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Glenn Beck seems to be on a crusade. He's been on a "trilogy tour: Restoring Honor, Courage and Love" to America. He has become quite the Tea Party darling filling arena's with 10's of thousands of people eager to hear this new Profit "Prophet of Love" who combines his version of The Word of God with his version of American history.

Last night I accidently caught a large part of his most recent speaking engagement at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas. I found it bizarre to say the least. A mixture of revivalism, American history, scripture and politics mixed with patriotic and hymnal music. The crowd was enthusiastic and very supportive of this charismatic "preacher." Gone were the ravings of a Faux News lunatic replaced by a softer, gentler, seemingly caring individual who is devoted to taking back America. Follow me below if you wish to take a closer look at a Mormon who the republican christian base seem to be embracing.

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Republicans care so much about our country that they worry endlessly over how our tax dollars are spent. Although I don't recall them being all that concerned over spending during the previous administration, they certainly are concerned now that a Democratic President is residing in the Oval Office. I'm still a novice when it comes to diaries and posting photo's, but I did want to share my sunday morning with you as I watched republicans, specifically the Bush family, enjoying a lovely, sunny day on the beautiful coast of Maine.

Now many people come to Maine for a pleasant summer vacation filled with sun, seafood and surf, but not at the taxpayer's expense and it definitely doesn't include helicopters picking them up from their beach house for a ride out to a nuclear powered aircraft carrier located just off shore. Follow your money with me below the fold.  

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This is in response to ElsieElsie's diary regarding the evolution of people's thought process on Gay Marriage. My feeling is that this issue needs as much exposure as possible, being an election year where many States will be deciding something as simple as the ability to marry the person you love.

Some of you may remember me from my previous diary and comments regarding the trials and tribulations I face with my 87 year old Fox-loving, Obama-hating Mother (whom I love dearly.) I'm new at this diary thing so hopefully I've done my "linking" correctly. More on why I believe attitudes are changing and can be changed below the fold.  

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This is my first diary so please have mercy on me. My goal is to offer a little insight into why it is that republicans can and do say outrageous things:

1) They never face any consequences other than democrats debunking and laughing at them;

2) We know that "their statements are not intended to be factual." Their followers don't.

Lying through their teeth and using deceptive tactics is extremely profitable for them. The more outrageous the lie is, the more money they have the ability to rake in. I learned this quite shockingly a few years ago and hope you will take the plunge with me below.

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