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After the flop are many of the actual word to word sound bites, areas of attack, suggested responses, and talking points that Sarah Palin will be utilizing tonight.  

She is truly a parrot but they have provided here with enough talking points that she can wing 85% of the debate if allowed to get away with evading questions and giving the non answer.  Parenthesis are mine, quotes are her stock phrases.

1.  The Bailout

Palin has been programmed to say the following:
A.  Praise McCain
A1 - "Brings people to table"
A2 - "bi-partisan"
A3 - "John first recognized this problem in 2005" with legislation on "Fannie and Freddie."
A4 - "Puts politics aside"
A5 - "Reform of Wall Street"
A6 - Situation is "Painful."
A7 - Call McCain a "fighter" and an "underdog."  (She will use the word underdog several times tonight.)
A8 - McCain "led the effort"
B.  Attack Obama
B1 - "Phoning it in"
B2 - "Doesn't take stand on issues."
B3 - Can also use attack lines about partisan politics.
B4 - He and Biden are "extremely liberal."  (She will cite national journal rankings)
B5 - Attack Obama as "unprepared" by using Biden's quote from primaries.

2.  Taxes/Jobs

Palin the puppet has been provided with these sound bites.

A.  Attack Obama
A1 - "Raised social security taxes"
A2 - "not raising taxes on rich, raising them on small businesses"
A3 - "hurts small business"
A4 - "Killing job creation"
A5 - "A trillion dollars in new spending"
A6 - "raising capital gains taxes"
A7 - "Raising profits taxes"
(In short she's been programmed to say that Obama is going to raise every tax out there.  She will mention a whole bunch of taxes to fill up the time.  She will deny that Obama is actually cutting middle class taxes.)

B.  McCain
B1 - "Creates jobs"
B2 - "Remove taxes"
B3 - "Opportunity"
C.  Biden
C1 - Mock him and say he wants to give all newborn babies $500 accounts.

3.  Energy
1 - "Energy Independence" (Trigger phrase)
2 - "I signed largest energy infrastructure project in America history." (Then segue into transcontinental pipeline, can use phrases like this creates jobs along with phrases below.)
3 - "Stop relying on foreign oil." (Use up time by talking about homes, businesses, expenses, etc... and resort back for "need" for energy independence.)

  1.  "Drilling domestic supplies of energy"
  1.  "Comprehensive approach of John McCain"
  1.  "Alternative sources of energy"
  1.  "Greater conservation"
  1.  "Less dependent on foreign supplies"
  1.  "Include offshore drilling"
  1.  "Biden once said he wanted to 'rape the continental shelf.' " (This is optional, only as a last resort.)

4. Our Troops (Can use even if Iraq is brought up.)

  1.  Mention that McCain's son also serves in Iraq as does Track.  Talk about how wonderful our troops are, their sacrifice.
  1.  Attack Obama for "cutting off funding for troops."
  1.  Obama is "beyond naive." (Don't say inexperienced, say naive.)
  1.  Obama is "dangerous."
  1.  "Defeat and retreat"
  1.  Obama wants to "cut and run"
  1.  Can mention Petraeus here as well.

5.  Abortion

  1.  "Leave decision to states" if asked about Roe v. Wade.  (She'll give non answer)
  1.  "Pro Life" (use this if asked about stem cells and then segway elsewhere.)
  1.  Opposed to "late term abortions."  
  1.  Mention Trig, segway into Down Syndrome, talk about how much you will take care of special needs children.

6.  Iran

  1.  "grave" or "serious" threat
  1.  Obama said not a serious threat.
  1.  Ahmadinejad is "dangerous," he wants to "wipe Israel off map."  
  1.  Can't let Iran have nuke

7.  Iraq

  1.  She'll try to fill entire time with cliches about how wonderful our troops are.
  1.  "fighting terror"
  1.  Couch rhetoric behind "General Petraeus."  Compliment Petraeus often.
  1.  Surge is working - John McCain was right.

8.  Yourself

  1.  Working mom, held two jobs most of life
  1.  "I have executive experience as a Mayor and as a Governor."
  1.  "I took on own party" in "reforming Alaska."
  1.  "John and I are mavericks"
  1.  "Standing up to the good ole boys network" in Alaska.
  1.  You can mention Track but don't overuse.
  1.  Wasilla is a small town, "good values"
  1.  Hockey Mom (Expect a joke making fun of lipstick)

9.  Russia

  1.  Invaded Georgia.  Mention Abkahzia and South Ossetia here.  
  1.  Keep on eye on them.
  1.  "No need for Cold War"
  1.  "protect Nato allies."
  1.  Use your humor to downplay any question about seeing Russia from your house.  Don't answer question directly.  Segway elsewhere.
  1.  Putin
  1.  Maritime Border

10.  Miscellaneous

These are some general phrases that Sarah has been spoon fed for tonight along with a couple of tactics she may employ.

  1.  McCain is "Motivated to lead"
  1.  Americans "tired of status quo."
  1.  "tired of politics as usual."
  1.  "People have to take personal responsibility."
  1.  May mention Ifill's forthcoming book at some point if cornered. (Please Gwen just ask SIMPLE questions and SHUT UP and let them speak without interruption regardless of what she says.)
  1.  If questioned about rape kits or Violence against Women's Act, she will avoid question and talk about breaking the glass ceiling, how she's a working mom, blah blah blah.  She will lie flat out about the rape kits.


  1.  I will tell you how I learned all of this at a later point.  Palin is prepared for all the general topics but could easily be tripped up if you give her something too specific because she won't know what the hell you are talking about.  
  1.  Gwen Ifill is not Biden's friend.  When push comes to shove, she'll help Palin just as she tried to help Cheney over Edwards.  Whether she's a closet Republican or biased b/c she doesn't want to appear to have a "liberal bias," Ifill is not on our side.  Hopefully she will remain neutral, ask her basic question, and then shut up when Biden and Palin speak.  If she interrupts, it will be to go after Biden or try to steer Palin in a favorable direction.
  1.  Biden must keep his cool at all times.  Palin has been programmed to jump on any remark that is perceived as condescending or sexist even if the remark is no such thing.  He can not call her any names.  Best to use words like misinformed, naive, unknowledgable.
  1.  Biden should primarily do two things - Promote Obama and attack McCain.  Obama has a 10 point lead right now in the polls and is winning every swing state.  He just has to be substantive and play it safe.  
  1.  The McCain camp already has responses for Palin's debate performance and surrogates who will parrot them immediately following the debate.  Keep in mind these talking points have already been written so they will say these things regardless of what actuallly happens. They will describe her as having done great, having won the debate, having silenced her critics, having shown that she is ready and prepared, knowledgable, likable, personable, and just your "avg mom."

UPDATE - Here are the type of questions I would like to see asked.  Note they are all VERY fair.

  1.  What is your opinion of the ongoing tensions in Bolivia and how would you resolve them?
  1.  What lessons could be learned from the War in the Falklands?
  1.  Do you believe global warming is real?  If yes, what do you believe is causing global warming?

Note - Any specific policy question beyond the sound bites she is WOEFULLY unprepared b/c she doesn't know.  Ask her about countries other than the one's she'd expect to come up and she's Miss Teen South Carolina.

UPDATE:  I emailed 1 of the 17 administrators as to the origins of my source and he or she will not reveal it.  I will reveal it tomorrow.

Originally posted to davefromqueens on Thu Oct 02, 2008 at 07:48 AM PDT.

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