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I can't get over this clip of Sarah Palin on CBS with Katie Couric. No, it's not her infamous Russia answer nor her inexplicable financial bailout response. It's not her latest admission that she doesn't really read any newspapers (my God woman, just name your local paper in Alaska! How dumb are you?). It's an overlooked clip from the original Couric interview about Hamas.

This answer should simply disqualify her from the race. Game over. Go home.


This is unacceptable. She has no idea what Hamas is or what their role in the Gaza Strip is. No idea. This person must not be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office. You must tell every voter in every swing state that we cannot make this kind of mistake. The greatest country on earth cannot allow a person this ignorant to be our leader. We have to be better than this.

Can anyone say with a straight face that Sarah Palin is the best and the brightest we have in this country? Would anyone dare insult America like that?

Watch More Young Turks Here

Originally posted to Cenk Uygur on Wed Oct 01, 2008 at 08:44 AM PDT.

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