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Yup. Krugman/Limbaugh want Obama to fail and have formed a tagteam.

That's right.  I said it.

Krugman is now teaming up with Limbaugh to make sure Obama fails.

And he also worked for Enron and Reagan.  Who knew!

He also wanted Hillary to win.  I knew that but the other news is news to me.

Read on...

I really was not bothered by Krugman only mildly annoyed, until now.

You know I have no problem with dissent and constructive criticism but I do have a problem with the opposite.  

Krugman has been after Obama from day one.

He was on the Hillary bandwagon and during the primaries he ripped into Obama.

He has gotten worse.

And from his bubble as tenured professor has gone off a cliff against our new President.

He now thinks that we are not doing better but getting worse slowly (as he said on This Week on Sunday).

I have asked myself why he is so mad at Obama and his policies?

Maybe Obama never asked for his opinions?  Never called him up? Is this what it is?

I did not understand him and his aggressiveness towards Prez O but after reading this article at Huff Po and learning that Krugman once worked for
Reagan and was a consultant for Enron, I began to understand him a little better.  What kind of liberal is he if he can work for Reagan and Enron?

See excerpt and full article at link below:

The Krugman/Limbaugh Nightmare: President Obama Might Succeed

...Krugman worked his whole life for a Nobel Prize, the way some actors strive for an Oscar. Some folks need more affirmation than others. It's tough to prove that a life spent in the softest of soft "sciences" in academia matters as much as being Bono or the President or something sexy like that! So Krugman got his prize and now he's on the cover of Newsweek too and all over the Sunday news shows!

Suck on that all you jocks who made fun of Krugman at high school in Bellmore! Suck on that Clinton administration Undersecretary of Commerce Jeffrey Garten, who said of Krugman that; "He behaves like someone with a massive chip on his shoulder." Suck on that all you who questioned Krugman's judgment, just because he worked for Ronald Reagan and was a consultant for Enron! How could anyone question Krugman's liberal credentials or political savvy just because he's a progressive ripping into our progressive first black president? Didn't Krugman write a book called The Conscience of a Liberal? See? He is the conscience of liberalism!...

(empahsis mine)

Velly interesting!!!!

To me Krugman has now officially jumped the shark and he is no longer of consequence Noble prize and all. He has lost all his credibility with me and I am no longer listening.

I will listen to rational and well-thought out dissent not mindless rants spurned by hate, anger and jealousy.

...Even if they are proved wrong they'll get away with it, because the media will never give a black man the credit for saving our country, just like they didn't give him a honeymoon...

Krugman can go fuck himself!

Originally posted to hotchimera on Sun Mar 29, 2009 at 06:28 PM PDT.

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