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I will not disagree with the fundamental wisdom of the day:

LGBT Rights

They are a distraction from winning, so I'll not bother to stand up for my rights and will just go sit in a corner and shut up and wait, since its all under control.

The Afghan War is winnable:

Since there have been no definitions of what a win will look like, this means there is no definition of a loss either.

OK you win, lets keep on going and I won't say a word about the toxicity of the MIC and the need for war, I'll be a good little Democratic Party member and keep my mouth shut.

The War on Terror:

I will not look at the fundamental reasons why terrorism exists, I will follow the Party line that fighting them somewhere else seems to be the best idea we have at the moment. No point even discussing this one, collateral damage is the correct terminology and is necessary for our freedom.

The environment

Climate Change can wait we have other stuff to deal with that is far more important, like getting the existing economy back on its feet with the inherent pollution it causes. Why should I protest for better, the corporations have it all under control, just ask BP. The wise and thoughtful senate has this under control, and its none of my business anyway.

Health care Reform.

The greatest piece of legislation that ever has happened, it ensures full employment in the for profit health insurance industry for the next thousand years. I promise never to call it Health Insurance Reform again, hmmm, again anyway.

Call for Torture trials and closing Guantanamo

I promise to look forward and never peek behind the curtain again. I fully understand that our maximum security prisons have so many possibilities for escape that moving the detainees out of Guantanamo is just not possible.


Marvelous win, no need to mention it again. What war, what expense, and I wont mention war crimes in passing, oh, well never again after this anyway.

Corporate power and lobbyists

The present administration and congress has this all under control, or is under control I forget which, but its all under control no need to worry on that score. I'll be a good follower and follow no matter what I see.


Sometimes Israel makes mistakes and we should gently point this out, no point rocking the boat as it were, why change our successful policy in this part of the world. We have it covered no worries. No point in saying it needs to be resolved so that in fact the war on terror has a point, no need at all, don't mind me.

I could go on but I won't since I'm sworn to be a good party member from now on:

I promise:

1] To praise everything our party and President does.

2] To denigrate everything the other party does.


If you believe that you'll believe anything.

yes I have my own agenda, I call them my fundamental beliefs and they are what make me who I am so

I'm a bad bad troll.





In short

I will say what I like, and I expect others to do the same.

The beauty of the left is the exchange of ideas and sometimes the passion with which they are conveyed, we can never march lock step to victory like the republicans. That party where conspiracy theories are becoming the norm because standing up and calling them for what they are would harm the Party.

I hope we never become like them.

the end.

Originally posted to LaFeminista on Wed Jun 16, 2010 at 09:15 PM PDT.



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