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How many times are the Tweety's of the world, and the Republican shills they parade before us daily, going to demonstrate a total lack of understanding of the forms of government which determine how transitions occur?

How many times have you heard someone ask:

"Why is Obama not stepping up and declaring his economic policy to sooth the markets?"

Or, "Why has Obama not offered a Fireside Chat such as those given by FDR, to reassure the nation?"

Or the topper, "Will Hillary take orders from the President or run her own foreign policy from State?"

Is this the outcome of 30 years of Republican attempts to destroy education?

Is this what we get when Civics classes are stripped from the high schools in this nation?

Is this the level of ignorance the nation will be exposed to by those who are charged with educating and informing?

There is only one President!!

To our never ending dismay, President George W. Bush and his Merry Band of Thieves, will fill that office until January 20th, 2009.

Barack Obama has no official role in the governing of this nation since he resigned his Senate seat.  Any attempt to make policy pronouncements, particularly if they contradict the policies of the current Administration, would be setting the stage for undercutting his own administration!  He is too smart for that, unlike all of those who keep demanding that he Do Something Now!

So Chris Matthews, and others who claim experience and knowledge of "how government works", just stop it.  If you have to make up things to talk about, at the very least select things that don't demonstrate your asshattery in such a glaring light.

Barack Obama can not step in and save the financial markets.  He can not proclaim a bailout of the Big 3.  He can not negotiate with foreign leaders, or enter into military operations.  He is not the President.

So, back off.  You sound stupid, and you're setting the stage for failure in the minds of Americans before the curtain goes up on the first act.  Or, is the phrase, "No Drama, Obama" too obscure for your limited understanding?

Originally posted to Granny Doc on Fri Nov 21, 2008 at 05:22 PM PST.

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