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Folks , I'm  going  to  dispense  with the niceties.

If you are in Philadelphia, PA   and you click the box  for Obama,  and then  click  straight  Democratic    ticket,  it will  cancel out your vote for Obama.  No one is quite sure  why,  but it's happening . I  just talked to  the Obama campaign ,  and they are urging folks either to  just vote straight  Democratic  ticket ,   or to  choose each  candidate individually-  but not both.  Please  Digg and  spread this piece of information  to  anyone  widely. My understanding is there are Obama folks in Philly trying to  work through this problem,    but please let  anyone who might be voting know as well. Sorry  for the shortness of this diary ,  but I  just  wanted to  get the word out there.

Originally posted to scrdchao on Tue Nov 04, 2008 at 09:35 AM PST.

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