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I apologize for this short diary and also if this item has been diaried before, but I know that many here feel respect and admire him and would want to know.

Beth Ann Kucinich, younger sister of Ohio Congressman Dennis Kuchinich died today at age 48.

Beth Ann served in the US Army at Fort Campbell Kentucky. She was a talented cartoonist and an accomplished musician. She is survived by her child Asher, and her siblings Dennis, Gary, Larry, Frank and Theresa.

This is from Kuchinich's website:

"She was pure love. Every action, every sentiment, every piece of art, every word she spoke was an expression of love. Beth Ann was our family's angel, our 'Heavy Metal Angel', said her eldest brother Dennis.
"Our brother, Perry, passed away last December. Beth Ann never got over Perry's sudden passing. The two had been inseparable. She talked about Perry constantly and she longed to be with him," Dennis said

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Originally posted to Mara150 on Tue Nov 11, 2008 at 04:50 PM PST.

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