center This report includes a full text of the letter received by event organizers on Dec. 23!  

And here, at

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Thu May 23, 2013 at 01:35 PM PDT

You are on Indian Land.

by grumpelstillchen

It's Proud to Be Indigenous Week, and I've written this piece in honor of my cousin Mel Rasmussen of Lac Du Flambeau, who recently (May 11) passed to the other side.

You are on Indian Land.

Over the past twenty years I’ve written and published a lot of controversial stuff--I still receive hate mail in response to an article first published in 1996, and probably would be getting a lot more if more people bothered to read half of what I’ve written. Thank god for small miracles like too little time, short attention spans, limited vocabularies, lack of interest and intellectual curiosity deficits!

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I sat down to write a diary about people’s experience with gun violence in this country. I planned to ask a simple question: How many people do you know who have been killed  (or injured) by gun violence? How many people have been killed (or injured) by gun violence within a 10-mile radius of your home?

But it turned into something else.

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In this latest wave of post-trauma handwringing, heartrending, and soul-searching, we have seen many efforts to direct attention to the root causes of epidemic violence in America, its relationship to white supremacy, white privilege, institutional racism and other related phenomena (black-on-black violence being one salient and contested issue, along with predatory capitalism and Jim Crow/Joe-the-Plumber”-democracy among others ).

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Genocide. So color me macabre, or masochistic, or just call me "Debby Downer". It's a subject I've concerned myself since high school. At one time, I even considered getting my PhD in "comparative genocide studies." (Yes, you can do that--at Clark University is Worcester, for example). I decided against it, and earned my PhD in another field, but I have published on the subject (in peer-reviewed journals), and incorporate some of these (and more recent) insights into genocide in my classes at a local community college.

Indeed, despite the fact that I (thankfully) did not make the study of genocide my "profession",   my concern with genocide has continued unabated--not least of all because the AFTERMATH of genocide (and its denial) stares me in the face every day--in the students who attend my classes. But that is a diary for another day. In fact, it's probably the more pertinent one. But the subject cannot even be broached without first establishing the "facts of the case."

And that's what this diary is intended to do. Yesterday, a long-time poster was banned for a claptrap diary challenging the notion that genocide was ever committed against American Indians in this country.  It was racist, revisionist crap, and clearly designed to stir up shit.

That's not what this diary is intended to do. On the contrary, it's intended to CLEAR up some shit. Shit that rises again and again, if not to the top, then at least to the water line, here on DailyKos and elsewhere. It is the transcript of an invited lecture that I held at a university about ten years ago, sponsored by multiple departments, including Native American Studies, Germanic Studies, and several student groups--one of them a Palestinian right-to-exist organization. I posted it yesterday as a comment to the banned diarist's entry. Someone suggested that I post it as a stand-alone.

Ten years have passed since I held this lecture. Since then, my thoughts on genocide have developed in new directions and covered territory that ought NOT be new, but--even to me--WAS new. However, I cannot address those thoughts, ideas, theories here without first establishing the "facts" as I (and many others) know them.

This is a pretty good summary of the basic issues involved in any discussion of genocide against American Indians in this country. I post it here as a resource, not as an invitation to a duel at high noon.

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I won’t be going to work Monday because Columbus Day makes me sick. Really sick.

I could be honest with my employers and tell them I'm staying home to celebrate Native American Day like they do in South Dakota, but, hell, I'm so tired of "fighting the good fight." Really, I am. So tired of defending Truth. Even when it doesn't appear to fit the picture.

Sometimes it's easier to let them (whoever they are) live with their lies.

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That's the question posed by Rich Benjamin in a recent NYT op-ed titled, "The Gated Community Mentality", and I think it is spot-on.

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