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Not alot of information yet but it appears a Turkish plane has been hijacked and was headed to Sochi.  A man claimed there was a bomb on board the Pegasus Airlines aircraft, and  tried to gain access to the cockpit.  He was carrying a detonator according to unconfirmed reports.

The pilot managed to sound the alert and an F-16 Turkish military jet was scrambled, forcing the plane with some 110 passengers on board to land in Istanbul, the reports said.

The situation is still unfolding as there are reports that the hijacker has not been neutralized

CNN also has a link to this story

Story developing.....

UPDATE:  Plane has landed and is now being searched by security forces.


What is the purpose of TV news media programs?  Why are more and more people tuning out from television news programming?  Why does the youth prefer their news from John Stewart rather than CNN?  

Is it the false equivalencies? Is it the appearance of laziness in journalism? Is it really laziness or a concerted effort to misinform the public?  I'm not sure but for once I'd like for MSM aka CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and PBS to be put under the microscope of scrutiny in a critical and honest review.  I'd like to see a program where a panel of everyday citizens are asked questions of why they don't trust "the news".  

So, again I ask what is the purpose of journalism?


Would You Watch A Media Special "Journalism in America"

57%16 votes
10%3 votes
32%9 votes

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This is a brief diary.  Amardeep Kaleka has launched an exploratory committee to determine if he will challenge Paul Ryan.  His father was Satwant Singh Kaleka one of the founders of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.  Yes, the very same Sikh Temple where the massacre occurred.  He's standing up for his father and for the people.

He was killed last August when a man opened fire inside the temple. Kaleka’s father is credited with trying to take down the gunman and saving many lives before losing his own.

The interview that he recently did with Martin Bashir made me decide if he does run for Paul Ryan's seat that I'm going to be boots on the ground for him.  His words spoke to my heart.  Here's a bit from the interview:

Kaleka, a former teacher, said he also hopes to bring several issues, from immigration reform to background checks for gun purchases to education, back into the national economic conversation. “All of these topics go hand in hand with the economy, and it’s important to note that social issues we’re fighting for as Democrats can economically benefit the nation, the people, the middle class. They might not benefit corporations, they might not benefit the military-industrial complex, but at this point in time, we need to make a choice,” he said.
If you haven't seen the interview take a look  

I couldn't imagine having the guts to go against the avalanche of money that is going to be put into this race or the race-baiting and character smearing that we all know will happen if he decides to run.  However, this is what we must do to take our country back and create some balance.  

Well, he's thinking about doing it and if he does he will get my support.  This is one time I won't mind running for the Wisconsin border to help in any way possible.


Should Amardeep Kaleka Run for Paul Ryan's Seat

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4%2 votes
6%3 votes

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UPDATED: (Originally posted under "This Is Not A Damn Game" Dems Have Won The Battle Now Lets Win The War)

UPDATE II:  Finally, an ad that speaks to the heart of the matter.  DEMs going to war against the R's "Irresponsible"

I want the government opened, a clean CR bill passed, and the debt ceiling raised WITHOUT pre-conditions.

HOWEVER, if this thing drags on and the Dems don't start fighting Rand Paul will be right when he was caught during that hot mic moment saying "We're going to win this thing". 2014 might be a "THROW ALL THE BUMS OUT" election.

Today's Washington Post ABC News Poll proves my point.


Are The Dems Doing Enough To Win The Messaging War?

12%5 votes
75%30 votes
12%5 votes

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Let me first make this VERY clear, this is not a concern trolling diary.  This is a "Wake The Freak Up and prepare for the long battle" warning.  

I want the government opened, a clean CR bill passed, and the debt ceiling raised WITHOUT pre-conditions.

HOWEVER, if this thing drags on and the Dems don't start fighting Rand Paul will be right when he was caught during that hot mic moment saying "We're going to win this thing".


Are Democrats Doing Enough To Win the Message War?

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74%29 votes
10%4 votes

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Here we are after another mass shooting with the MSM trying to analyze how did we get here again? How did the shooter get inside the Navy Yard? Did he have mental problems? Did he purchase his gun legally? And so on and so forth.  

