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As many of you know from carefully reading each and every one of my previous diaries and comments, I supported Barack Obama in this year's presidential election.  In fact, I was so loyal to our new President-elect that even when John McCain came around, trying to entice me with cool stuff like Ice Scrapers and golf balls in exchange for favorable blog posts, I respectfully declined.

However, I am puppy-kicking furious over Barack Obama's choice for Secretary of Transportation.  Now, I realize that he has not officially announced his pick.  But I want to be the absolute first to air my complete and total disdain for the man or woman that Barack Obama plans to choose for this cabinet position.

I mean seriously, is this person supposed to represent change we can believe in?  I hardly think so.  They are too much a part of Washington to represent change.  Also, if they are not part of Washington, then how does Obama expect them to help him implement a vision of change?  Come on, Obama, stop being naive.  

Furthermore, it is insulting how much this person is not a liberal progressive.  Obama's pick for Secretary of Transportation has flown on airplanes and driven cars before, seriously damaging our environment.  Can we expect that they will change this type of transportation policy once inside the Obama administration?  I think not!

Also, Obama needed to nominate a person who could build a high-speed, environmentally friendly bullet train linking Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Topeka, Minneapolis, Chicago, Louisville, St. Louis, Nashville, Detroit, Raleigh, Atlanta, Richmond, Orlando, New Orleans, Birmingham, Dallas, Omaha, Austin, Houston, Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, New York City, Portland (both of them), and Newark together within four years.  Will Obama's Transportation Secretary pick be able to accomplish that?  They won't even come close, such is their abject failure as a human being.

Furthermore, as I have remarked many times, I was promised flying cars before the year 2000 by the United States government.  They are more than 8 years overdue on this pledge.  If Obama had picked a decent Transportation Secretary, maybe it could have been accomplished, but NOOOOO.  He had to go and pick the person he will announce later, instead.

It's an outrage, and I don't plan to take it lying down.  I plan to protest this pick by building a time machine, going back in time to November 4, 2008, voting for John McCain instead of Barack Obama, and then burning my voter registration card and mailing the ashes to the Obama campaign.

I will not suffer nominations for Secretary of Transportation that I do not approve in advance!  

Join me in this sacred endeavor!  Join me, and viva la resistance!

PS  Here is a picture of a kitty in the hovercar I was promised but never received.

Originally posted to karateexplosions on Mon Dec 08, 2008 at 02:00 PM PST.


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