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We are now on Shuttle Pod Diary #7

Thanks to Cedwyn for doing the ORIGINAL mothership diary to be found here: Senate Reconciliation Liveblog - Impotent Tears of Bitter Rage Mothership

Thank you to:
kirbybruno for Shuttlepod #1

papicek for Shuttlepod #2

FleetAdmiralJ for Shuttlepod #3 (Please see this diary for a recap of the voting of the amendments).

Shuttlepod #5 - sheba

Shuttlepod #6 - zapus
Shuttlepod #7 - dsb

Well, it looks like while I was sleeping the Republican Obstructionist POSs succeeded in forcing a second house vote. Over educating kids for college who might need financial help. Who knew that was controversial! :::eye roll:::

Today we continue in the journey to go where no live blogs have gone before...cutting through the insanity of Wingnuttia B.S.

Only today, its on a much grander scale! Its the Senate!! You think Members of the House of Representative are windbags, Senators are even more so. :)

Please feel free to mock.  Mocking is fun.

Please feel free to play Republican Talking Point Bingo. Here is a visual aid:

If you are at work, as I am (sssssssshhhhh, don't tell my boss! [although she probably wouldn't care]), you can Watch HERE on C-Span

Please don't post pictures and videos directly in your comments. They eat bandwidth.

Or you can play the Republican Healthcare Buzzwords Drinking Game! Drink when you hear any of the following:

  1. socialism
  1. government takeover
  1. flawed
  1. abortion
  1. unconstitutional
  1. rationing
  1. repeal
  1. rais(ing/es) taxes
  1. cut(s/ing) Medicare
  1. any variation of "kill grandma"

Feel free to add to the list!

And in honor of our illustrious Vice President Joe Biden's now infamous quote from the bill signing, and because I find this cartoon so SO FUNNY, here it is, with a poll

Joe Biden,health care,health care reform,cartoon

Originally posted to NDakotaDem on Wed Mar 24, 2010 at 05:15 PM PDT.


In comparison to the Main Health Care reform package, how much of a "big fucking deal" is the Reconciliation package?

28%200 votes
34%239 votes
8%57 votes
28%197 votes

| 693 votes | Vote | Results

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