Of course we're getting the same talking points from Republicans, "It's not guns that kill people, it's people that kill people. 2nd Amendment 2nd Amendment!!"

Most Democrats have been mum on the issue or at least not tackling it head on.  I guess that is to be expected given the recall losses in Colorado last week.


Will This Mass Shooting Be The Teachable Moment?

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82%29 votes
8%3 votes

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There is a large segment of society that cannot understand why African American and Latinos don't like and/or trust the police or government in general.  They can't understand it because they don't experience the world in the ways that we do. There truly is two America's.  

As a wife and mother of 2 AA boys (who live in the suburbs of Chicago), it's hard to understand the fear that I live through daily hoping and praying that everyone returns home safely.  The case of Trayvon Martin is only unique in that George Zimmerman actually went to trial for the killing of Trayvon.  Justice in my opinion was not served and has only exacerbated my fears.

President O's speech on Friday, I thought did a really good job of trying to explain to those who don't live in my America what it's like. However, the video link below explains in much more raw & stark terms. When the cops say "the public is being hunted" I'm hopeful people will sit up and take notice.

The bravery of this 17 year old kid cannot be taken lightly. It would have been NOTHING to take his life away and mark it as "a suspicious teen who we thought was going for a weapon in his backpack". Let me repeat...IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NOTHING TO TAKE HIS LIFE AWAY.


What Are You Prepared To Do?

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8%19 votes
2%6 votes
56%129 votes
10%23 votes

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Tue Mar 12, 2013 at 10:06 AM PDT

Baby Shot 5x & Dies in Chicago

by shevas01

My heart is aching for another senseless murder.  Jonylah Watkins who was only 6 months old succumbed to her injuries after being shot 5 times in Chicago.  When is enough enough? I'm sure the parents of those beautiful children in Newton and everywhere else that has experienced a loss due to gun violence are asking the same questions.

Is Marching Still A Good Idea

80%12 votes
13%2 votes
6%1 votes

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This story is still developing and I haven't been able to confirm anywhere else but according to Bloomberg News there are a few "dozen" Republicans who are ready to back the tax rate compromise.

A few dozen Republicans have joined a bipartisan call to break the impasse between President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner over taxes for the highest- earning Americans.  The Republicans signed a letter calling for exploration of “all options” on taxes and entitlement programs, a signal that some rank-and-file members are ready to bargain.
Story still developing will update accordingly....

Will There be a Deal Before the End of the Year?

40%64 votes
37%59 votes
22%35 votes

| 158 votes | Vote | Results


So..I'm on twitter @shevas01 and I get this tweet from Nancy Pelosi noting that she just filed the Discharge Petition If Nancy Pelosi can get 218 signatures on this petition it will allow us to bypass John Boehner and the Tea Party caucus to bring the President's middle class tax cut bill to the floor for a vote.  We need 218 in order for them to bring the middle class tax break bill to the House of Representatives floor.  Now it is time for us to get to work and start calling representatives to make sure their names are on this list.  Any ideas as to what republicans need to be targeted?  We find them and get to work via phone and on the ground.  


Will Nancy Pelosi Get 218 Signatures

41%500 votes
29%362 votes
28%347 votes

| 1210 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Oct 30, 2012 at 09:11 AM PDT

War On Women Kitchen Sink Ad: AWESOME!

by shevas01

This really isn't much of a diary but last week Nancy Pelosi responded to one of my comments (see below).  The below to me is an example of the type of ad I was thinking the democratic party should be running.  My belief is the republicans have not been held accountable for votes & positions.  I'm not sure why this isn't a national ad buy.  It could really apply to all republicans since this really is the party platform.  


Should This Be a National Ad?

92%76 votes
2%2 votes
4%4 votes

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Sun Oct 21, 2012 at 06:41 AM PDT

Canvassing in Wisconsin Today

by shevas01

I've huffed and I've puffed.  Today I'm canvassing in Racine, WI.  I'm taking my 17 year old son with me this morning and will update you guys with pictures as I do my part to put Wisconsin into the Obama win column on November 6th!!

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