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I'm curious about the "stay inside" orders -- is there actually a curfew that's enforceable by law, or is this martial law, or is this just the governor and mayor telling people what to do? What happens if you go outside? Arrest? Negative peer pressure? Nothing?  

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Wed Apr 13, 2011 at 07:03 AM PDT

Horrible news from Sherrod Brown

by redglare

Yesterday’s Midday open thread hailed the “good news” that Sherrod Brown had amassed “$1.3 million for his re-election bid in the first quarter of this year.”

While I think Brown is one of the better senators in the Democratic Party, Goldman Sachs — one of his top-five contributors — is funding him to the tune of $44,700. I don’t think this is “good news” for 99% of Americans, and certainly not good news for progressives with one iota of common sense. Indeed, it is horrible news.

So I posted my comment:

It might be good news if Sherrod Brown raised $1.3 million for his re-election bid from working Americans. However, Goldman Sachs, one of his top-five contributors, gave him $44,700.

To me, this signals that one of our ostensibly most progressive Senators is also on the take (albeit legally) from the pirates that have looted and burned the ship of state.
It's a disaster ... not good news.

To which one well-intentioned Kossak responded …

So how are progressive candiates supposed to compete against big-money grubbing GOPers?

So, I looked at the contributors of my favorite Senator, Bernie Sanders. I think his list of contributors, overwhelmingly unions representing working Americans, should serve as a template for truly progressive politicians.

Rank  ↓    Contributor  ↓    Total  ↓    Indivs  ↓    PACs  ↓
1    eScription Inc    $25,200    $25,200    $0
2    Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers    $18,500    $0    $18,500
3    Baron & Budd    $18,000    $18,000    $0
4    Plumbers/Pipefitters Union    $17,000    $0    $17,000
5    Communications Workers of America    $16,250    $1,250    $15,000
6    Bricklayers Union    $15,000    $0    $15,000
6    Sheet Metal Workers Union    $15,000    $0    $15,000
6    Teamsters Union    $15,000    $0    $15,000
9    Laborers Union    $13,500    $0    $13,500
9    National Education Assn    $13,500    $0    $13,500
11    United Steelworkers    $12,700    $200    $12,500
12    Operating Engineers Union    $12,600    $0    $12,600
13    National Community Action Foundation    $12,500    $0    $12,500
14    Bristol Bay Area Health    $12,400    $12,400    $0
15    United Auto Workers    $12,250    $250    $12,000
16    University of Vermont    $11,880    $11,880    $0
17    American Federation of Teachers    $11,500    $0    $11,500
18    AFL-CIO    $11,100    $0    $11,100
19    American Assn for Justice    $11,000    $0    $11,000
19    National Assn of Realtors    $11,000    $0    $11,000


The president's interview with funnyman Stewart left a bad taste in my mouth. I haven't been blogging here for a long while because so much of the discussion here is totally futile, and leaves me unengaged. Here's my context: I voted for Obama, gave him money, and have been less than underwhelmed. Rather I'm outraged that I fell for his rouse. Now, I'm down with Chris Hedges, when he says that the president is "a legitimate source of public ridicule." Indeed,

every television clip of Barack Obama is so palpably pathetic.

So I'm keeping this short and sweet, and you can call me a troll or whatever ... but I am not voting this November for any democrats, because they are the party of corporate business as usual. And if you haven't seen that in the last two years of the Obama Administration, then you are blind. More below.

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To the editor:

In the media’s current hubbub surrounding health care town-hall unruliness, a stark fact has gone missing. The U.S. lags embarrassingly behind other industrialized nations in an easy-to-understand benchmark of well-being.

According to the CIA’s "World Factbook," the U.S. ranks 50th in life expectancy, just one place ahead of Albania. Living much longer than Americans are citizens in countries with single-payer, government funded health programs such as France, the United Kingdom and Canada. I can’t think of a better argument for reform.

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The LA times has posted a year-old radio interview with Sarah Palin that was conducted in the broadcast booth of minor league baseball stadium in Alaska.

This was a year ago and Occidental College grad Donny Baarns happened to be broadcasting the game between the Goldpanners and the Miners when suddenly into the radio booth walks this yet-to-be-famous politician with her father, who used to coach her.

So in between pitches and a sharp line drive to left center, a very professional Donny and a very casual sports enthusiast named Sarah have this five-minute conversation about Alaska and political ethics and being governor and sports.

What shocked me was that during the interview, the young-sounding play-by-play announcer talks about Palin’s support for the NRA. Then he asked Palin: "How many politicians have you wanted to shoot personally?" MORE...

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Stunning! I was just listening to the POTUS channel on XM Radio, when I heard John McCain at today's Town Hall meeting in Las Cruces, N.M. He actually told the crowd that the United States of America could stay competitive with China by buying and selling a bunch of old crap on eBay! I could not believe he said it, so I listened again to the audio and transcribed his speech ...

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While half of the Daily Kos was in heat over the John Edwards candidacy, there stood one bold blogger with the guts and the principle to make a stand for Barack Obama. With a rapier wit and indomitable logic, redglare fought back the Edwards hordes and stood against hypocritical millionaire populism and faithlessness.

You all owe a great debt to me, and I expect sincere apologies very soon from every Edwards-head that ever troll rated me. You fools!

Evidence of my Nostradamus-like foresight follows.




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Fri Jul 11, 2008 at 09:00 PM PDT


by redglare

I'll proudly cast my vote for the junior senator from the Land of Lincoln.

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Tue Jun 17, 2008 at 04:58 AM PDT

Obama Can Take Kansas!

by redglare

This morning, I woke up to a heartening headline here in Lawrence, Kan. Barack Obama has closed to within 10 points of McSame here in the Sunflower State, a bastion of conservatism that hasn't voted Democrat since LBJ. What's the Matter With Kansas? Apparently, not so much. Our conservatard Senator Pat Roberts (who had oversight over U.S. intelligence in the lead up to 9/11) may be on the endangered list as well. More...

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Hey Joe, where you goin' with McCain in your hand?
Hey Joe, I said where you goin' with McCain in your hand?
Alright. I'm goin down to screw my old party,
you know I caught them messin' 'round with another man.
Yeah,! I'm goin' down to screw my old party,
you know I caught them messin' 'round with another man.
Huh! And Lamot ain't too cool.


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Mon Jun 02, 2008 at 12:53 PM PDT

I have to vent, about vents.

by redglare

Don’t get me started about jacket vents! I’m sick of ‘em! When not on horseback, the single vent is not entirely ideal. When seated more conventionally in a chair, the spreading vent produces a gap which some find unattractive.  The single vented jacket also bunches awkwardly to one side when you try and retrieve your keys or money clip. I mean, what’s up with that? MORE...

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SAN JUAN — In response to Ricky Martin’s endorsement of Hillary "Loca" Clinton for president, today Puerto Rico’s most famous half-dog, half-reptile "goat sucker," El Chupacabra, emerged from hiding to endorse Barack Obama in the upcoming primary on that island.

"We desperately need change," hissed the 4-foot-tall cryptid, who is capable of hopping twenty meters. "America has been on the wrong track, and I think Obama is the best candidate we can field against McCain and his cabal of lobbyists."

The mythic Chupacabra first came to prominence in Puerto Rico in 1995, after eight sheep were discovered dead with pucture wounds in the chest area. MORE...

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