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Grandstanding?  Stupidity?  Ballsy?  Amateurish?  What do you best call day one of the show put on by Coleman’s crew in Minnesota?

As many of you know the legal shindig which will do nothing but likely confirm that Senator Elect in Waiting Al Franken is indeed Senator Franken.  Today we Coleman’s Legal Crew put on a show that I am calling nothing short of Embarrassing...  oh, and long face Coleman was on hand to see the disaster in slow motion all in his name.

TPM Headline.... Full Story Here

Franken Lawyer Gets Coleman Witness to Concede Having Bad Evidence

The Coleman campaign summoned political director Kristen Fuzer up to the stand to testify to the provenance of the photocopies of rejected absentee ballots that they've submitted in their efforts to get those ballots counted.

Coleman lawyer Joe Friedberg briefly interviewed Fuzer. Then it was Franken lawyer Marc Elias' turn.

Elias showed Fuzer a side-by-side comparison of an unaltered copy of one envelope and the version in the Coleman camp's filing, with the latter missing the section where the local official described why it was rejected. Fuzer said it looked like a photocopying problem

Then Elias showed her another comparison, and another, and another. In all, five altered ballot envelopes were shown, and in all five instances the obliterated information was the reason for the ballot to have been rejected.

At one point Elias asked if it might be best for the campaign to go back and review their copies. Said Fuzer: "I agree."

Also from TPM, Full Story Here

Minnesota Election Judges Toss Coleman's Faulty Evidence, Tell Him To Try Again

The first day of the Minnesota election trial has come to a close, and it couldn't have been a fun day for Norm Coleman, who was present in the courtroom to watch everything that happened.

It's not a good day when the court throws out your evidence and tells your legal team to submit it all over again.

The judges have now ordered Coleman's legal team to subpoena and submit the original ballot envelopes themselves, if they want them to be reviewed and potentially counted.

Now some argue that the Judges could have stuck the evidence from their case and not allowed them to re-submit it, but I am not a lawyer so really don’t know what the judges could and couldn’t have done, but team Coleman has left themselves with VERY little credibility and walking on shaky ground cause the judges are not going to put up with any more bull and probably everything the Coleman camp does will be looked at with a skeptical eye.

I am amazed a group of high price lawyers would allow themselves to look like fools and damage their reputation, certainly there is a limit.  I am not surprised the court didn’t toss out the whole case.  They will allow the Coleman camp go through the motions as it is their legal right, but when the heart of their case is tossed out on day one and they are told to TRY AGAIN, that doesn’t spell a win for Coleman.  He’s looking like a petty fool who is trying to cheat his way back to Washington and he’s taking people down with him.  

I would much rather have this over and done with Franken in his Senate Seat, but if Coleman keeps insisting on punching himself in the face, I will gladly watch the show and wait it out.  I am just glad that if this had to happen to anyone that we have Mr. Al Franken and crew in the ring.  I don't think any other Dem out there would have taken the fight or lasted.  We have a great pound for pound fighter slugging it out.

So back to the question at the top... What would you call day one of the show put on by Coleman’s crew in Minnesota?

Update: Not really an update just a thanks.  First diary since post election, actually since some weeks before the election if I remember correctly.  I was too busy working to help make Nov. 4th possible.  Thanks guys.

Originally posted to ourhispanicvoices on Mon Jan 26, 2009 at 08:25 PM PST.

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