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Note to republican whiners and "very serious" concern trolls who are just now taking issue with spending, the economy, detainees that we haven’t been able to get enough evidence in seven years to charge with a crime or whatever other whiny bullshit that was in large part caused by the very same republican policies that you cheered for, pushed for or voted for:

Your way failed.  Big time.  Like "F-" failed.  Of epic proportions.  The tax cuts failed.  The neverending sinkhole of money for Iraq failed.  Torture failed.  Indefinite detention of "enemy combatants" failed – even shot down by a Supreme Court where 7 of the 9 Justices were republican appointees.  Big money handouts to the oil companies failed.  Big money handouts to the financial institutions failed.  Deregulation failed.  Ignoring the infrastructure failed (bridge in Minnesota or Hurricane Katrina, anyone).  

And because of it, you lost.  Badly.  Twice in a row.

I think the term is "elections have consequence".  You remember that phrase, right?

So guess what?  You don’t get to call the shots.  You don’t get to suddenly decry spending – when it is going to infrastructure, energy policies and the middle class.  You don’t get to perpetuate the approval of torture.  You don’t get to bury evidence, to allow subpoenas to be ignored, or to dictate who gets tax cuts.  And you don’t get to tell the Attorney General how to run the Justice Department, the Secretary of State how to run the State Department and most certainly the President how to set this country’s policy.

Not after the ass kicking you took in 2006 and even more so back in November.

It doesn’t matter if you throw out "scary concerns" about Barney Frank, Chris Dodd or Nancy Pelosi setting the agenda or being in charge.  It doesn’t matter if you ask where the detainees will go if Gitmo is closed, especially since you don’t have another alternative.  You don’t get to ram a social policy that is straight out of the 16th century down the throats of Americans.  

You had control of every single branch of Government – and a good amount on the state level as well.  And you were able to do exactly what you wanted.  And if the country finally realized that the crap that you peddled was worthless, useless, a distraction and sent this country to the brink of disaster, then that isn’t Pelosi’s fault or Frank’s fault or Clinton’s fault (either of them) or even Jimmy Carter’s fault (and yes, someone blamed Carter to me just last week for the current economic crisis).

You had your chance, and blew it.  Big time.  And because of it, you got smacked down.  Hard.  End of story.

So stop whining.  Stop lying.  Stop with the strawmen and the ad hominem attacks.  That era is tired, and frankly is inching closer and closer to being over.  Obama knows it.  More and more Americans know it.  And more are realizing it every passing day as they see what a responsible, engaged and smart administration can do – and the reaction that they are getting around the country and world.

Wake up and realize it, or continue to make an even bigger mockery of yourselves than you already are.  Which, frankly, is fine by me, since that will marginalize you even further as this country slowly gets back on its feet.

Originally posted to clammyc on Sun Jan 25, 2009 at 07:18 AM PST.

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