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It is now ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to use it on a GOOD Bill.

A Bill that works.

A Bill that SOLVES the health Care Crisis.

And since President Obama has now said that he owns whatever Bill does pass, it is incumbent on him to make sure it is a Bill that he ...and Teddy....can be proud of. And that works.

When the Dems use reconciliation we can expect howls of outrage and wounded ego from the Republicans and Corporate Media.

The Democrats in general will be vilified and demonized for using reconciliation. The 51 Democrats who vote for it will be vilified and demonized. And President Obama WILL be vilified and demonized, called a Socialist even more, be accused of "government takeover" even more and...unfortunately...teabagged by very rude people even more.

You can bet the Republicans will do pull out every dirty trick, even threaten to shutdown the government in protest.


This is now President Obama's plan, President Obama's Bill...he, as he has said....Owns It.

And has to work.

And has to work.

And so....we need to redraft the Bill. Rewrite it so that the main consideration of the Bill is not whether it includes "Republican Ideas" or attempts meaningless, feel good, bipartisan pillow fluffing. So that it will work.

We need to take out any and all language that exists solely to assuage The Republicans and the Blue Dogs. We need to remove anything that has been incorporated simply to alleviate the fears of the opponents of Health care Reform. We need to search for the Poison Pills. Eliminate anything and everything that is included purely in the spirit of 'compromising with the opponents of the Bill. Because everyone of those items has only one purpose and one make sure that the Bill...doesn't work.

And if we are going to take this "radical" has to work.

The results are now what counts....not the politics. Rahm.

If it doesn't work, if it doesn't cover every American, if it doesn't cut costs, if it doesn't regulate the Ins Co's and Health Industry, if it doesn't...

Contain an real inclusive Public Option with NO Trigger to provide competition to the Insurance Companies....

To make DAMN SURE IT WORKS....after using reconciliation...then there will be hell to pay.

None of this 5% eligible crap that is ONLY designed to quell the fears of the RW that this is a "government takeover." No triggers that are designed to kick in IF things get bad, (it is too laugh!) no experimental co-ops....

And certainly no mandates, if their is not a true OPTION to buy Insurance from someone other than the Insurance Corporations that have created the very crisis we are trying to solve. An Option for most, if not all Americans.

On the other hand if it DOES work...if we throw out all the bipartisan political crap that we now do not need under reconciliation, and concentrate on one thing and one thing only...making sure it works.

Then the Democrats and President Obama will have won not just a huge victory for the Health of every American and every future American...

But will have won a huge political victory as well. They WILL be the Party and president that brought REAL Health Care to all of America. And the political impact of getting that done can almost not be overstated. It WILL be THEIR Waterloo. And they know it. Which is exactly why they will do anything, pull any dirty trick, resort to annt nefarious make sure that the president's Health Care Plan will not work.

It will, as Senator DeMint said, be absolutely devastating to the Republican Party.


It Works

The President's Health Care Bill has to work.

(Just in case I hadn't stated that clearly.)

And so the President and the Senate and House Leaders who are on the President's side (and whose asses, along with the President's, incidentally, are very much on the line) need to sit down and write a Health care Reform Bill that is crafted not along political lines, not designed to accommodate or alleviate political fears and concerns, not intended to get industry or lobbyist support and not intended to please the Corporate media.

But a Bill that works.


And works for The American People...not the special interests as alleged Democrat Mary Landrieu and her Corporate Owned ilk would prefer...

  STEPHANOPOULOS: So what's the problem with the public health option?

   LANDRIEU: Well, many of us believe, George, that it will undermine the private insurance system.

Originally posted to buhdydharma on Tue Sep 15, 2009 at 11:05 AM PDT.

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