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Just moments after Max Baucus, Kent Conrad, Blanche Lincoln, Tom Carper, and Bill Nelson voted "NAY" on Rockefeller's Public Option amendment, I received this fundraising email from Harry Reid:

Dear XXXX,

There is broad consensus among Nevadans and the American people that we need to fix our broken health care system. So why hasn't reform been done by now?

There is much more common ground than disagreement on reform plans. So why are Nevadans still waiting?

To the detriment of the rest of us, Republicans in Congress are determined to achieve their stated goal -- make health care reform President Obama's "Waterloo" and defend the status quo at all costs. To say they are way behind the American people on health insurance reform would be an understatement; my friend, they're not even in the same zip code.

I can't describe the revulsion and fury I felt when I received this.

Dear XXXX,

There is broad consensus among Nevadans and the American people that we need to fix our broken health care system. So why hasn't reform been done by now?

There is much more common ground than disagreement on reform plans. So why are Nevadans still waiting?

To the detriment of the rest of us, Republicans in Congress are determined to achieve their stated goal -- make health care reform President Obama's "Waterloo" and defend the status quo at all costs. To say they are way behind the American people on health insurance reform would be an understatement; my friend, they're not even in the same zip code.

Let me be as clear as I can possibly can. Delaying reform to protect insurance companies' profits is completely unacceptable to Nevadans, the American people, and me.

As national Republicans and sketchy third-party groups opposed to change gear up to spend millions to challenge me next year, will you show your support for reform by making a small, secure online donation to support our campaign?

Click here to make a donation of $25, $50, or $100 today!

As this debate continues, I'm going to be a voice for every last voter who has called, emailed, petitioned, or written my office demanding health insurance reform. Right now, I need your help to send a message to those who would delay reform in an attempt to stop change.

Together, we will meet this most urgent of challenges because we are united, determined, and acting with the certainty that comes with being on the right side of history.

Thank you so much for your support, and take care.


Really Harry Fucking Reid?  It's the Republicans fault? Because I thought if all the Democrats voted together then we'd A) have 60 votes to defeat a filibuster, and B) 51 votes to pass the legislation that Americans overwhelmingly want.

Explain to me, Harry Fucking Reid, how it is that the Republicans are to blame for the Baucus debacle?

Explain to me, Harry Fucking Reid, how is it that the Republicans are to blame for the votes of Baucus, Nelson, Lincoln, Conrad and Carper to defeat Rockefeller's Public Option amendment?

Explain to me, Harry Fucking Reid, why I should give you a penny of my money if you can't LEAD the Democrats?

Explain to me, Harry Fucking Reid, why I should give you the benefit of the doubt about ANYthing when you clearly think I'm stupid.

Explain to me, Harry Fucking Reid, why you sent me this fucking email just moments after YOUR Democratic douchebags just voted against Rockefeller's Public Option amendment.

Right now, I need your help to send a message to those who would delay reform in an attempt to stop change.

You want my help?  How about this message:  forget the Republicans and whip your fucking caucus into shape! And don't come looking for a dime of my money or a minute of my time until you've EARNED it.


Sometime during my commute home I got this email from Chuck Schumer:

Dear XXXX,

I wanted to give you quick update about our work to pass a public health care option.

My amendment to add a public option to the Senate Finance Committee bill came up just two votes short of being adopted by the full committee this afternoon.

This is unfortunate news but not a surprise. Remember, the Senate Finance Committee is more conservative than the Senate as a whole. And 4 out of 5 Congressional committees with jurisdiction over health care reform have passed a public option.

This is the opening day of our fight, and I will continue to work to improve the health care reform bill as we take the legislation to the Senate floor.

The more the people hear the facts about the public option, the more they support our efforts. We must continue to work together and speak out. If we continue to fight, I am confident we will pass health care reform with a robust public option.



Chuck Schumer
U.S. Senate

No Request for money, just an update, and a little rallying of the troops. Classy. Harry Fucking Reid could learn a thing or two about how to work with your base.

Originally posted to ChicagoSwan on Tue Sep 29, 2009 at 12:47 PM PDT.


Explain to me, Harry Fucking Reid,

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