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Now, I love Stewart and Colbert and I love the way that they give the middle finger to the Corporate Media establishment (even though they are employed by a big member of the Corporate Media monster).

They are voices of reason in an unreasonable multimedia landscape of buffoons and charlatans.  They are present day court jesters with razor sharp wit and political satire that shed light on the real fools.

That being said, I am worried that their 10.30.10 rally on DC is taking the oxygen away from the 10.2.10 rally being promoted by the more serious Labor/Civil Rights/Peace coalition of One Nation Working Together.  Hell, I very much look forward to both rallies and planning on going to both.

But the Corporate Media is, collectively, avoiding coverage of the 10.2.10 rally.  With the Citizens United ruling, Corporate Media has become a real threat to our representative democracy.  Media technology convergence and the disappearance of net neutrality means that the electorate can be manipulated by unrelenting Orwellian political propaganda to rival anything the Communists and Fascists of old could ever have had.

We need to push the media powers that be to cover 10.2.10 with the same amount of attention that they gave Glenn Beck and will give Stewart/Colbert.

E-mail MSNBC at and ask them to cover 10.2.10.

Originally posted to aaraujo on Sat Sep 18, 2010 at 07:29 AM PDT.

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