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75,000 Pennsylvania Jewish Voters received this email Thursday through a GOP email list from a GOP Jewish Outreach Coordinator.

"Jewish Americans cannot afford to make the wrong decision on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008," the e-mail reads. "Many of our ancestors ignored the warning signs in the 1930s and 1940s and made a tragic mistake. Let's not make a similar one this year!"

I think we've finally found a low

A copy of the e-mail, provided by Democratic officials, says it was "Paid for by the Republican Federal Committee of PA — Victory 2008."

It warns "Fellow Jewish Voters" of the danger of a second Holocaust due to the threats to Israel from its neighbors and touts Republican presidential candidate John McCain's qualifications over those of Obama.

Barley said a "correction" would be sent out to everyone who received it.

The e-mail was sent Thursday morning to 75,000 Jewish voters.

Thursday Morning, 75,000 Jewish Voters got a GOP looking email, pushing McCain while invoking the Holocaust...

While the GOP has since fired the offending outreach coordinator.  But the coordinator was employed by the GOP.

Political consultant Bryan Rudnick was identified as the person responsible for it. Rudnick, reached Saturday night, confirmed that he no longer works for the party, which employed him a few weeks ago as a consultant to do outreach to Jewish voters.

And what does Rudnick have to say about how this ugly mess got out?

"I had authorization from party officials" to send the e-mail, Rudnick said, but he declined to say who had signed off on it. "I'm not looking to drag anyone else through the mud, so I'm not naming names right now," he said.

75,000 Jewish Voters in Pennsylvanie emailed Holocaust themed smear on Thursday.

No corrective email as of this AP Publishing Saturday at 9:44pm CDT.

GOP did pay the person responsible and someone over said person approved the message.

GOP then fires the person in question, though damage was done, and firing extended only to the scapegoat...

National Headlines?  Let's make it so...  This is the new low in the campaign, eclipsing even Ashley Todd.

Originally posted to Hope Reborn on Sat Oct 25, 2008 at 09:18 PM PDT.

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