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Dear Sarah,

You would think I'd have something else better to talk about besides you running around on your Victim Tour considering I've just been released from the Hospital after a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy, but I don't. This is the only thing that's pissed me off so bad , that I had to jump out of bed fighting through dizziness and nausea to write about it. As a woman, I may be able to handle no longer having the joyful privilege of giving birth to children , but what I cannot tolerate is this fake Sexism Charge Rampage you have been going on and the embarrassment it's causing us ladies nation wide.

First of all Sarah, do you even realize that all you are doing is verifying why you were never qualified to be Vice President of the United States of America let alone a stand in for Mc Cain ? Do you realize that at all? It's not because you are a woman Sarah. Believe it or not, I was nervous when I first heard that you were Mc Cains pick because I saw that you were one of those Power Women. Oh , yeah. I saw that you ran a state , raised a family , faced bigger challenges than a lot of men , and did not fit the stereotype of a typical woman. I was scared , because Sarah, I thought you would be a formidable opponent.

I thought you were going to be Gov. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan. A smart , beautiful tough debater who knows how to intoxicate her enemy with her charm right before she destroys them. I thought I was dealing with a Gov. Janet Napalitano. No bullshet and no fear. But alas, no. You were a joke Sarah. You were a joke and a hypocrite and everyone saw right through you. You need to understand something Sarah. We all have our limits and just because our limits are pointed out to us , doesn't mean the world is Sexist or Classest. Anyway , I feel as though I should apologize to all for your behavior as a woman. Sarah Palin , you are no victim of Sexism. You are no victim of being in a certain class or having a certain ideology.

You are a victim of your own hypocrisy. Sarah , you presented yourself before this nation as one who is of high moral authority. You question others faith and standing in the Lord and are quick to discuss their sins. Were you so blinded by that beam in your own eye , that you honestly did not think that the very people you were judging were not going to take a look at your life while you parade yourself around as one who is above reproach ? Sarah, you act as though you only wanted to be judged or held accountable for the good and not the bad, while you did not afford that same mercy to your political opponents.

Let me explain by giving you a few examples. You cannot tell others that Barack Obama should be judged based on the past actions of associations (Ayers, Rev. Wright) and not expect the same rules to apply to you.(Alaska Independence Party/Witch Doctor) You cannot accuse the Democratic Party supporters of having no Christian family values and expect no one to ask you to define the "Christian Family" values that make you think it's okay to parade , on the national stage , your underage pregnant daughter and the boy she fornicated with while standing next to a man who married his adulteress , all while condoning that lifestyle and praising him as an American Hero.

Mentioning all these things , a long with your faults Sarah, is not Sexism and it's not Classism. But I will tell you what is. Sexism, is when a Republican man puts a Republican woman on his ticket because he believes it will help him get the votes of Democratic women who are angry that a Democratic woman did not win the Democratic Nomination and assumes that any ole woman will do. Sexism is parading a woman and her children around on stage all across America and telling the voters that she doesn't have to be qualified, she can have babies so she must know something. Oh, and Classism. Classism is not treating a strong Republican woman different than a Strong Democratic Woman, I'll tell you what Classism is.

Classism is pretending you are part of the Middle Class when you are not and acting as though you can identify with the struggles of everyday Americans because your husband knows how to hunt and you know how to field dress a moose. Classism is pretending that your fun life "hobbies" makes you an automatic member of a class who lives that way every day. Classism is running around dressed like a millionaire , pretending you are all for the Middle Class while accusing your opponent who really is a member of the Middle Class and has the "torn shoes" to prove it , of being an elitist.

Sarah, you need to understand something. It has nothing to do with your gender or your class and I can assure you that if you were a Democrat, you would have never been chosen to be the running mate of Barack Obama. I think you have some serious issues with Pride and Arrogance, and I hope you let the Lord work on those things with you. But you would have never been chosen at all. In conclusion , please stop humiliating me as a fellow Evangelical Woman because Sex and Class have nothing to do with why you are not qualified to govern the United states of America. Now, if you will excuse me, I am feeling very nauseated and dizzy.


No way, rec list ? You guys are too cool. Thanks. I love you. I just wanted to express my frustrations at this pathetic little Pity Party Palin was on. She really needs to get over herself. Keith Olbermann was spot on in his critique of her. Anyways, just wanted to say thank you. I have a lot of catching up to do so I gotta go check the rest of list and read up on all your diaries. I sure hope we're on "new topics" now. LOL.

Originally posted to WeBetterWinThisTime on Sat Jan 10, 2009 at 12:26 AM PST.


Sarah Palin Is A Victim Of ..........

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