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Even today, years later, people still ask me how a little-known Governor from a small New England state could ignite an electrifying campaign for the Presidency.

The answer is this: the Truth is Powerful. The truth shall set you free. And on those rare occasions when people here the unvarnished, unblemished truth, they get excited. It’s electric. And it was the secret of our campaign – the secret of every campaign I’ve ever run.

Now there is someone else, in Washington, D.C., whom we can count on to tell The Truth. When I listen to him, he reminds me of what "Give ‘Em Hell" Harry Truman used to say: "I don’t give ‘em hell. I just tell the truth, and they think it’s hell."

The spirit of Harry Truman has been reincarnated in Congressman Alan Grayson. When the Republicans last year were whipping the President’s healthcare plan with one lie after another, one Congressman With Guts stood up to them: Congressman Alan Grayson.

Tongue-in-cheek, he described the Republican’s own nonexistent health care plan perfectly: "Don’t Get Sick. And if You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly."

When the drive for health care reform was lagging, AlanGrayson gave it new force and power, by telling the truth. Instantly, he changed the debate.

And when the whining Republicans demanded that Grayson apologize, he did – Grayson apologized to the dead and their families, all the Americans who have died because they had no health coverage. Grayson immortalized an obscure Harvard research report, documenting that 44,789 more Americans die each year, because they have no health coverage. Again, Grayson changed the debate.

And now, when the Republicans have demanded repeal of the bill, Congressman Grayson has his own demand... make it even better! He has put forward an incredibly simple 3½-page bill that lets all Americans buy into Medicare at cost. You want it, you pay for it, you’re in. Real coverage for all Americans, and real competition against unscrupulous insurance companies. In only one week, Grayson garnered an amazing 80 cosponsors for HR 4789, the "Medicare You Can Buy Into Act." And over 50,000 citizen cosponsors have signed his petition. Once again, Congressman AlanGrayson is a healthcare hero.

Congressman Alan Grayson comes from a district gerrymandered to elect a Republican. He’s the first Democrat to represent downtown Orlando in 34 years. Sarah Palin came to Orlando last week, and told Republicans to "take him out." But he’s not afraid of her, or anyone else. In his first year in office, Alan Grayson has joined the Mount Rushmore of progressive Democrats with a conscience. Because he speaks the truth.

Alan Grayson has stood up for us. Now I’m standing up for him. I’ve made a video, explaining why I’m supporting Alan Grayson. Please watch it, and show it to your friends. Every one of us who has a head, and a heart.

It’s time for us to stand up for Alan Grayson. Please go to his website,, and pledge $50 or more for his Saturday moneybomb. If you care about the future of this country, do it now.

We need Alan Grayson in Congress.

Originally posted to Gov Howard Dean MD on Tue Mar 23, 2010 at 01:26 PM PDT.

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