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Tomorrow, let's win in Georgia!

Tomorrow, Georgians have the opportunity to make a statement to the nation.  We can continue the wave of change that swept this country in November and we can reject the shameless ways of Saxby Chambliss.  We can elect a Senator who will fight for us: Jim Martin.

Jim Martin will fight for what we believe in.  

Jim Martin will stand beside President-elect Barack Obama and the Democratic majority to deliver the changes Georgia needs.

But, before Jim Martin can do any of these things, we NEED to vote for him!  If we do not turn out tomorrow, we will have six more years of Saxby Shameless, and Saxby Shameless will have six more years to stand in the way of the change America needs, and the change America wants.

Jim Martin will fight to protect the average Georgian during this economic crisis and lower taxes on hard-working middle-class families.

Jim Martin will fight for our children and make sure they are our top priority.

Jim Martin will make affordable healthcare for ALL Americans a reality.

Jim Martin will work to not only equip our troops, but help bring the Iraq War to an admirable end and bring our troops home.  Jim will also make sure we don't forget our veterans when they return home from war and will fight for the benefits they more than deserve.

Jim Martin will create new jobs, re-train our workforces, and move Georgia and America into a new, Green Economy.

Jim Martin will make sure our children attend the best schools, that our teachers are respected, and move us into a 21st Century education system.

Jim Martin will move us forward.

VOTE TOMORROW.  Vote for Jim Martin for U.S. Senate.  Let's finish the job we started, let's elect Jim Martin and move Georgia forward!

Also, if you haven't already done so, check out our website to hear what Georgians are saying about Jim Martin through our toll-free call in program that we launched in partnership with Evoca!

And before we head to the polls, call in and record your quick message of support for all to hear!

Call 866-920-9977 and tell everyone why you support Jim!

It's free, it's quick, and it helps motivate everyone as well as engage everyone in this great campaign!

We can win this election, we can elect a new U.S. Senator, we can have a voice again, but only if you vote.  With very low turnout, every vote counts, and with the times we live in, there's no excuse not to vote and make sure Georgia has a Senator like Jim Martin!

Originally posted to SaxbyShameless on Mon Dec 01, 2008 at 08:37 AM PST.

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