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Move over Chester A. Arthur and Millard Fillmore...change is coming to your public school districts!

Last night in Hempstead, NY, the newly elected president and vice-president of Ludlum Elementary School's student body made history.

Fifth-grader Teonte Jackson and running mate, er, classmate, Jalani Johnson, were so pumped up after not only their own recent school elections but also the historic presidential elections that they decided that wanted to take it a step further.

Joined by fellow classmate Samantha Alburez, 10, the students stunned the school board with their first official proposal...and it was a biggie...

Whereas the Ludlum School students conducted a mock presidential debate related to the recent presidential elections and whereas the students did a wonderful job of carrying out their tasks and demonstrating their patriotism at an early age and whereas in recognition of their efforts and the victorious feat of Sen. Barack Obama in becoming the first African-American president of the United States, it be resolved that the Hempstead Board of Education proudly renames Ludlum Elementary School as the Barack Obama Elementary School.

Better yet, the school board approved after the students spoke passionately about the change and what it would mean for the majority African-American and Latino student body...

And by a vote of 5-0, the board approved!

"Ludlum is a diverse school, so naming our school Barack Obama would honor the diversity of the staff and students," Alburez said.

Added VP Biden, err ... Johnson: "We are living in history. We should mark his name down in history by having a school named after him."

Principal Jean Bligen believes they are first in the nation to pass the monumental resolution.

"The board voted. It was a unanimous vote. This is truly historical in the Village of Hempstead," Bligen said.

The name change is effective immediately. Signs are being ordered now and will be up in the spring in an official ceremony, one which President-elect Obama and Gov. David Paterson will both be invited to...since I live in the next town over, I will get pictures as soon as they are available.

Update: Hey, thanks for the rec list...I just think after this cruddy week knowing that kids in this country are INSPIRED by this man bodes so well for the future of America...hell, when I was 10, I was playing Legend of Zelda 12 hours a day...

Update II: Great thanks to Scarce who dug up the local CBS report on the intertubes:

Originally posted to Aqualad08 on Fri Nov 21, 2008 at 04:49 PM PST.

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