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This is what was done last night to the Obama sign in my front yard. Last night was Halloween. So what do you think? Halloween prank or hate crime?

How about both. I'll explain below.

My natural inclination is to believe that this was a Halloween prank. It was probably teenagers. I have a teenage son at home and maybe it was some kids from his high school.

Or maybe it's a racist, a bigot, a genuine member of the KKK.

It really doesn't matter. Either way, I am deeply offended. And I have a right to be.

Look at these two photographs.


The man on the left is my grandfather, Viktor. The woman is my grandmother, Louisa.

I never met them. You see, they were Jewish. They lived in Vienna, Austria. They lived there at the wrong time. Their only child, my father, was able to escape to the United States in 1938 at the age of 19. They didn't leave. My family has never been able to find out which concentration camp they died in.

But it looked like this:

It was done by people who wore this:

It is denied by people like this:

That is why I am for this:

So whether it was teenagers who thought they were being funny or whether it was a Klansman, here is my response:

I made 91 door-knocks for Obama today.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the nice comments and the Rec list. I cross-posted this at BlueIndiana.

UPDATE II:  I am humbled by your response. Thanks to everyone who has said they will donate or volunteer in honor of my grandparents. I have had a lot fun supporting Obama and hanging out at DK, but this is really special! Thanks.

Originally posted to Dragonation™ on Sat Nov 01, 2008 at 03:13 PM PDT.

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